1990s F1 cars at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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A host of world championship-winning Renault-powered cars of the mid-nineties are on show at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Among the other cars from this decade is the McLaren Ayrton Senna won his final world championship with in 1991.

Here are pictures of the cars:

More on the Lotus-Lamborghini 102 and Williams-Renault FW15C:

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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7 comments on “1990s F1 cars at the 2011 Goodwood Festival of Speed”

  1. I belive the Williams fw19 is the actual car from jerez 97 where Schumi tried to take villeneuve out, look at the mark on the left sidepod! So glad they’re running th fw16 this year and the b193 and b195 all three are such beautiful cars. :D

  2. Williams-Renault FW16, Goodwood Festival of Speed, 1993

    The caption should say “2011”, according to all the other ones ;)

  3. I’m a bit curious. Why are there no tobacco ads on the cars? Some weeks ago I saw some 80’s and 90’s cars in Aarhus, Denmark and they all had their original liveries with Camel and Rothmans.

    1. It depends on who owns the cars, for example all of the tobacco McLarens(Marlboro, West) that McLaren own wont have them on, but if the cars are owned privately they will have what ever the owner wants on them.

  4. It is actually the Benetton B194 in 1995 liveries. The 195 had slight kinks in the front wing as well as different endplates and a much lower rear wing due to regulations. They also introduced winglets infront of the rear wheels, which I think have not been removed for any race.

    1. I always love to see how some of us F1 Fanatics easily recognize all kinds of cars! Strange they have that repainted from the original to the ’95 livery instead.
      It would also mean, that its not a renault powered car, but a Ford engined one, right?

  5. That Benetton looks incredibly small, or is it just me?

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