2011 Canadian Grand Prix: complete race weekend review

2011 Canadian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mark Webber, Montreal, 2011

Find all the F1 Fanatic Canadian Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Canadian Grand Prix report – Button bounces back to snatch last-lap win in Canada

Button hails "possibly my best win" – “Even if I hadn’t won today I’d’ve enjoyed this race immensely”

Hamilton: Button "just kept moving across" in crash – “He just kept moving across, whether or not he saw me or not, and I was in the wall”

2011 Canadian Grand Prix result – Button shares the podium with the two Red Bull drivers

2011 Canadian Grand Prix championship points – Vettel leads the title race by 60 points

Race analysis

Vote for your Canadian Grand Prix driver of the weekend – Pick the driver who impressed you the most

Rate the race: 2011 Canadian Grand Prix – What did you think of the race? Have your say

2011 Canadian Grand Prix analysis – How Button went from last to first in 30 laps

Button scores tenth win in longest ever race – The Canadian Grand Prix lasted over four hours

Detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Canadian Grand Prix

McLaren – Button makes amends for collision with stunning win
Red Bull – Vettel finally cracks under pressure
Mercedes – Schumacher misses out on podium
Renault – Heidfeld crash leaves Petrov fifth
Williams – Barrichello in points, Maldonado crashes
Force India – No points after Di Resta runs fifth
Sauber – Kobayashi slips from second to seventh
Toro Rosso – Alguersuari eighth from pit lane start
Lotus – Loose part in cockpit delays Trulli
HRT – Liuzzi lifts team ahead of Virgin
Virgin – Glock slips to 15th with damaged tyre


2011 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying report – Unstoppable Vettel on pole again in Canada

2011 Canadian Grand Prix grid – Vettel on his sixth pole position of the year

Button "disappointed" by qualifying pace – “I over-drove and started locking up and lost a bit of time”

2011 Canadian Grand Prix qualifying analysis – Teams mix set-ups expecting rain on Sunday

2011 Canadian Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Chance of rain promises classic race in Canada


Canadian Grand Prix first practice report – Rosberg quickest as Vettel hits the champions’ wall

Canadian Grand Prix first practice analysis – Lap times tumble at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

Pedro de la Rosa takes Sergio Perez’s place in Canada – Perez pulled out after the second practice session

Canadian Grand Prix second practice report – Alonso fastest in crash-strewn second session

Canadian Grand Prix second practice analysis – Hectic session makes form hard to read

Canadian Grand Prix third practice report – Vettel fastest as red flag flies again

Season statistics

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Driver form guides

Compare every driver’s form against their team mate so far this year:

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  1. Great race. Great Articles.

  2. Keith, you’ve forgotten to put a link to Ferrari in the detailed analysis of every team and driver in the Canadian Grand Prix

  3. I went through all the team reviews last night and while I could remember the vast majority of it it did bring to my attention a few bit’s I had missed.

    Another fine job!

    1. I still can’t remember how Sutil retired!

      1. Sutil had what was broadcasted as a flat tire that put him in the garage. It looked more like a broken halfshaft.

  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaone/article-2003426/Antiques-Roadshow-fans-complain-BBC-cancel-favour-Canadian-Grand-Prix.html#

    I thought some of you may enjoy this as much as I did.

    The Roadshow faithful left fuming after a different type of road show steals their slot…

    Lovely job. :)

  5. Keith,
    include the poll to rate the race in these! Thanks!

    1. I usually do – it was left out here by mistake. Have added it in now.

  6. I just watched the race again. The last 9 laps on BBC commentary are a genuinely classic section of F1. Right down to Massa stealing 6th on the line. Fantastic.

  7. One of the many highlights of the weekend:

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