Williams: First points of 2011 despite crash

2011 Monaco GP team review

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A controversial collision between Maldonado and Hamilton cost Williams a double points finish.

Rubens BarrichelloPastor Maldonado
Qualifying position129
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’15.826 (+0.281)1’15.545
Race position918
Pit stops33

Williams drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Rubens Barrichello94.86482.982.13981.87481.32681.60981.28582.16682.10383.10882.72681.44780.93681.1683.67281.23281.15881.23181.60481.54782.17881.81481.48781.9582.88482.25982.51382.50482.06481.98982.11101.71594.199126.655122.056117.038115.57386.28183.82982.30681.84481.73981.58481.05780.9381.12181.02482.17480.3280.30980.49980.57380.29680.41880.30180.2480.33180.40981.33580.39380.3480.58681.87682.00480.6980.61480.81114.816105.58595.918121.00985.60782.49880.39478.58479.137
Pastor Maldonado91.82482.1281.48281.03380.82280.87180.66781.39980.89881.53982.03582.13583.51784.52881.16981.49981.23281.20982.2681.82681.84882.42882.5484.151103.00584.40180.65180.65880.88681.75981.8481.56185.386133.1592.51486.27785.058110.1784.40183.21183.25682.16281.2880.99681.24480.87881.48781.54280.96381.00380.60580.82180.63999.37183.21579.40379.66279.07479.01579.01779.23878.90479.45279.11880.00882.66783.52283.302105.0796.83493.918121.713

Rubens Barrichello

Ran a long first stint on lap super-soft tyres and rose to fourth place. But he pitted on lap 32, shortly before the first safety car period, missing out on the lucky break that Adrian Sutil and Kamui Kobayashi benefitted from.

That left him 12th, which became 11th when Sebastien Buemi pitted. Vitaly Petrov’s crash promoted him into the points.

Maldonado’s exit left him ninth for the team’s first points since Nico Hulkenberg’s eighth place at Brazil last year.

Rubens Barrichello 2011 form guide

Pastor Maldonado, Williams, Monaco, 2011

Pastor Maldonado

Maldonado arrived in Monaco with a strong track record at the principality having won races there in World Series by Renault and GP2.

He delivered on his potential by reaching Q3 – and out-qualifying his team mate – for the second race in a row.

He gained a place at the expense of Michael Schumacher at the start to run eighth.

Sutil and Kobayashi got ahead of him through the safety car period. His second pit stop dropped him behind Vitaly Petrov with Lewis Hamilton on his tail.

The team switched him on to soft tyres during the race suspension, even though he should have had another set of super-softs left. McLaren fitted Hamilton with super-softs and he tried to use his superior grip to pass Maldonado at Sainte Devote on lap 73.

The pair made contact leaving an aggrieved Maldonado in the barrier:

“My pace was strong but after the re-start Hamilton tried a very ambitious manoeuvre at the first corner and that was the end of my race.

“I’m really disappointed not to come away with any points today.”

Pastor Maldonado 2011 form guide

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    37 comments on “Williams: First points of 2011 despite crash”

    1. I still feel so gutted for Pastor, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so bad for a driver since Sutil at Monaco 08. Still it’s great to see Williams finally getting some points on the board and I hope that this is the start of a significant turnaround.

      1. At that moment in the race I felt more gutted for Williams, as I thought Pastor was their only person who could make it in the points! As it happened Rubenio scored though.

    2. I’m happy to see Williams finally score some points. I think Barrichello may need to up his game slightly, Maldonado has outperformed him in the last two races.

      1. Yeah, he really is starting to get up to speed.
        I hope he gets some results from it soon, his drive in Monaco was really good, until the poit where he could not see Hamilton next to him and that was the end of it.

    3. “cost Williams a double points finish?”
      Had Pastor(P6) not crashed Rubens will get P10. 9 pts for williams not 10

      1. Double points here means points for both drivers, not ‘double-digit’ points

    4. Just as Maldonado was about to show some of his talent, he gets Raikkonened by Hamilton…

      1. And Raikkonen was Raikkonened by Hamilton ad Canada 2008 – ah, Lewis…

        1. And lets not forget Massa got Raikkonened by Hamilton earlier in the race, the contact by lewis at the hairpin undoubtedly allowed him to be in the position to pass him in the tunnel sending Massa wide into the wall. Although i dont blame Hamilton for the actual crash in the tunnel, had he not gone for such a ridiculous move at the hairpin he would not have been in the position to make that move.

          1. More like Massa’s cage being rattled by Hamilton and losing it under pressure coming out of Portier 2 and trying to take it back in the tunnel on the marbles. The Loews contact did not physically or track-position wise cause the Massa crash. Massa crumbled when he saw that even after Lewis hit him and he kept his place, he was coming back in the tunnel. He attempted to maintain track position and the inside line by taking an incorrect line in the tunnel and lost it on the marbles.

            I understand you say you don’t blame him, but in fact you basically stated that you do in fact blame him right before saying you dont :D

            1. And by “inside line” I am referring to the inside line at the harbor chicane.

            2. I think what he is saying is that Hamilton compromised Massa’s line thru the hair pin and prevented him from getting a clean run out allowing Hamilton to get back on the side of him.

