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Here is footage of Codemasters’ forthcoming F1 2011 which was shown at last week’s preview event.

F1 2011 will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on September 23rd:

Read the full F1 Fanatic preview of the new official F1 game here:

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101 comments on “Codemasters show off F1 2011 gameplay”

  1. I have a question about the 2011 game… Are the cars harder to drive than last year with all driving aids disabled?

    The reason I ask is that last year’s game was too easy. I could drive out of a hairpin full throttle in the wet without aids which isn’t realistic at all.

    So I want to know if the situation has improved?

    1. I covered that in the preview article which is linked to above.

      But remember the game is still three months away from being released, so I’m not drawing any final conclusions about it yet.

    2. SirCoolbeans
      11th July 2011, 14:44

      Wowsa you must be good. I have never seen anyone manage that before. I know I couldn’t get anywhere near to achieving that in F1 2010. Are you sure you had all the driving aids off?

      1. Yeah… It’s hard to take comments like that seriously… Full throttle in the wet? from a hairpin? riiiiight…..

      2. He probably hasn’t done that at all. I wonder what his on line ranking is. I’m in the top 5% in the world at that game and I can’t do what he says.

        1. Where do they have this ranking system?

          1. MG – in the Multiplayer menu (this is inside the game – I’m not aware that it shows anywhere else), one of the options is to look at the Global Leaderboard . There you can see your rank and number of race wins, and those of the people around you and the people you have friended in the game.

            Since you accumulate points and rank by finishing races, rank per se isn’t necessarily an index of speed or skill as much as it is one of experience. But, needless to say, it’s rare that a rank 15 player is quick or consistent, and similarly rare that a rank 50 player is hopeless. So as a general credential it’s OK and someone who’s top 5% (at least upward of rank 45, I’d guess) will certainly know what corner exit traction conditions are, and will have done at least hundreds of online races.

    3. From what i saw earlier, they said it was going to be more responsive. Hard to tell if it will be easier or harder that way.

      But quite a lot of people were not feeling it was to easy last year, so I guess a lot is up to personal feel and skill behind the wheel/controller.

    4. I’m sorry, Stephen, but that’s simply untrue.

      There is simply no way you can apply full throttle in a hairpin (say, from close to the apex) in F1 2010 with all the aids off. Even in dry weather, out of a hairpin like L’Epingle at Montreal (2nd gear with typical gear ratios), or turn 4 at Hockenheim (1st gear), you will spin like a top even at 70% throttle unless the car is already nearly straight when you pick up the power – you see people doing this all the time in online racing (even though a lot of people are still using aids online). The F1 2010 forum and this blog keeps throwing this issue up – people who *think* they turned off the driver aids but clearly didn’t.

      Did you dominate championships in Career mode (NOT Grand Prix mode) at full race distance and at Expert level? Did you dominate at online racing? What online rank did you reach? I raced karts successfully in all weathers over 10 years in 100cc and 125cc shifters, I have lapped the Nordschleife more than once in under 8 minutes (I mean the real one, not a sim or game), I did times in GPL which were at the top of online fastlap rankings for at least months, I have never used any kind of driver assist in a sim or game, and I have no problem with F1 2010 car Physics being “too easy”. Yes, you can recover a developing spin in an unrealistic way by tapping the brakes – an easy out for the unwary, but one that will still cost you a couple of seconds in a typical case – but when you have an F1 2010 car dancing on the edge, at least at a level where you’re matching the pace of the best rank 50 players online (yes, some rank 50 players are slow, I’m talking about the quick ones), or in a full-length dry Career race at Barcelona, there’s nothing remotely easy about it.

      1. Sean

        He said driving OUT of a hairpin. Not driving the whole thing.

        1. And I’m only talking about driving OUT of a hairpin, Grace.

          I’m talking about starting to pick up the throttle exactly where an F1 driver would normally pick it up: typically at or a bit after the apex. It’s easy to spin the car in this circumstance in F1 2010 if you’re not progressive with the throttle input, and a lot of people manage it.

          In other cases, like turn 12 (4th gear) at Barcelona, the final 4th gear turn at Hungary, or the 4th gear exit of the Spoon Curve at Suzuka, even holding part throttle, say 60% or 70%, continuously after the apex, can cause you to lose the rear – even in much quicker turns than hairpins, and in dry weather. I was racing an otherwise consistent rank 50 player last night who did exactly this coming onto the pit straight at Budapest. You only need to follow a few online races to see that this is the case.

