2011 European Grand Prix analysis

2011 European Grand Prix

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Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, Valencia, 2011

Review all the data from the European Grand Prix.

Lap chart

All the drivers’ positions throughout the race, including Jaime Alguersuari’s progress from 18th to eighth.

Race history chart

See how suddenly Webber dropped back in the final five laps with his apparent gearbox problem.

Average race history chart

The same data as above but using a different axis to make it easier to read.

Lap one position change

Very good starts from the Ferraris again.

Pit stops and tyres used

Three stops was the way to go for most drivers but there were a few exceptions. Sergio Perez made just one stop and Alguersuari did only two.

Fastest laps

Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap for the first time this year. Compare all the drivers’ lap times here.

2011 European Grand Prix

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    Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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    1. This layout is good because it allows you to see the graphs in big size!

      1. and much faster.

    2. The fastest-lap chart nicely shows how Lewis defended his fourth place from Felipe Massa: from lap 36 to 41, he managed a respectable pace while going longer on the softs than he had previously managed.

      1. Without the (usual) bad pitstop it could have been different, Felipe had the pace to attempt an overtake.

    3. +1 for the new layout! much more streamlined

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