Williams to keep same drivers for 2012

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In the round-up: Williams chairman Adam Parr expects to keep Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado.


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Williams expect to retain both F1 drivers (The Indepdendent)

“Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado and Brazilian Rubens Barrichello can expect to stay at Williams next season, according to the Formula One team’s chairman Adam Parr.”

Webber set for showdown talks (Daily Telegraph)

Christian Horner: “His engineer asked him to maintain the gap a lap or two before my intervention. It was pretty clear Mark had chosen to ignore that.”

F1 Fanatic on Twitter

“Red Bull now deleting posts from their community pages that criticise their use of team orders: http://is.gd/spLC4U

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Hamilton given time off to prepare for Germany (Reuters)

Martin Whitmarsh: “I think Lewis has done too much coming into this Grand Prix. We’ve managed to organise a bit of a break for him before Germany, which I know he wants. Then he has a big break after that in August as well.”

Renault to evaluate new exhausts (Autosport)

“Renault has given the green light to plans to evaluate rearward facing exhausts at the German Grand Prix, as part of an upgrade package that team insiders believe will help turnaround its season.”

Pirelli on Twitter

“Never had so many overtakings [sic] as in this season: 585 ’til now, 547 in the whole last F1 season. Pirelli improved F1.”

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Mallya hits back over lack of Indian drivers (The Times of India)

“If Ferrari is on the podium, the whole of Italy applauds. If Ferrari wins a race, the whole of Italy celebrates. Nobody ever asks the question of where is the Italian driver? Why suddenly in India? Be thankful for the fact you have an Indian team, sporting the Indian colours on the grid to begin with. The Indian driver will follow but let’s not put the cart before the horse.”

VIP with Red Bull Racing at Silverstone 2011 (Paul Atkinson)

“From the RB3 sitting pretty in Bournemouth Universities car park I somehow managed to get an invite to Red Bull’s factory in Milton Keynes followed by a trip to the paddock at Silverstone for this years British Grand Prix!”

Nico Rosberg: Videoblog after P6 at the British GP 2011 (YouTube)

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Comment of the day

Nice stat spotted by Alexf1man:

Vettel has matched Alonso’s first nine races of 2006, albeit Alonso scored 84 points on that particular points system.

Vettel: 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2
Alonso: 1 2 1 2 2 1 1 1 1

From the forum

Lots of discussion on Sebastian Vettel’s appearance on Top Gear

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Abishek, Sohan and Speeder_76!

On this day in F1

Mark Webber scored his first Formula 1 victory two years ago today.

His victory at the Nurburgring ended a record 130-race wait for his first F1 win.

Image © Williams/LAT

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46 comments on “Williams to keep same drivers for 2012”

  1. Keith, what’s the deadline for 2011 driver rankings comments? Until when can we post them without being too late for your articles?

    1. Today.

  2. Happy birthday greetings to Abishek, Sohan and Speeder_76 today!

    Like that COTD Alexf1man!

  3. …but more importantly, what about Michael Caines next season? I gather Williams are very keen on their Michelin-rated canapes!

  4. Didn’t Enzo Ferrari say that when you have a cart you have the horse pulling it from the front, in response to the rear-engine revolution? Even he was forced to change, so maybe Vijay has a point!

    1. Strange for Enzo to say something like that- surely that analogy only works for a front wheel drive car? Nice to see that modern Ferrari’s practice of using completely irrelevent examples actually has a history.

      1. Nice to see that modern Ferrari’s practice of using completely irrelevent examples actually has a history.

        LOL, very true.

      2. He said it when the engines were in the front of the car and the other teams started to put them in the rear, and he waited many years before doing the same.

    2. I think that Vijay missed the point completely, or more likely found a way to deflect it. From his comment I infer that before you can have a driver of a particular nationality, you must have a team of that nationality: Force India before an Indian driver. That may have been the case 60 years ago but these days drivers can come from anywhere, as long as they’ve got the money behind them. This isn’t a dig at pay drivers, just an observation.

      1. Jim I think that was Vijays point, but talent not pay being the criteria.

  5. thankyou Pirelli!!! :)

    1. +1 :-)

  6. great to see more of these kind of videos from the drivers!

  7. “Red Bull now deleting posts from their community pages that criticise their use of team orders: http://is.gd/spLC4U”

    As I mentioned on Twitter, it seems RBR have now found two things they can’t handle: NASCAR, and withering criticism from their own F1 fans.

    1. I think Red Bull might have forgotten the reason for joining F1 in the first place, building the Red Bull brand. Does it not fit with their image more to let their drivers fight it out, in an extreme battle for glory and manliness? To me, the Red Bull ‘extreme’ image has been lost a bit for me. Of course it is still maintained with their many other sponsorship ventures, but I think this saga has hurt the brand, when it could have strengthened it. Especially after what they said about not needing team orders to win the championship last year.