          Aside from driver aids, another factor here is set-up. If you don’t develop your set-up, then I think in online racing you get a default setting of 6 on both front and rear wings, which leads to handling that’s something like a minivan. A quick set-up for a circuit like Spa might be front 6, rear 1, and you will move weight forward to make the front end more positive (and move brake bias to the rear, and adjust ride height, depending). On a higher downforce track you might run front 8, rear 2. So, it’s possible to have a set up where the rear of the car is more planted to the road in a range of conditions, but you will be painfully, magnificently slow. In any case, what I said above about coming out of hairpins is true regardless of set-up, if you actually have driver aids switched off.

          If you look at the F1 2010 boards you will find this exact case played out again and again, where people think they have a different AI and/or aids set-up than they actually do.

          1. I think codemasters did a great job with the handleing especially transfering it to the pad. You felt like you could push and find the limit whereas previous games gave little feel.

          2. Very insightfull Sean with a bit of comparison to real life driving as well.

            You really did several of those +/- 80 recorded laps below 8 minutes?

          3. BasCB – several years ago now, but I was lucky enough to have a bunch of track days over a 2 or 3 year period at Nordschleife with a Caterham R500 and and a Radical Prosport among others. So, I had the equipment for sub 8mins, which I only did twice (at least while being timed) and I’m not claiming to be something special – just that I know whereof what I speak when it comes to elementary throttle control! I also did 8m15s with a passenger in a TVR Cerbera (way heavier). The stints I’m actually proudest of were in streaming wet weather when a lot of people were hiding in the paddock – best afternoon ever, spent navigating the rivers. Similar deal at Spa, thanks to my brother who also brought along his ex-Walkinshaw carbonfibre bodied XJ220S with 680hp (Le Mans homologation from ’94) – that car was a complete riot but not the one I spent the most track time in.

            F1 2010 is less exciting (!) but it’s a pretty good approximation of car behaviour and it’s fantastically less costly even if you don’t go off. At Spa one day I boiled the brake fluid in the TVR after 40 mins of continuous track time (had misjudged the amount of material on the front brakes) and went backwards into the gravel at Fagnes (back when it had a gravel trap and not tarmac on the outside). Narrowly missed another car turning in but this was not a cheap event and neither was the routine maintenance. Karting is a lot cheaper but F1 2010 is a steal at $50. I can’t say it’s realistic because I haven’t driven an F1 car, but it gets so slandered in these forums that I have to speak in its defense.

          4. Sounds really nice Sean. I had a friend in Uni who had his Golf II on the roof there (but he filmed it! Got him exited for a month).
            He then bought a 1983 BMW M3 of the homologation series. Actually first time on the Ring he damaged the front and cracked his wheel! That was really expensive already, so I can only imagine what those body panels would cost!

    5. Wow, great skill on your part I have to admit. Even with a few aids on I spin like a top if I even think about clipping a kerb, never mind gunning it out of a hairpin in the wet.

      1. GeeMac, I heard there is a significant difference between the driving wheel and the playstation controller.

      2. Ride Height could be part of the problem there. If you’re low slung, avoid the kerbs because the car will bottom out over the kerbs. Be warned though, increasing ride height reduces downforce so you will have to ratify the change (install lap) and then try to claw back some grip via other settings.

    6. Stephen are you mistaken? We are talking about F1 2011 not lotus esprit turbo challenge on the amiga

    7. I wish I could do that… you’d struggle to do that with Traction Control on in my copy of the game!

  2. It’s probably a bit early to pass judgement but from that preview the cars and the surroundings don’t seem to harmonize well, as if the cars are just plonked onto the road floating about.

    The team radio seems to be a lot more like what we’re used to hearing on the telly though, which is good. in F1 2010 it seemed a bit scripted, and not quite to the point in my view.

  3. Looks like the Force India pitcrew did better here than in reality. Which brings me to a question: Did they actually model unsafe releases as things that could happen in your pit stop? Or losing wheelnuts?

    1. Don’t think so. Random things going wrong is not really that much fun in a racing game.

      1. hm, good point I suppose, and a valid reason to leave it out too, in the end it should be entertaining, or what’s the point of a game.

      2. It is for me!

        Just as long as the AI have an equal chance pf it happening.

  4. I’m disappointed there are no mid-race safety cars, accurate finger-raising animations for the drivers or mid-season rule changes that are decided by spinning a chocolate wheel. Codemasters have really dropped the ball on this one.