              Kinda like the bump and run in NASCAR, Hamilton had the better run off the corner thanks to forcefully pushing Massa wide.

      2. i thought the correct term for all circuits other than monaco was being ‘webbered’

        1. For the sake of lazy spelling I vote for “webbered”… Although Vettel webbered Webber

    5. So annoyed with Hamilton for ruining what was the best drive by a rookie for some time. I’m glad though that Maldonado’s performances are showing that Williams do not miss Hulkenberg in the slightest.

      1. Although it was Hamilton that caused the accident, the red flag is what allowed Hamilton’s wing to get fixed and it was engineers that I assume decided on soft tires while Hamilton ran Supersofts.

    6. I’m going to go against the flow and say that Pastor needs to accept some blame in this. If someone makes a dive, you have to give them room. Hamilton was pretty far up the inside of him by that point so it was senseless to steer into the apex. I think Pastor helped dig his own grave in this race just as much as Hamilton did.

      1. On the replays you could see that Hamilton’s front wheel touched Maldonado’s rear wheel. That’s hardly far up the inside. And anyway, I don’t think Hamilton would have made the corner whatever Maldonado did.

      2. To be honest, I think he had no chance of even knowing Hamilton was there before they made contact.

        But It surely should not have been a penalty for Hamilton in my oppinion.

        1. The good news for you I guess is that the penalty changed nothing (except making Hamiltons temper even worse).

    7. I agree. Though I can understand Maldonados dissapointment at missing out on the points I think he has to take part of the blame for the incident. He knew Hamilton was close behind, so should have been paying close attention to where he was and if neccesary giving him room.

      1. He knew Hamilton was close behind, so should have been paying close attention to where he was and if neccesary giving him room.

        This is a race not the morning commute to work. Hamilton made a kamikaze move, the stewards seem to agree.

        1. And obviously the stewards are never wrong.

          I feel this should have gone down as a racing incident. Hamilton already had a bit more than a nose on the inside and Maldonado should have seen that and taken a slightly wider entry. Schumacher did, and things worked out.

          1. Poor little boy racer
            the stewards are against him
            The whole of F1 is against him
            His father is against him
            Expert comentators from abroad are against him.

      2. Where is that written that Maldonado has to give lewis hamilton room for him to go through? The problem with lewis hamilton is his lack of clear judgement when it comes to overtaking.

        1. Maldonado doesn’t have to give Lewis any room. He also doesn’t have to finish the GP.

        2. In the Sporting Regulations Article 16.1 perhaps?

          “Incident” means any occurrence or series of occurrences involving one or more drivers, or any action by any driver, which is reported to the stewards by the race director which:

          illegitimately impeded another driver during overtaking

          Or how about Article 20.2:

          Manoeuvres liable to hinder other drivers, such as more than one change of direction to defend a position,
          deliberate crowding of a car beyond the edge of the track or any other abnormal change of direction, are
          not permitted.

          Source: formula1.com

          1. That isn’t a right of way for kamikaze moves…

            Pastor probably should’ve gave him room. But he didn’t, Lewis equally could have lifted out.

    8. I was thinking: what would happen if it was Maldonado who put Hamilton into the barrier in that turn?
      Maldonado did very well, and was very solid the whole weekend. It was very sad to see him finishing the race like that.

      1. There would probably be many people calling for Maldonado’s superlicense to be revoked.

        1. The same people who are saying Hamiltons’ moves were alright would be slamming Maldonado for being a rookie and a terrible driver no doubt :)

          1. Sounds like fanaticism to me ;)

    9. Feeling very bad for both Maldanado & the team they did a good enough job to have double points finish.Tough luck.

    10. Just compare where Hamilton was when he overtook Alonso in the same corner and where he was when he tried to bully Maldonando into letting him through. That was a very optimistic move which ruined Maldonando’s race – even more as he was on course to score first points of his F1 career.
      He didn’t have to make space for Hamilton at all, he was ahead and turned into a corner.

      1. I ment Schumacher, not Alonso…

    11. Not a bad result at all considering the incident between Hamilton and Maldonado. I heard Maldonado is a Monaco specialist so I kept an eye out for him and he was certainly running very well until he went out.

      Like many others, I hope they manage to continue to turn their season around. However, they’re in a great position to focus on 2012 so they should be looking at the also.

    12. It is sad Maldonado didn’t score any point. But he also has to take some blame for that.
      Kobayashi isn’t doing well for Sauber by accident, he has expunged the GP2 driver in him and only tussled with other cars when he knows he can’t suffer any damage, else he just gives way, better to score 4 points than lose scoring 6 and getting nothing.

      Lewis had followed Maldonado for several laps and saw he was turning into the first corner after he’d gone past the bollard. Now when Lewis made his overtaking attempt, Maldonado turned in far too early, the accident occured before the got to the bollard.
      Now, when you try to defend like that from a driver who is fully committed to make a pass, it can only result in an accident. Of course your team will be happy to know you will defend your position, they’d be happier still if you had brought some points home.
      It is even interesting to note that William’s Sam Micheal called it a racing accident.
      Let us not also forget Maldonado was the one responsible for Sutil hitting the wall which precipitated the Hamilton, Algesuari, Petrov incident.

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