Virgin: Glock slips to 15th with damaged tyre

2011 Canadian GP team review

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Virgin fell to last in the championship as their drivers finished behind Vitantonio Liuzzi.

Timo GlockJerome d’Ambrosio
Qualifying position2224
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’18.537 (-0.877)1’19.414
Race position1514
Pit stops24

Virgin drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Timo Glock163.407123.699124.886117.89101.067100.498101.391107.898112.637129.793127.091117.9199.45699.229100.15799.21799.945101.786113.178118.339111.194109.689109.039131.666143.991129.02122.528120.236120.291120.631122.877122.25134.02298.55296.692105.436112.106125.758118.10697.10395.8995.32895.33593.30792.42293.46492.85392.10292.107109.777104.31789.31492.64793.92999.908106.832120.348121.22388.76189.75286.61386.67785.53692.46287.38285.3684.5985.74
Jerome dAmbrosio167.564122.113125.371117.24103.522101.354101.444108.411109.72130.724126.409117.22101.951100.865100.767100.598115.16101.14110.132118.721114.911113.048133.519114.141152.108126.537120.521118.379119.585120.542121.293138.86100.43398.002106.311104.873112.525125.851118.70196.19897.20797.81695.99294.01993.93793.33792.04492.40892.34393.887116.49698.12788.58689.241100.795106.166120.27121.01698.94591.25790.74885.74185.0284.84283.26983.15582.49585.86

Timo Glock

Timo Glock, Virgin, Montreal, 2011
Timo Glock, Virgin, Montreal, 2011

Was 14th with seven laps to go before being passed by his team mate and Narain Karthikeyan.

Glock said: “It was a bit of a shame in the last part of the race as I had quite a good pace and I managed to catch and pass [Jarno] Trulli.

“But then I had a massive lock-up on both front tyres which cost me badly at the end. I couldn?t go flat any more on the straights because of all the vibrations, so when Karthikeyan came up behind me I tried to stay in front but he made a move into the last corner and pushed me off the track. He short-cut the chicane when he overtook me and Jerome got by in that incident too.

“On the last lap there was nothing I could do as the tyres were completely destroyed.”

Glock was promoted to 15th by Karthikeyan’s penalty.

Timo Glock 2011 form guide

Jerome d’Ambrosio

Crashed heavily at the end of second practice, damaging his chassis and having to switch to the spare.

He was outside of the 107% time in Q1 but the stewards allowed him to start the race.

He said: “Getting the car built overnight and running again was a huge task for the guys but only half the battle as we then had just this morning?s free practice session to try to arrive at a set-up that would enable us to qualify.

“In the end it wasn?t enough and I?m just very disappointed for myself and the team to have missed out. The car felt completely different to yesterday and clearly Timo?s time is more representative of what we should have achieved in qualifying”.

D’Ambrosio picked up a penalty during the race when the team incorrectly switched him to intermediate tyres before the race suspension had ended. He finished 14th.

Jerome d’Ambrosio 2011 form guide

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    11 comments on “Virgin: Glock slips to 15th with damaged tyre”

    1. I am starting to get worried for Virgin now, HRT are looking like they have overtaken them and it looks as if they are going to struggle to qualify for many more races this year

      1. To be fair, HRT didn’t even qualify in Monaco so I don’t think you have too much to worry about. They will be glad when this year is over now Wirth is out of the way and they can get some tunnel time.

    2. Their car might not be all that good. And Liuzzi beat the both of them on pace in this wet race.

      But their rookie seems to be better than expected and with the changes in the team I feel they might still grow into a strong team. But probably not this year.

      1. Karthikeyan has returned from a 5-year absence, otherwise he would challenge the Virgins more. I think both teams are on the same leverl now, and both Glock and Liuzzi are previous GP2 (or F3000 for Liuzzi) champions.

      2. dyslexicbunny
        13th June 2011, 16:11

        Or the next one. I just don’t see the drive from these guys that Lotus has. I think it’ll be a slow, painful couple of years for them.

        Once everything changes in 2013, they might be on even footing at the start. Maybe they’ll be more effective at developing updates too.

    3. D’Ambrosio picked up a penalty during the race when the team incorrectly switched him to intermediate tyres before the race suspension had ended. He finished 14th

      I guess this was when he came in to the pit while the Safety Car was still out rather than when the race was halted and they were back on the grid?

      1. Yes it was. “Resuming the race on full wets under the safety car” turned out to be a condition which lasted until the safety car went in.

      2. Wasn’t the penalty for pitting and changing from wets to inters when everyone was behind the safety car after the race restarted?

        Either way it was quite an amateurish mistake to make.

        It seems that HRT have caught and possibly passed Virgin with their upgrades, so I think they’ll have to get their car in wind tunnel soon to catch up.

    4. I would always prefer to see 24 cars on track but i’m glad the rule is geared to judge each race weekend on it’s own merits. A good result for Jerome.

    5. Not much of any use for them to gain from this weekend, but a bit to learn, some silly errors made. Suppose on paper 14th doesn’t look too bad.

    6. Maurício Fonseca
      14th June 2011, 17:56

      Heck, the three new treams entered since 2010 took part in 26 Grand Prix. That would make 156 starts for theirs Cars (counting it down due to some no starts). Not even one single point yet to any of them!

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