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Daniel Ricciardo will start his first F1 race for HRT at the British Grand Prix this weekend.

Here are the first pictures of Ricciardo inspecting the F111, which he will make his F1 debut in.

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105 comments on “Daniel Ricciardo at HRT: First pictures”

  1. I cant wait for this, Its going to be good to finally have this guys career finished and not have to hear about him all the time!

    1. I suggest you stop following F1 if you’re getting tired of hearing about new drivers.

      1. I’m not tired of hearing about new drivers, just this one, Here in Australia he is talked about at every Grand Prix, They do the same about Webber and I hate it, I have grown not to dislike Webber so much but this guy just annoys me every time I see him.

        1. What RoboCAT says, the British media do the same with Hamilton and Button… it;s to bbe expected considering your location plus the drivers nationality.

          1. Prisoner Monkeys
            7th July 2011, 10:42

            But at least the British media actuall have some justification for their hype. Both Button and Hamilton have World Championships to their name. However, Daniel Ricciardo has no such credentials. He hasn’t even raced yet, and the press are ready to crown him World Champion simply because he is so highly rated by Red Bull (and let’s be honest here – they’re not the best judge of character). The notion that Red Bull have already got him lined up to take over Webber’s seat in 2012 when Ricciardo hasn’t even raced yet is ridiculous … and that’s before you consider the fact tha Red Bull are more than capable of winning World Championships and would have their pick of driver on the grid.

          2. I know that, I never said I didnt expect it, I just hate it, Its come so far that I mute it when ever I know they are going to talk and hope I didnt miss any of the intelligent BBC coverage.

          3. You ahve to look at his position PM.

            Hyping someone who has won the British F3 championship on his first go, has come from the other side of the world and has had some great races does deserve hype.

            Hulkenberg got quite a bit of hype before he put his foot in an F1 car. Di Resta was quite hyped despite hardly driving a single seater formula car for a few years before his F1 debut (only really the friday session 1 for one year and that was all).

            Hyping a driver who has been in F1 for years, not shown any signs of interest or improvement is stupid. Hyping a driver who is top class FOR SOMEONE IN HIS POSITION is correct.

            The british media go mad hyping Di Resta as well. Coulthard and Brundle love the guy for winning a german national touring car championship and driving in F3 half a decade ago! But he deserved it because what he has shown.

            I say wait until his first 2-3 races and see if the hype was deserved. If he is smashed then obviously not, but his credentials show that he should be rather good and if he beats L in one of his first 2-3 races despite never driven an HRT car before then I think he has deserved his hype. Not everyone wins BF3 on there first go and nearly takes the FR3.5 title as well.

          4. Prisoner Monkeys
            7th July 2011, 13:36

            Hyping a driver who is top class FOR SOMEONE IN HIS POSITION is correct.

            There is hype and there is hype. I can understand hypinf Ricciardo for a seat in Formula 1 base don his achivements – but I can’t see the justification for hyping him as being worthy of a seat with a World Championship-winning team before he’s even had one race.

          5. What, like Lewis Hamilton PM?

          6. Intelligent BBC coverage? Only when EJ has the mic

          7. What, like Lewis Hamilton PM?

            No, not like Lewis Hamilton. Because unlike Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo is not a World Champion. If Hamilton gets hyped for the title, there’s a precedent because he’s won it before. If Ricciardo gets hyped for the title, there’s no precedent because he hasn’t even raced yet.

          8. Hamilton was hyped long before he won the world championship.

  2. Err what? I think your overreacting a bit. They talk about Webber and Ricciardo because they are Australian’s and it happens to be Australian TV. If you don’t like it then go move to France where they don’t have a home driver or such. Because like it or not those who have a home driver are more likely to talk about there.. well home driver.

    Also they don’t talk about Ricciardo every GP either. It isn’t Daniel’s fault people belive he is a very good talent.

    1. I know they talk about them on Australian TV because there Australian, But it gets very annoying, And I have actually started to get the BBC coverage because its that much better, I actually hope channel 10 loses the coverage rights so someone else that can actually do a good job gets it. Also they do talk about im ever race, “Australian Ricciardo came whatever in in today’s race” it gets very annoying.

      1. The BBC keep talking about Mclaren and Di-Resta, it’s annoying. but normal.

        Same as I talk about Schumacher. I like the cheating bugger.

        1. It’s not that bad at all, from what I’ve heard. Certainly nothing like as Brit-centric as ITV’s coverage was.

      2. If you think Channel 10 is bad then you must not have been watching when Channel 9 had the rights. There was even a website f1fansagainstchannel9 or something.

      3. trust me.. channel 10 is by far the best.. they aint perfect, but they’re worlds better than 9 or 7..

