NASCAR team sues Williams over Coughlan

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In the round-up: Mike Coughlan’s former employer is unhappy with his Williams move.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Waltrip sues Coughlan and Williams (Autosport)

“Michael Waltrip Racing has filed a lawsuit against Mike Coughlan and the Williams team over the former’s hiring as chief engineer, claiming breach of contract and interference from the Formula 1 team.”

Robert Kubica answers fan’s questions – Part 2 (Renault)

“It is difficult to predict the timing of a process that is also dependent to the ‘rules of nature’. But the good news is that my recovery is consistent and sooner or later I will feel sufficiently fit to be able to put a date on when I’ll be back.”

What F1 drivers eat before the race (James Allen)

“Dairy is to be avoided as is too much sugar, although Lewis Hamilton has a sweet tooth – I once observed him putting sugar on a bowl of Sugar Puffs!”

Lotus to run Red Bull KERS in F1 2012 (Crash)

Lotus is estimated to be missing out on a fair degree of performance this season due to not having KERS on its Renault-powered T128.”

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Comment of the day

Martin Bell chimes in with Kevin’s view on Brooklands:

I used to live very close to Brooklands and would suggest that any motor racing fan should pay a visit. It’s a wonderfully evocative place, alive with the ghosts of the past that really gets under your skin. I would also recommend a visit to the Brooklands Society photo archive to get a feel for what racing was like there.
Martin Bell

From the forum

A spot of fun in this thread: Would you rather…?

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On this day in F1

Jackie Stewart won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone 40 years ago today.

He was followed home by Ronnie Peterson (March) and Emerson Fittipaldi (Lotus).

The remaining points-scorers were Henri Pesarolo (March), Rolf Stommelen and John Surtees (both Surtees).

All six of them were powered by a Cosworth DFV engine.

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40 comments on “NASCAR team sues Williams over Coughlan”

  1. It was a relatively quiet day in the usually bustling world of F1.

  2. Lotus are missing out by not having KERS this year, so they’ll use the Red Bull KERS next year? How will that help them?!

    1. I’d imagine that the KERS problems are because of Newey being unwilling to compromise on car design. There’s probably nothing wrong with the KERS system iitself, and even if there is, it will have been sorted out by next year.

      1. To some degree – but the Red Bull KERS has smaller batteries and a smaller capacity, if I remember Adrian Newey saying as much a few races ago. I don’t think I dreamed that..?

    2. Why would Lotus use Red Bull Kers? Lotus dont have a formula 1 car at present, they sponsor the Renault team who have Renault Kers.

      1. Remember the court case ruling?

        In an F1 context Lotus refers to the Lotus F1 chassis builder Team Lotus.

      2. Lotus dont have a formula 1 car at present, they sponsor the Renault team who have Renault Kers.

        Let’s not confuse things. This is an F1 website, ‘Lotus’ refers to the Lotus F1 team and ‘Renault’ refers to the Renault F1 team:

        1. Do like the fact that basically everyone bar the actual team still calls them Renault.

          1. Would Bahar have foreseen this and this be the reason why he pushed on with the law suit?

            Fantastic marketing situation for Renault touhg: they get paid for the engines, and get free advertisement as a bonus!

        2. James Williams
          18th July 2011, 16:48

          He knew that, he was just being awkward for the sake of being awkward ;)

    3. Red Bull’s KERS is based on same technology to Renault which is developed by Renalt and Magneti Marelli. But Red Bull version is much more compact and smaller capacity because Newey prefer aero efficiency rather than powerful KERS. For sure why Red Bull’s KERS is so much troublesome is its tight package. It doesn’t help cooling of Red Bull. Anyway Lotus is using Renault engine and Red Bull gearbox and KERS should be relevant to gearbox so using Red Bull KERS is no brainer. Just need more reliable package.

      1. It doesn’t help cooling of Red Bull -> it doesn’t help cooling of KERS lol

    4. I guess it was their only real option after comitting to the Red Bull gearbox to go with their Renault engine deal.

      It does not sound like being the perfect Idea, on the other hand having a KERS system is already an improvement over not having it, and it does have the packaging advantage from its compactness.