  8. Never had so many overtakings

    Hehe, sounds like Borat

    “If Ferrari wins a race, the whole of Italy celebrates. Nobody ever asks the question of where is the Italian driver?… Be thankful for the fact you have an Indian team”

    Well, that’s a nice argument… except Ferrari are genuinely Italian, whereas Force India are Indian in name and livery only. Once you move your factory to Calcutta and get Tata to supply your engines, then we might believe you Vijay

    1. that and have 60 years of F1 history…..

    2. I don’t know what costs Mallya to put Chandok in Sutil’s seat. I can’t see Karun performing worse than Adrian – it would be practically the same thing but it would surely make the Indian F1 followers happier.

      1. As much as I like Chandok, I wouldn’t bet a cent on him beating Sutil.

        1. That’s what people were saying about him and Bruno Senna too.

  9. So, if Hamilton has a bad race weekend in Germany, what will he put the blame on?

    Too much time off perhaps?

    1. Only people in McLaren who don’t get the break are the engineers and the pit crew, seriously they need to clean up their act…

  10. Wow…… Red Bull….

    That’s very low… Maybe Rupert Murdoch fits in with F1 after all…

  11. So Williams is satisfied with their drivers. the problem is car.

    1. Maybe they also love the bolivars.

    2. I found the comments on new media and Rubens twitter followers interesting/revealing.

      Williams was never going to throw away the investment in a rookie a second year in a row.
      And Rubens is just about the top they can get their hands at right now. Its not as if they have a long line of experienced top drivers queing for a seat at the Grove team.
      But it will be good if they confirm that relatively early.

    3. *slaps face and sighs.

      Although I suppose with a changing tech team and a strong engine, Rubens is running out of things to blame his poor performances on.

      1. Williams have always been ruthless in letting go of drivers, good to see the shoe on the other foot.

  12. No no no Renault, don’t change your exhaust! Do it after the Italian GP so I get a chance to hear it!

    1. I hope they do.& All the best for the race.

      1. Thanks :)

  13. Is it Nick Heidfeld who holds the record for the most number of race appearance without a win?

    1. No, he’s second behind Andrea de Cesaris. De Cesaris is on 208, Heidfeld 181.

      1. Not that Andrea had many chances to finish the races, though :P.

      2. Hiedfeld holds the record for most podiums without a race win i believe. May be what your confused with wasiF1.

        1. Thanks

  14. I can’t understand what Williams are hoping for by re-signing Barichello. So what if he is the most experienced driver of the grid? That didn’t help Honda nor Williams. Suppose that through a miracle the team becomes competitive next season – what can be expected from Barichello that had the best car of the grid 2 years ago and couldn’t do too much with it? I think Williams would do better signing Glock – the guy has some years in F1 and seems to be a lot more motivated than Grandpa Rubens.

    1. The same reason Lotus still want Trulli I guess-feedback and ability to set up the car. Rubens was very good in 2009 once he got the brakes he liked and there were reports that Jenson needed to rely on Barrichello’s set up sometimes. Rubens is still a good driver on his day and Williams haven’t produced a good car for a while so they could still benefit from him in my opinion.

      1. You don’t need to be for 15 years in F1 to know how to set-up a car. Sauber has the most inexperienced drivers of the grid but that doesn’t stop them from getting decent results. About Rubens being a good driver – ok, but there are better to chose from.

        1. Perhaps but I’ve read interviews from Barrtichello’s old engineers that he’s fantastic at it. When Williams are looking to radically change a car, make it more driveable and switch engines then his wealth of knowledge could be very valuable. Get the cars on the right track and then get a super star is how I’d see it :P

          I do think you have a very valid point that Williams could do with a great driver though.

        2. About Rubens being a good driver – ok, but there are better to chose from.

          And whom I might ask?

          1. Well, let’s start with Webber and Heidfeld who’ll be out of seats for 2012. Glock can also be a good option as he is hungry to get into a decent car.

  15. I think he should have chosen a different metaphor. I’d automatically assume the horse was the driver and the cart the car but that’s just me :P

    Force India isn’t based in India though whereas Ferrari is based in Italy so it’s a bit of a different situation.

  16. Didn’t Williams say the same thing last year about Hulk. I’ll just wait and see, sadly modern Williams may dump one or both drivers if someone comes along with a few quid.

  17. Rubens should stay and help they should replace pastor

  18. Well, I like Williams and all… but the drivers are kind of keeping me from supporting them… I do wish they kept Hulkenberg and kicked out Barichello… never liked the man, he’s always seemed to be good but not quite one of the best… if he ever had a chance at winning a title it was 2009, he must have felt devastated because he probably knew that was his last chance. Oh well, he’s too old and I’m kind of tired of seeing him in Formula 1.

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