      4. @fordsrule

        hmm. well I live in Australia, Syd to be precise, and i don’t hear Ricciardo mentioned as much as you make it out to be. And I watch all the motor sport available. Maybe its ringing in your head?

        Anyway I wouldn’t worry about it because I think Ricciardo has made a big mistake of starting with HRT.
        Unless he has secured a place with RB somewhere down the line, he could easily get stuck driving crap teams for years to come.

        1. anyway i hope im wrong and Ricciardo hopefully benefits from this HRT move… we’ll just have to wait and see..

    2. I am an Australian that has moved to France, so I need to jump in here.

      Watching F1 racing means the races are on at the ‘normal time’ which means when you are spending the weekend with your kids in the park. Watching a race means catching what highlights you can on YouTube.

      The grass is always greener, and lots of things I love about France, but I miss my chance to watch the race while everyone else is upstairs sleeping.

  3. Can I just say that, as an Australian F1 fan, I am not tired of hearing about Ricciardo.

    One thing that I would want clarification on is the correct pronunciation of his name.
    Some people say Rick ardo
    Some people say Ricky ardo
    James Allen says Ricky yardo
    From what I gather, the closest approximation of the Italian pronunciation is Rich-i-ardo

    1. In Italian the pronounciation is like that, but with the “c” doubled: Ricchiardo, with both “c”s having the same pronounciation.
      This is because in Italian the “c” followed by “i” or “e” is pronounced like “ch” in English, whilst “ch” followed by “i” or “e” makes the sound “k”.
      Italian “Chi” = English “Kee”
      Italian “Ci” = English “Chee”

      1. Nice explaination. How about Chicken in Italian? :)

    2. He and his family pronounce it “Rick-ardo” (I just recently learned).

      1. Yeah, you don’t pronounce the second ‘i’.

        1. So why do they not pronounce the second ‘i’? Its an Italian name……

          1. Yeah, I can understand pronouncing it “Rikyardo”, but why not pronounce the second “i”? In Italian the pronounciation “Rickardo” corresponds to the writing “Riccardo”, and there’s an “i” missing, therefore I thought that the “i” was pronounced.

          2. See the second-to-last question from the press conference, here.

          3. Great, I’ll call him Ricciardo then.

  4. What? No Red Bull sponsoring on the car? All my hard work on the livery for nothing?

    1. I honestly never expected there to be any, I know others did but I couldn’t understand why Redbull would do it, Yes its more logos on the car but why would they sponsor a team that always qualifies and finishes at the back and is known to shop around drivers and drop them with really bad excuses?

      1. because any advertising is good advertising..

        1. You’d think HRT would attract more sponsors, to be honest.

          Going that slowly, people are more likely to see the adverts.

          1. I think i’ve said that before today ;)

    2. Nice work on the livery I must say :-)

    3. Don’t cry, Fixy… It was very good work, but it will be nice not to have to look at that logo on an extra car!

      1. I must admit I prefer HRT as it is!

        1. i really enjoy the current hrt too, but i thought your choice to use the red bull red and yellow and not the blue was brilliant, in that it jumped out and suited a spanish team. i thought that if they did choose to sponsor hrt, they should do it pretty much just like that.

  5. Prisoner Monkeys
    7th July 2011, 10:43

    Well, it looks like the mystery of what will happen to the Tata sponsorship now that Karthikeyan is gone has been solved.

  6. Put it this way – Anyone that has been lucky enough to meet the guy will be hoping for nothing but the best for him.

    1. That may be, but it doesnt change my opinion on him now since I havent been “lucky” enough to meet him.

      1. Not going to lose any sleep over that at all.

        Hes a genuine good guy, who knows hes in a position we all dream of. He had a “meet the fans” session at a GP a while back, and he made sure he met every single fan.

        Get a Holden.

        1. What the hell does getting a Holden have to do with anything? It doesnt matter how nice he was to all the fans, I havent met him so my opinion of him doesnt change.

          1. So you don’t like drivers until you’ve met them?

            Nothing, I just thought I’d be a nice guy and recommend you a nice piece of automotive machinery.

          2. Actually, I thought that was quite a funny comment (Get a Holden) by Hamish, in a “pie in the face” sort of way.

          3. well, if your name is “Ford’s Rule”… you really need to get a Holden and you will start to see things more clearly ;)

  7. When was the last time we had two Australians participating a Grand Prix (disregarding Ryan Briscoe’s outings in Friday Practice in 2004)?

