Star drivers at the 2011 Goodwood Festival

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Top F1 and other motor racing drivers sampled a range of familiar and unfamiliar machinery at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Nico Rosberg, Vitaly Petrov, Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok all made appearances.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner tried a 1971 March while designer Adrian Newey was at the wheel of the Red Bull show car.

From the world of IndyCar racing, Emerson Fittipaldi drove a 1994 Penske PC23.

Dario Franchitti was present in his current IndyCar as well as the Lotus 38 driven by his hero Jim Clark. Eddie Cheever drove a 60-year-old IndyCar.

Josh Hill drove a replice of the Lola-Ford T90 raced to victory in the 1966 Indianapolis 500 by his grandfather Graham.

Father Damon Hill was reunited with the car he scored his first F1 win with: the Williams-Renault FW15C.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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44 comments on “Star drivers at the 2011 Goodwood Festival”

  1. Good oppurtunity to test new parts in the car. I never seen this nose cone on the Mercedes before ..

    1. DeadManWoking
      3rd July 2011, 16:17

      They’re testing it for the Tripoli GP next year..

    2. Thats because its the BrawnGP nosecone, on the BrawnGP car, painted in the MercGP colours

      1. It’s a Honda painted in MercGP colours. The same Honda which was used by BrawnGP. But as it’s used by Mercedes, its association with BrawnGP is nil.

        1. The sidepods look wrong to be a Honda, i have a model brawngp car and it looks exactly the same as the pictures, exhausts, side pod air intake, tower barge boards, the old hondas have different shape radiator inlets….

          1. Mate, BrawnGP used A HONDA CAR in 2009, not the 2008 model, but a new one. This is the Honda. I just said it.

          2. @Damon – it’s the BGP001, and when Honda exited F1 and gave their car to Ross Brawn, from an Honda it became a Brawn.
            Mercedes later bought Brawn and updated the 2009-title winning car with their current livery.

        2. Yup, definately a Brawn GP BGP001 painted up like a Merc, and therefore, hardly anything to do with Honda (although it was their money that paid for it initially), and a little to do with Merc (as their engine is in it). But it’s definately not a Honda.

          Shame they screwed up the paint like that… it’s a Brawn, it should remain a Brawn.

  2. what is nicolas hamilton doing on the hil!!! Is it a bad joke?

    1. Err what? He is a racing in the clio cup series and showing off his clio at Goodwood. Why is it a bad joke?

      Ill add my name to the list of people thinking its a crime to repaint the Brawn GP 001. What a shame. Imaging if all the teams did that in the past, Goodwood would look a mess of historic cars not matching their history.

      1. Especially if the car in question is a title-winning car and has its own history.

        1. @Fixy Amen to that.

          1. @AndrewTanner why do you come up with these replies 3 months later? :P Lol!

          2. @Fixy Because I can now tag you all in! Seriously though, I was on holiday during Goodwood so I wanted to catch up as it looked fantastic and I am considering going next year.

      2. A real horror to see that car still repainted. Almost like if Renault would use a Lotus livery … ehm, right, yes.

        Seriously Mercedes should be proud of having this customer team go for the title with their engines, as their supply saved the team and helped Brawn gain the champinoships. Please give it back its original paint Mercedes!

      3. Gaston (@golarrazabal)
        4th July 2011, 5:27

        Yeah, add me to that list, too. Like Fixy said, I find it particularly appalling considering that it’s a title-winning car and that’s it’s the only constructor that has clinched the title in its first season (even though, yeah, ok, we know the car was basically developed by Honda). Very sad.

        Does anyone know on what chassis the Red Bull Running Showcar is based?

        1. The car is probably made out of the RB1, judging from the airbox, then they added the early-2009 nose.

        2. The Red Bull showcar is a real bitsa, RB3 chassis underpinnings.

  3. Still drives me nuts that Mercedes repainted the Brawn GP cars. I quite liked the Brawn’s livery.

    1. Didn’t Jenson Button have in his 2009 contract something about him getting a Brawn BGP001?

      1. He did have it in his contract that he would get to keep his car if he won the Drivers Championship. I don’t know if he ever actually got the car, as early in 2010 – the last time I remember hearing anything about it – following the Mercedes buyout of the team, there was talk of Jenson suing Mercedes GP because they were still in possession of the car, but it was also stated that the car had been repainted in Mercedes GP’s livery.