    (Disclaimer: after last night’s race result, a part of my love for the sport died and it is currently being sustained by pure sarcasm. I should be okay in a week.)

    1. If I take your posts with a (very big) pinch of salt, they make funny reading actually PM!

    2. I’m not sure when you’re not being sustained by sarcasm.

    3. I think I agree with the article Keith just posted about Ferrari likely to be fast on merit, not on rule change alone. As I said before, they do seem to be on the up, probably fixed the problems with correlating CFD, wind tunnel and reality. So maybe you should dig a bit deeper for your love of the sport, and keep up hope.

      At first I thought you were being ironic or something, it read like a very enjoyable post therefore.

    4. Having your race engineer badgering you with ‘maintain the gap,’ ‘turn your engine setting down, the driver behind is faster than you’ and ‘we forgot to fuel you’ would definitely add a touch of realism.

      1. graham228221
        11th July 2011, 21:11

        Be interesting to see if they implement any sort of team orders in the game, maybe if you’re a second driver you’ll get told to back off – don’t do it and it’ll affect your reputation (negative with your current team, positive with most everyone else).

      2. Having your race engineer badgering you with ‘maintain the gap,’ ‘turn your engine setting down, the driver behind is faster than you’ and ‘we forgot to fuel you’ would definitely add a touch of realism.

        Only if you can respond with witty retorts.

        1. Microphones would help here. So when engineer tells you to slow down or speed up you can reply with withering sarcasm and then promptly crash at the next corner because you were too busy arguing with him and couldn’t multitask because you’re a dude.

  5. Already pre ordered, good thing its cheaper than other games.

  6. Good to see the video features a McLaren win!

  7. I’m disappointed by lack of SC, Formation lap. still I will buy it though. Just…

    1) No more bug – especially pit stop trouble considering We should pit more than 2010!

    2) Replay save/load – particularly in multiplayer game.

    also I’m worried about DRS and KERS. I’m not good at many-key-required game!

  8. All I’m going to say is: pause at exactly 1:00…

    1. What? Kobayashi’s crash or SC ramp? but they already said there would be no SC…

    2. SC light? Or the guy in a tanktop lol

    3. I don’t get it. Kobayashi spinning at Spa I think, am I missing something?

    4. It’s the Safety Car sign. I think it’s teasing us with a possible appearance by Bernd Maylander…

      And Codemasters haven’t said it won’t be in the game. They’ve said that they have a working system they’ve been developing but they won’t put it in the game unless they’re happy that its good enough.

      They also have a Safety Car related achievement listed in the preliminary achievements/trophy list that has been published as well. So fingers crossed they figure out how to get it in and that this is a deliberate hint!

      1. Hmm…I can’t find achievement/trophy list. Could I beg the link?

          1. Thanks. but still there’s doubt. I think we have to wait it gets clear.

      2. FYI, I understand from Codemasters the safety car achievement was something they’d been developing but should have been taken out of the build that was demonstrated last week.

        They did say during the press conference the game will not feature the safety car.

      3. graham228221
        11th July 2011, 21:13

        interesting… it’s after a crash too, and then everyone seems to dive into the pits… SC certainly fits the plot line in the video.

    5. Good spot – I saw the flashing yellow, but missed the SC board. But I thought I saw Stephen Hood say it wasn’t in this year… it would certainly be disingenuous to put something like that in a video, that then turns out not to be in the game though. False advertising, in fact.

  9. Can’t say much for their attention to realism if they have Vettel 3rd on the grid.

  10. Ive seen a video on youtube of a wet race around silverstone in the wet where the guy has no assists on. All i can say is that it looks A LOT harder to control than what it was in 2010. The bloke was spinning everywhere and not just out of slow corners. Even if the bloke was rubbish (he may be not) it was very evident that in the wet it was a whole new game.

    1. If it’s the video I’m thinking of, that driver’s actually the winner of a major online championship series.

  11. The smoke at the start – not realistic.
    The camera angles look even worse than those in F1 2010.
    To me it seems alll the drivers have the same face in the helmet!

  12. They should have Kubica as a bonus driver to unlock or something

    1. Agreed, that’s a good few million of easy sales in Poland you’d have thought for a simple map inclusion!

  13. In the career mode will they put the player name on the car? In the 2010 it is still the original driver name on the car instead of mine.