    1. I think I read somewhere the last time 2 aussies in the one F1 race was back in the 80’s when Alan Jones and Vern Schuppan were in a gp

    2. 1977 Austrian Grand Prix. :)

  8. I have to say I’ve taken a pretty much instan dislike to him. He seems to have a real air of smug entitlement about him without any good reason.

    Hopefully his career will be over before it starts but he’ll no doubt have an easy path into a top car as be no doubt says the right things etc. Much like Vettel


    1. He seems to have a real air of smug entitlement about him without any good reason.

      I think that’s completely unfounded. What gives you that impression?

      1. Yes, for real – I can’t even imagine how someone would get that impression of him. He seems the opposite of that to me!

      2. What Keith said. I’d probably say he’s the least smug driver on the grid! Have you read any articles with quotes from him? He’s not taking his opportunities for granted and he fully appreciates the opportunity he’s been given.

      3. Thats the Australian ‘tall poppy’ syndrome. Some of them can’t stand somone else being successful.

    2. +1 Glad someone agrees with me!

      1. If we’re keeping score, add me to Keith’s column.

        1. And me. So the score is currently 3-2 to the “get off his back” team

          1. Why the hate for the new rookie?
            Dayuuuum, he hasn’t even been able to race yet and people are already disliking his darlin’ curls?

            Didn’t your mumma ever tell you to taste something before making your mind up about it?

          2. Trix is right: those who hate him do so because he’s over-hyped before he even debuts, but they express their opinion before they actually saw him driving.

          3. me too, so that’s 4-2

        2. chuck me down, been following him since FBMW. always seemed like a nice guy.. no idea where the hate’s coming from

    3. Entitlement? His family put everything on the line to pay for his first seat in Europe. He performed and got noticed by Red Bull, this lead to his invite to a private Red Bull test day at which they decided he would be their next young driver program member.

      This kid isn’t air to a trust fund like some drivers.

      1. He seems a really nice bloke, I hope he does well and doesn’t ruin things by starting at HRT. It’s not exactly a rags to riches story hoewever if your parents have got $200,000 spare to get you going for a couple of years – but all credit to him, he has made the most of it, gone through the ranks and an F1 seat is the result. Good luck ‘mate’.

    4. > He seems to have a real air of smug entitlement about him without any good reason.


  9. @Hamish, No I dont like them until I have met them, I like certain drivers for certain reason just like a am sure you and everyone else does. And Holden and nice piece of automotive machinery does not work in the same sentence unless its: Fords are a great piece of automotive machinery, while Holden are the exact opposite.

    1. Hook, line and sinker.

      1. Do kids really still play Holden v Ford. I mean come on, we’re not 12.

        1. Get a rotor :-)

        2. go to Adelaide in time for the Clipsal 500 to see all the gill breathers have similar arguments to the resident poppy cutter above….

          1. Gentleman Jim
            7th July 2011, 20:24

            Nail knocked on head, nice one son.

            Fordsrule you’re a disgraceful bogan.

  10. Wow. I’m amazed at how quickly some have chosen to dislike him before he even starts his first race. It’s quite baffling. I’m baffled.

    I’m gonna wait and see how he performs on and off the track before I judge the guy. Seems like the sensible thing to do.

    Full disclosure: I’m an Aussie, and glad to have another one of us on the grid :)

    1. I’m completely baffled as well. I dont get any Australian commentary, so I guess I haven’t heard all the constant hype. But Ricciardo has seemed pretty impressive with his testing times, and he has barely been enough in the limelight for people to call him ‘smug’.

      I’m gonna support Ricciardo, just because there are so many people on this site who have started hating him without any reason at all.

      1. Meet the uniquely Australian tall poppy syndrome in action…

        Some people just get insanely jealous because other people succeed where they don’t…

  11. Don’t you just love some people, the guy hasn’t even turned a wheel in a race and he’s smug, overrated and overexposed!? Weird.

    1. Baffling, isn’t it? ;-)

    2. No comprendo either. *shakes head*

      1. He wouldn’t be an F1 driver without haters! :P

  12. It’s pretty ridiculous. To be honest I’ve never had an impression that he is smug. He seem’s like a nice guy, I’ve never met him though. I think it’s ignorant of people to whinge about him when he hasn’t even done a race yet!

    Just because the ****** media hype up a driver doesn’t mean they themselves are smug and arrogant. Imagine you were in the same psotion as DR, and then people agree to dislike you; you would be thinking “***?”.

    You honestly have no reason to dislike him. You have never met him personally. Hate the idiot media, not him.

    To say you hope his career is already over before it has even started is a very idotic comment to be frankly honest. Give me one or two good reasons with good reasoning why you dislike DR… without involving the media.

    1. Spot on !

      Some people are just like that.