      2. Just looked it up.

        Button did end up suing Mercedes, but the two parties reached and agreement that Button would get his car. I can’t find any confirmation of whether or not the car was re-painted back to Brawn GP livery.

  4. Looks like the repainted Brawn 001 used to show off the new Mercedes livery.

    Same as the red bulls, that’s clearly their last year’s car with the low, thin nose.

    1. The car is the same, obviously, but it has Mercedes’ 2011 livery rather than their 2010 one.

    2. The Red Bull is their demo car. Not an RB6 or RB5.

      1. Newey owns his own RB5 as well by the way.

  5. What an collection of Grand Prix cars and drivers. They seem even more popular this year. Interesting how varied and different each generation of car is when seen all together. Nice display…

  6. That March 711 looks so strange!!

    1. Strange, but reasonably effective – Ronnie Peterson finished second in the 1971 WDC in one.

      The car that followed it – March 721X – was even stranger.

    2. Gaston (@golarrazabal)
      4th July 2011, 5:30

      It’s gonna cut you in half.

  7. That picture of Damon Hill in the FW15 made me feel like I was 9 all over again….

    1. Such a treat seeing that car and that helmet come past again!

      1. So right. I’d been following F1 since the late 80’s, but 1993 was the year I first started watching the races on TV.

        I’ve got two Damon Hill posters from about 1994 hidden away somewhere in my house. I really should find those.

      2. I agree almost entirely. The only problem is, he’s in Prost’s car! (#2, not #0).

        It is kind of weird for a driver to be associated with driving cars with a 0 on them, but because of ’93 and ’94 for me Damon should really be in the 0 car.

  8. Oh man, it’s awesome seeing Emmo in the old Penske with the Marlboro livery and everything. The new Penske colors just don’t hold the same stature

  9. What category does the Lotus 125 driven by Bruno Senna race in? Is it the one-off F1-type car Group Lotus created?

    1. Yeah it’s a track day car rather than a racing car, bit like Ferrari’s historic car track day club thing.

      1. Thanks, George. Thought so, but was just wondering if it can classify as an F1 track car, a track car built to current F1 regs. Seems quite confusing. :)

        But great to see the Senna helmet colours back in a black Lotus.

        1. Not F1 spec. You’d be an idiot to make a customer car to F1 spec. There is a reason why people tend to DNF races and it’s not always a drivers fault.

          It can make use of things F1 disallows

  10. Wow even Fittipaldi with his Indy car, the one he crasked on the wall after leading the race by one entire lap.

  11. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
    4th July 2011, 6:33

    Does anyone know what the #31 on the Red Bull show car represents?

    1. Numbers allocated to RBR in 2011
      1: Vettel (due to champion of 2010)
      2: Webber (teammate)
      31: 3rd driver/test car

      Basically, they could have used of the cars and called it Vettels or Webber’s cars out on track only Vettel can drive the number 1 car, only Webber has been put put down (and hands in his super license at each weekend) for the number 2 car (not bad for a…) and if they decided to run say in testing Ricciardo or whoever else then they would stick on an Australian flag, the name Ricciardo and put on the number 31 signifying that he is not a race driver and the car still needs a number

      That is what RBR is doing.. not neccessary for this, but it is done for correctness

  12. I also think Chandhok did more laps here than he did all season for Lotus up untill now.

  13. I went. It was utterly amazing.

    I managed to get autographs from Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg, Bruno Senna, Murray Walker, Nigel Mansell, Jake Humphrey and Nicholas Hamilton.

    Sad that Karun Chandhok and Vitaly Petrov didn’t sign anything but Vitaly did answer my question at the Lotus exhibition when he was on stage with Senna and Mansell.

    Superb weekend and I feel absolutely gutted that it’s over now. Glad the British GP is on next weekend as my adrenaline hasn’t come down just yet.

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