    1. Nope, can’t modify the cards as part of the licencing agreement. This is also why in your second season your car number doesn’t change. (so Vettel will always have #1 even if he finished 24th in the previous championship).

      1. Doesn’t surprise me. Mind if I ask where you heard that? Am very interested in the licensing agreement but is hard to find out stuff for certain on it.

        1. Sorry for the late reply. Steve Hood said it either on Twitter or the CM forum, can’t remember which.

  14. Will the AI have their laptimes effected by fuel load? unlike 2010? I’m 4 seconds slower with full fuel, AI can run the same times as empty lol.

  15. Keith, please tell me DO THE TYRE WALLS COLLAPSE!!!!

  16. I’ll pass judgement on the game after seeing how they’ve dealt with AI-performance (fuel effect, tyre wear, pace in practice-qualifying), pitstop-releases, braking distances, grip in the wet, etc. These kind of videos got me all hyped up a year ago aswell, but until some mods came out I wasn’t really pleased with some crucial aspects of the game. If they’ve adressed those (considering modders have done so in F1 2010 it should be rather easy), I’ll see if it’s worth the hype.

  17. Looking forward to downloading this on Torrents.

  18. I took F1 2010 back to the shop because it was awful, the developer lied about the way it worked. Qualifying was a completely pre-computed sham and the cars on the track didn’t reflect what times were being posted in qualifying.

    The racing was horrendously buggy, I used to do the 20% races and sometimes some of the teams wouldn’t even bother pitting their cars so you’d end up with Karun Chandhok scoring 2nd place in a HRT.

    I really hope they’ve fixed all these issues in the new game

    1. Given that they fixed them all in a patch a week or two after the first game came out I’d say there’s a good chance…

      1. Subaru_600BHP
        12th July 2011, 1:41

        the handling in F1 2010 was so unresponsive no where near as realistic as proper sims but much better graphics, its like an arcade game with a bit of sim mixed in, but im staying clear becuase the codemasters game engine itself sucked and it wont be changed anytime soon. But im a sim junkie so its just was not for me, i stick to iRacing, its expensive but but worth it.

  19. It does look much ‘brighter’ than F1 2010…anyone else notice the kind of ‘dull’ filter on F1 2010? I thought it looked quite good graphically, but this game doesn’t appear to have it.

    1. the sepia kind of effect? yeah, i hated it.. apparently everyone complained on the forums, and now it’s brighter! spamming works!

      1. It wasn’t quite sepia but it certainly had some dark tone to it.

        I didn’t mind it, not particularly realistic, but it looked good!

        1. I didn’t play the game, but from noticed it in previews etc. Thought it was something like the effect of having a non-clear visor on the helmet filtering the way you saw the world around you. Don’t have any real opinion about it, but I thought that sort of imaginative :)

  20. I’m disappointed graphically by the game, but let’s see how the gameplay sorts itself out. Also, I hope they sort penalties out – so many times in F1 2010, a driver moves straight across me in a braking zone and a get a penalty. Cue unhappy Noelinho.

  21. Tom M in Australia
    11th July 2011, 23:54

    Looking forward to seeing these cars converted to Grand Prix 4 soon after it comes out.

  22. I wish Codemasters had just concentrated on this years game and forgot about last years.

    They ALWAYS seem to ship games that are not completed and have bits missing. Almost using us as Beta testers.

    F1 2010 was a big disappointment for me, not realistic enough at all, especially concerning the damage!

    I know you need to create a fun game, but F1 2010 was silly, you should have had more options to make it more realistic if you wanted.

    You could smash head on into a concrete wall at 180mph, but its ok, you can limp back to the pits and have your car repaired because you’ve only damaged the wing a little bit.

    Hopefully this years will be better, but I think I will wait until I can get it cheap pre-owed as £45 was a joke for last years unfinished point and shoot.

    1. <blockquote.I wish Codemasters had just concentrated on this years game and forgot about last years.
      The problem with that is that they’d have to build F1 2011 from the ground up. By making F1 2010 first, they have a foundation to build upon. They don’t have to do so much work building the basic structure of the game – they can spend more time refining it.

      1. Exactly. They were using a heavily modified ego engine which was always going to take a bit of fiddling with to get right for an F1 game. I thought F1 2010 was fantastic. Very much a game that you get out as much as you put in.

  23. P.S:- I would love to see the guys at Turn10 who do Forza motorsport, one of the best driving games around do this game.