  13. It’s occurred to me that although Italian drivers are now a dying breed- with Jarno Trulli and Tonio Liuzzi both probably nearing the end of their F1 careers- two of the most promising young drivers in F1 right now, Paul di Resta and Daniel Ricciardo, are of Italian extraction

    1. Keith what do you think of Ricciardo? He seems to have a love him or hate him image in the media.

      Many people are citing his performance this year in the FR3.5 as the end of his career. It would certainly seem that ISR are under performing but Ricciardos still put in some good drives.

      Do you think he is genuine champion material or another torro rosso forever midfielder?

      1. He seems to have a love him or hate him image in the media.

        Really? I haven’t seen anything to suggest that. If they have any credibility, they’d wait until he’s at least driven his first Grand Prix before going as far as “hating” him.

    2. Massa is of Italian origin, as Barrichello and d’Ambrosio.
      In GP2 there are: Valsecchi, 3rd in the standings, Lotus test driver, Filippi, Rigon, Ferrari test driver, and Ceccon.
      While Italy’s last champions is Ascari in 1953, Andretti, 1978 champion, was born in Italy and later moved to America.

      1. Don’t forget the Franchitti and the Andretti families.

  14. I’m going to cheer here since there’s already been some bad mojo vibes about Sir His Imaginary Smugness. So let me burn some sage over this thread’s comment section, blow some balloons and get a cake out:

    “Hurray for the new rookie! We’ve got a fresh chick on the grid. Paaaar-taaaaaaay…”

    Seriously, it’s not like he’s taking a beloved, strong fan based driver out of the seat. He has barely peeped a word to the press except about how effin’ happy he is, how can you not want to give the boy a chance and root for him?

    Also, mmmm, divine curls. :-)

    1. likes this

    2. some support drivers for their skills, some for the Personality..

      Trix support’s drivers for their Hair! =P
      I agree though.. nice to see another rookie on the grid! you can’t be angry at him when he’s smiling like that.. just look at him! nawww

      1. They do tell you to think outside the box…

        Whatever is under that fireproof balaclava is always such a delish’ mystery to me!

    3. He has barely peeped a word to the press except about how effin’ happy he is, how can you not want to give the boy a chance and root for him?

      +1 :D

      1. I read that wrong and laughed. Root means something different in Australia. :D

  15. I was merely being flippant chaps.. It’s only a forum don’t take it all so seriously. My incendiary comment was based almost entirely on his facial expression in some of the photos.

    I’m sure he’ll have a great career and win many races in competitive machinery.

    1. The sage worketh!

      Slice of cake to join the Thursday afternoon pre-GP party in honour of the new guy?

      1. Count me in.

        1. Don’t say “I’m in”, whatever you do. Leave nothing open to interpretation with this girl. Her mind is twisted! :P

          1. It’s that twisted mind of mine you love me for, you know it as well as I do! :-)

          2. It’s that twisted mind of mine you love me for, you know it as well as I do!

            Um, yes. You’ve got me figured out, I see. ;)

  16. Anyone notice that the Ricciardo haters suddenly very quiet? They know they’ve lost :)

  17. It’s not like Ricciardo or Webber ask Rusty and co. to mention their names every two minutes on our coverage. I don’t really listen to them much anyway, I skip their preview, and just hear the BBC commentary. IMO I love seeing another Aussie in Formula 1; no need to make outlandish statements like future WDC or anything, but he’s clearly talented, and likeable, and I wish him well.

    1. This is the sort of sensible, measured comment I have come to expect from F1Fanatics. Hence my surprise at those quick to hate.

      Have a nice day everyone :)

    2. I have given up on the Ten coverage, so many channels and no televised practice and too many ad breaks during the coverage and they seem to talk like we are all stupid (granted some of us may well be but if you are getting up at god awful hours in the morning chances are you follow F1 and know all about whats going on and don’t need things explained like you are 6 years old). It’d be really nice to have the BBC coverage on Foxtel considering there are BBC channels. It’s also on speedtv in the States so I don’t get why it’s not televised on speedtv in Australia as well. It’d be great if the F1 was on ten catchup as well. I don’t ask for much I know. :P
      At any rate I hope Ricciardo does well and has some good performances before the year is out.

  18. Paul Grainger
    8th July 2011, 12:50

    @fordrules Mate don’t forget that part of the reason we have any sort of coverage here in Australia is because of our countrymen in the sport. Without them I’m sure we’d get even less than what we do now. So ease up mate.

  19. Yet another somebody who is nobody.

    I don’t think it says much for his ability that he is sitting in an HRT.

    Perhaps it’s just what he really deserves.

  20. He certainly looks very pleased with himself here!

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