      And Red Bull will get their system working, even more so when they have a customer for it and can give it the engeneering it deserves.

    1. Wow! So much of history!!

      1. Was shared on here a while ago, but for those that haven’t seen it:

        1. Oh wow, thanks Hamish. Pretty awesome.

    2. Normally, I prefer not to read about the personal life of F1 drivers, but I will make one small comment on this story: She is bad for him. She has diverted his focus from racing and made him obsessed with his “brand”.

      1. I don’t think that is really to blame on Scherzinger.
        Rather its Hamilton liking that side of life and looking for Scherzinger and other friends of a certain style.

      2. Honestly, I am not all that much interested in musical stars interviews and backgrounds, but I read an article/interview not all that long ago about Scherzinger and she does not come over as being anything but a focussed and ambitious and pretty well balanced person.

        This piece also shows here pretty positively (for Hamilton as well). If they marry, why not, but I get the idea it might be a while before they do.

  3. I’d love to see Kubica race again, but to be honest, just to see that he is going to recover quickly and likely have full use of his hand is enough for me to be happy and impressed. When he comes back and wins, he’ll be a legend…..

    1. When If he comes back and wins, he’ll be a legend…

      But let’s wait and see, it’s already a miracle he still has a hand.

      1. Yes, I think he will be racing again, but in what kind of car is too early to tell.

        Good to see he is really determined to recover as soon as is reasonable.

    1. Hm, not sure. They are now using Williams wind tunnel (while building their own), a clear sign they know not all is in place yet from a few weeks ago.

  4. Wow nice find on the Unit 2 gallery, my mouth was hanging open at some of those shots :)

  5. Nice little bit of information in that James Allen link Keith! Thanks for putting that in the roundup.

  6. So no one has any opinion on williams getting sued? would love to hear a law wo/mans view on how that might turn out.

    1. I had a look at that yesterday evening already. Think it might be part of enforcing a confidentiality agreement without Waltrip paying for it.

      But its likely Waltrip will have been unimpressed anyway to have to find a new technical director mid season.
      Interesting move to get Williams into this as well, can anyone blame them for showing interest in someone already employed?

      1. “can anyone blame them for showing interest in someone already employed?”

        I guess we’re going to find out!

      2. It made me wonder what kind of termination clauses the contract had, seems unlikely that Coughlan would have just said goodbye on a friday afternoon, while leaving for his car. You could be right about confidentiality.

  7. If Kubica comes back and is able to get any where near his BMW form, then I think he will get the Button Mclaren seat in a few years time, as a strong Constructors Championship winning second driver – so he might get another chance to win…

    But it’s all ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes’

  8. Some news on Austin developments from the Statesman. Seems the track owners got themselves a tax break for having a large part of the property be a wildlife area!

    1. How does that work? wildlife area with a race track built on it? xD

      1. Around the track, and on non-racing days, it will be a lot quieter than an urban setting.

        Apart from that, I think the track doesn’t cover their whole plot, so maybe they have some water drainage/filtration area too to reduce operating costs and get some wildlife area for purposes of that tax break.

  9. Can’t help but think Crash are stating the obvious a little. I expect Red Bull would work with Lotus rather than expect them to use whatever Is thrown at them.

  10. I hope Coughlan loses the case and ends up coughing up a lot of money for not honouring his contract. The guy is really an insult the the image of F1 IMO. Williams must be desperate. Sad.

    1. They didn’t really have to get Coughlan to show us they were desperate though, didn’t they? It merely confirmed that finally (how many years?) they were realizing how far they got behind and that they needed to change a lot of things to claw back some of the success of the past.

    2. They guy made a mistake, got busted, served his punishment and moved on.
      Now he gets back to F1.
      Not a single person involved in F1 made any negative comment on it.
      So I think that image thing isn’t so bad as you state it

      1. Or maybe it reflects the fact that those involved in F1 don’t care about the image of the sport. He may have served his punishment but it now looks like he has screwed his former employer… has he learnt anything ?

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