    If they just used their own game and put F1 cards in it that would be perfect.

    Obviously I know this can’t happen due to rights and contracts and so on, but surely whoever decided that a game for F1 would be produced could have found better makers than Codemasters, who I feel are out of date and lagging behind other developers. They should stick to low graphic puzzle games rather than this genre.

    1. The problem with that is that a sim-based game like Forza doesn’t appeal to as many people as a game like F1 2010. That’s the commercial reality, whether we like it or not.

    2. But codemasters have been making racing games for years. They put out the Micro Machines games in the early 90’s, and Micro Machines V3 on the PlayStation was brilliant. Then they moved into serious racers with the TOCA Touring Car series, which later became Race Driver, ending with GRiD a couple of years back. And that before you even think about the countless Colin McRae Rally and Dirt games. I think they’re more than qualified to make a game with a car or two in it. Remember that it takes many talented people many thousands of man-hours to make a video game, even a relatively simple one, especially with full next gem HD graphics. And at least they’re doing something with thir F1 licence, unlike Sony did…

  24. Here’s a crazy idea: Codemasters should play on the role-playing aspects of the game. The experience system seems to be all the rage in racing games these days, but aside from unlocking new cars, it doesn’t seem to do much. I’d like to see a system where skill points are awarded with each level up and can be used to build an in-game character. This was toyed with in F1 2010 with the research and development aspects (I think), but it could be expanded to include so much more – like building up a relationship with your team-mate, or expanding your agent’s network of contacts.

  25. I’m not impressed with what I’ve seen in the video so far. The graphics of the supposed new game in the video looks realy appalling in comparison to F12010, and the dynamics look realy slow. One major drawback for me in the current game is the sound of the F1 engine which is far by a long shot to the real thing in terms of smoothness and pitch. You hear a horrible ear aching sound whenever you hit the rev limiter and I had to use auto gear to minimise this. They should come up with a better physics in general.

    1. I went the other way around with the gearing. I find myself shortshifting a lot to avoid the annoying sound of the engine on the rev limit.

    2. JamieFranklinF1
      12th July 2011, 22:57

      You do realise that this is not the finished product? So you probably shouldn’t criticise the physics, graphics and sounds before it’s polished up.

      People really need to stop being so damn negative.

      1. Exactly, I couldn’t agree more. I am consistently surprised by the desperateness on the part of some people (by no means just this one commenter) to crucify Codemasters.

        1. You pay top dollar for this kind of game, so you should expect your money’s worth.

          1. Hmm. I was critical of the pre-patch state of F1 2010 but looking at these reactions, I can only say I’m glad I’m not trying to make a living out of writing racing games. Especially since (per the comment above) half the players will have pirated the thing anyway.

            The teaser video looks excellent to me. Floating cars? So, I show my age but in my day, we started with Revs, where a ribbon of black in a sea of green wandered up and down in front of us, you could correct a slide with help from the spacebar and the idea of having pits or grandstands or even a tree was laughable. In GPL, which was and remains brilliant, the spectators were two dimensional and would disappear when viewed side-on. We paid money for that.

            Now we have borderline tantrums that the graphics aren’t stunning enough, that the safety car isn’t there (if it was, we’d all be sick of it in a week anyway; it’s one of the worst things about modern racing) and that the “role playing” aspects should be stronger. Wow. Just wow. I’m just waiting for the complaint that the WDC has been won, the new contract signed but millions of dollars have still not shown up in the player’s bank account.

            In one sense it’s heartening that consumers are demanding so much game and so much quality for their money – in a world in which I see people part with $50 for all kinds of cr@p. What does it cost to fuel your car these days, or buy a few beers? As I alluded to above, it ain’t real motorsport but since you can burn $10k with a single error in club level racing, track days can cost thousands and even karting can consume your life’s savings if you want to actually compete at a decent level, then hundreds of hours of on and online racing fun for $50 doesn’t seem exactly punitive to me.

  26. Impressive first glimpses of this game. Seems fairly accurate too, with Kobayashi taking the rallying approach ;)

    A lot of time for this game to be developed yet. People that are complaining about it, dont buy it, simples. Dont try and ruin what will be an enjoyable game for others because of your gripes with Codemasters (who I thought, for what it’s worth, did an excellent job on F12010 seeming it was their first F1 game on a 3rd gen consoles).

  27. Is there any news on Mechanical failures, engine failures, gearbox etc being included this year, they weren’t last year?

