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Williams and Renault formed one of the most potent partnerships F1 has ever seen.

Between 1989 and 1997 they won 63 out of 146 races and took pole position 79 times – more than half the races they entered together,

With the pair set to join forces again next year, here’s a look back on their remarkable nine years of success.

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Images © Williams/LAT, Williams/Sutton

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27 comments on “Williams: The Renault years in pictures”

  1. Thanks Keith. Nostalgia overload makes me a happy fanatic.

    1. I have a new fan moment: Williams!

  2. The Espace!!! :D I remember using it every day in Gran Turismo 2!

    1. Ah, then you’ll love this…

      Video: Road cars with F1 engines

      1. Most certainly so Keith! :-D

        1. Wow, that’s really interesting! I can’t believe I’d never seen that!

          And very good pictures. I’ve saved them all for wallpapers! :D

    2. Finally a decent picture of the F1 Espace!

      Every single one of these cars is beautiful, and the FW17 has to be my all-time favourite F1 car.

      Aww heck, it is my all time favourite F1 car.

  3. Wow, there are some great shots here. The Mansell and Senna shot always makes me smile, such a great moment. Wish I could have seen it live.

    1. spanky the wonder monkey
      6th July 2011, 14:42

      that was one of ‘those’ moments that defines F1 / motorsport. intense rivals, yet still sporting.

  4. That image of the infamous moment of MS bouncing himself off JV and into the kitty litter is one that is forever etched in my mind…

  5. Glorious moments. Let’s hope it would come back soon.

  6. I want sparks back. Badly.

  7. The Last Pope
    5th July 2011, 18:36

    Ah the memories.

    One small error though, Coulthard joined Williams as a test driver in ’93, not in ’94 as a replacement for senna.

  8. Such a shame that Mansellmania (i.e. post-race track invasions) cannot happen anymore. Yes they were dangerous, but wow they made the victory that much more special.

  9. The 92 season and Mansellmania was a huge moment in motorspot and that picture brings back memories. Silverstone underlined an epic season for him. And then he immediately came to CART, putting a massive international spotlight on U.S. open wheel racing. CART was probably at its peak then, with incredibly powerful engines and aero that was pushing 230 at Indy. Then you had Mansell come in to join Mario Andretti, two Unsers, Cheever, Paul Tracy, Rahal, Vasser, Pruett, Fittipaldi, Sullivan, to name some. Many greats and a lot of quality F1 provenance.

    Of course, his swap with Michael Andretti also attracted much attention, but of a different tone. In any event it put a lot of new American eyes on F1.

  10. This certainly is very nostalgic, even though neither the cars nor the paint job is anything similar.

    The Renault engine is actually a very good engine, very drivable & fuel efficient. Sadly, most people only talk about it’s lack of power all the time.

  11. Some great memories from looking through these pictures. For me F1 hasn’t quite been the same without a competitive Williams team. Would love to see them challenging once more. I’ve always liked the 1991 FW14 for some reason, late 80’s and early 90’s was so good, proper cars :-)

    1. I’ve always liked the 1991 FW14 for some reason

      Fascinating to compare it with the 1990 Williams and the Leyton House CG901B from the same year, arguably its true predecessor. Adrian Newey’s fingerprints all over it.

      1. sure does.

    2. spanky the wonder monkey
      6th July 2011, 14:44

      For me F1 hasn’t quite been the same without a competitive Williams team. Would love to see them challenging once more.

      agree totally.

      saw a documentary on FW on satellite a few weeks ago. williams were the true underdogs!

  12. UKfanatic (@)
    6th July 2011, 5:17

    I hope that the British people will now wake up and really appreciate Williams, since 97 forgotten but thankfully revived.

    1. To be fair I imagine Williams have always been appreciated by the British fans. Its just that they have been in constant decline since the BMW days ended (and since Montoya left), there’s not been too much to celebrate. Lets hope this is the start of a revival!

  13. Great pictures Kieth, just exceptional.

  14. Oh man, I fricking love Williams, especially these years.

  15. Just set the Hill/Coulthard Silverstone one as my wallpaper. :D

  16. You just don’t get sparks like that these days!

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