    I know some people will say having a mechanical failure isn’t any fun, but its an extra layer of realism, in older f1 games there was an option to turn these things off, it would be nice to have the option though.

    Also last year you could switch over your engines from the 8 allocated, but not much happened if you over used one, slight loss of power, it would be nice if there was more strategy involved with choosing engines.

    I remember last year i thought i had a mechanical failure (obviously impossible) when i couldn’t shift gear with my steering wheel, turned out my steering wheel was broke and the upshift paddel fell off. Xbox/Microsoft quality control right there!

    1. There are mechanical failures, yes. There’s actually a point in the reveal trailer where you see a virgin with springs coming out the back of it, and a few sparks, looks awesome. And you can lose a gear if you push the gearbox too hard.

      1. Better not play as Felipe Massa, then.

        1. Better not play as Mark Webber either, would hate to be in the race lead when DRS, KERS and gears start failing…

          1. And then your team boss comes on the radio and tells you not to pass the car in front.

  28. Can’t wait. (Or rather, son can’t wait.)

    I like “Now available for pre-order.” They could have said that about F1 2011 five years ago.

  29. It looks great but I won’t be buying it. I played quite a lot of F12010, mostly for the online racing so I never drove a career mode past Valencia.

    Formula 1 is crying out for a licensed sim. F1 fans are more interested in the racing and tech than that crash’n’bang so I’m sure there would be a market for one. Especially one with their fantastic weather modelling and gorgeous visuals.

    I don’t think I’ll buy another Codie’s F1 title unless they make major change to the formula (heh)…

  30. i can’t wait. i also loved F1 2010. i have plenty of real life racing experience too (albeit not in top end single seaters) and couldn’t give a monkeys, it’s A GAME and there will be lots of kids playing it which wont know any better. if you want realism get on a track or go to a simulator like Pure Tech Racing.

  31. I’m in Singapore but I’d love to preorder one of these for the PC – does anyone know any online stores where I can do that? I don’t mind downloaded purchases either – I purhcased mine last time from Metaboli and they gave me a downloaded purchase

  32. Harry Palmer
    13th July 2011, 11:07

    Raymond, I believe you can download it through the Steam website…

  33. looking forward to the came but i hope that the AI drivers use the DRS as well otherwise it could get very boring

  34. My main concerns are:

    STEERING RESPONSE with gamepad. It MUST follow your exact inputs and not lag behind terribly. This is a driving game right? When driving steering is kind of important.

    Differential settings. That’s something all F1 drivers talk about when discussing the car setup in interviews, and rightfully so. Without it, you cant adjust how the car reacts to throttle-on or off inputs.

    Better camera angles. None of that on-board facing backwards nonsense. I want to see what I do from the outside, like a TV camera at the race. Instead of coming up with odd and quirky camera angles, put in decent replay system that isnt only the last 3 seconds you did. and have the option to save a replay as a quicktime or 720p mpeg on PS3.

  35. I wish people would stop being negative and picking faults, look for the goods points for once. I loved F1 2010 and this looks twice as good, and it’s only still in progess, it’s not finished, it won’t be perfect yet. And I bet none of you could make anything like this work in progress, you wouldn’t like it if people were constantly writing that your game is rubbish would you!!!

    1. I love F1 2010, its all my PS3 is used for. F1 2010 is the best game for PS3 because its the ONLY F1 game for PS3. All we are doing is giving constructive criticism to point out its shortcomings and think of ways it can be improved so that we can have a more fulfilling experience.

      1. Yes, but your there seems to be a lot of your ‘constructive criticism’ that seems to be attacking the whole game, I understand there may be features that are not perfect yet, but it is a work in progress, it does not come out for another 3 months, the game on the whole is going to be a lot better than what it is like know in this taster video.

        1. And by the way, what is the pointless opening sentence about, I love F1 2010, its all my PS3 is used for. F1 2010 is the best game for PS3 because its the ONLY F1 game for PS3. Instead it should not be two sentences but 1 separated by commas, it should be ‘its all my PS£ is used for, for F1 2010’. I hope the phrase is in no response to what I wrote in my first post as the way it has been written makes it sound very abrupt and aggressive.

  36. What really irritated me in the pitstops on F1 2010 was if you were less than four seconds ahead of a guy in the pitlane and they were in a team that was behind you, your team held you in as they overtook you. That makes me sick!

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