2011 German Grand Prix result

2011 German Grand Prix

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13Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes60
25Fernando AlonsoFerrari603.9803.980
32Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault609.7885.808
41Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault6047.92138.133
56Felipe MassaFerrari6052.2524.331
614Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes6086.20833.956
78Nico RosbergMercedes591 lap1 lap
87Michael SchumacherMercedes591 lap9.934
916Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari591 lap8.854
1010Vitaly PetrovRenault591 lap0.319
1117Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari591 lap13.351
1219Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari591 lap6.060
1315Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes591 lap0.469
1412Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Cosworth591 lap6.279
1518Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari591 lap31.475
1620Heikki KovalainenLotus-Renault582 laps1 lap
1724Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth573 laps1 lap
1825Jerome D’AmbrosioVirgin-Cosworth573 laps10.330
1922Daniel RicciardoHRT-Cosworth573 laps26.059
2021Karun ChandhokLotus-Renault564 laps1 lap
Not classified
23Vitantonio LiuzziHRT-Cosworth3723 laps19 lapsElectrics
4Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes3525 laps2 lapsHydraulics
11Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth1644 laps19 lapsOil leak
9Nick HeidfeldRenault951 laps7 lapsAccident

2011 German Grand Prix

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    50 comments on “2011 German Grand Prix result”

    1. Where are the haters of hamilton now? :) best driver in F1 right now, look at vetel struggling with massa lol, isnt vettel supposed better? why 4place xD

      1. georges10099
        24th July 2011, 14:58

        snap :) +1 :D

      2. Vettel always struggles to overtake and in the end it was pointless to try too hard and risk a DNF. Good for him Ferrari mechanics were shaky and he managed to take p4.

        On Lewis? What a driver. When he notices he’s gonna get passed he jsut positions his car to fight back.

        GP of the year?

      3. Basing that on 1 race? If he does the same at Hungary then he may be on par with Fernando. Otherwise definitely not.

        Lewis’s mistakes still outweigh what he has done right this season.

        1. As an Alonso fan, I can still admit that Lewis was awesome today. Alonso fans like myself really didn’t rub it in at the British GP when Lewis saw Fernando sail into the distance, over a second a lap quicker than Lewis.

          Lewis still needs to find Fernando’ consistency though. A couple of race weekends from now Lewis will be playing bumper cars again, and will be back in the stewards office. So I would suggest Lewis fanboys to control their enthusiasm, as they might have to eat their own words as early as Hungary.

          1. Exactly. I don’t usually see fans of any other driver attempt to rub one win in everyone else’s faces like “Re-Play”.

            Who else but Hamilton fanboys, eh? :P

        2. @RIISE

          One race? He’s there since 2007 and as a rookie he managed to upset Fernando Alonso by outdriving him in most races so what’s your point? Fernando is the best?

          The rooki beat him in the sister car, didn’t him?

    2. Awesome driving by Hamilton and Massa too was good until the pitstop fiasco. Force India’s Sutil too was superb. Wonderful race overall :D

      1. Schumacher was very good, sad for that spin which ruined his race. Also, as you say, great job by Sutil!

    3. Not forgetting nearly half the race he has problem with his rear brakes.

      If Hamilton is in Vettel’s car today, I’m sure brakes will be on fires long ago.

      1. Yeah, a lot of people believe that (in your dreams!). What’s with all this mindless banter? There’s a limit to being that way.. Gah!

      2. Did you see his move on Webber?

        Vettel is the funniest driver in F1. Hamilton is the best driver in F1!

        1. Hamilton and Vettel are two of the best drivers in F1. Let’s not forget the previous errors this year from Hamilton.

          1. Missing gaps while trying to overtake is more of racing driver than shaking under pressure, don’t you agree.

            I may be wrong but I think that Lewis and Fernando are overachievers and Vettel had an over performing car…

            1. Rubbish. Vettel got himself into the Red Bull by overperforming in the midfield BMW and Toro Rosso. His performances at Red Bull have largely seen him overperform, especially this year.

      3. Actually Vettel had brake problems only for a few laps in the middle.

    4. Brilliant drive, its like what is expected of Lewis every time. He’s just that good! And so darn pleased to see a podium without Vettel.
      Mark has to sort out his starts, really, second chance at a win almost blown by a slow start.
      Vettel cannot overtake, no matter what people say.
      And a great drive from Sutil too.

      1. I’m really far from being a Hamilton fan but that was a great weekend. This seems to be his track. Sad for Alonso he couldn’t stay ahead with the cold tyres but that happens. Still a nice result, very sad for Massa to lose that position.

      2. I am afraid to say it, but he seemed to be … here comes: Vettel like this weekend :-D

    5. I’ll be voting Hamilton or Sutil for DotW. They were terrific today. I was gutted about Massa’s pit stop and I thought Felipe had a great race but even though he had a great race his team mate was a very strong second so unfortunately, I guess that shows the difference between them.

      1. Yeah, I’d like to vote one of Ferrari drivers but their race wasn’t perfect. I also go to Hamilton or Sutil. still I’m happy to see strong Massa not to mention Alonso was very good form. Now I hope one of them win in Hungary.

      2. It’s definitely Hamilton for me. But I can’t help but laugh at all of the Sutil doubters. He is actually a very underrated driver in my opinion.

    6. Hammy was absolutely on it! Stonking drive from him. It wasn’t a walk in the park by any means, & he had to pull off a couple decisive overtaking moves (round the outside on Alonso was critical) but he showed what he’s capable of when he’s got a decent car beneath him.

    7. Webber was killing his tyres a bit earlier than Alonso and Hamilton so would of always struggled to come anywhere than where he did even with a better start.

    8. The only time i wanted Ferrari to gain a position (on vettel), they had to blow it + the only time vettel gained a position was on pit lane… i am yet to see him overtake

      1. u wont see vettel overtaking since he only know how to race from pole… when he is back, he doesnt know how to overtake, me, being vettel i would ask for some advices from hamilton lol

        1. He finished 4th from 17th in China 2007, 8th from 20th in Canada 2008, 4th from 16th in Brazil 2009, 7th from 24th in Britain 2010.

          1. +1

            Even this year we have seen Vettel overtake Button with ease at Australia, overtake Lewis at China, Massa at Barcelona, and a couple of others I’m sure I’m forgetting.

            He did have a bad race yesterday, but that hardly means that he cannot overtake. He doesn’t have the overtaking ability of Hamilton, Alonso or Kobayashi, but that doesn’t mean he cannot overtake.

      2. i am yet to see him overtake

        You missed the Spanish, Malaysian and Australian GPs.

    9. Superb drive from Sutil, he needed that. Also it was good to see clean racing at the front with no contact or desperate moves.

      1. Yeah, I have to admit he did very well. Now I hope it happens more often.

    10. Good : Non-Vettel podium
      Bad : He’s still 4th ;)

      1. + 1.

        Ferrari failed big time.

    11. I’d love to ask Mark what’s up with his starts. Last year was already woeful in that aspect, but this season has been even worse!

      How can he get away so slowly?. Lucky for him the run up to the first corner is short, otherwise we could’ve been down to 5th (or even 6th) after the first lap.

      1. Last year he usually blame clutch but this time was just a silly mistake. I usually pumping throttle before start at game but F1 driver shouldn’t!

      2. Getting older = slower reaction times. :P

    12. Drivel… McLaren did nothing to sabotage Button. He asked for a setup change between Q2 & Q3 which didn’t work for him. He had a poor getaway & then an untimely failure. Besides, I’m sure the constructors championship mean a lot to McLaren as a team. No way they’re sabotaging themselves. When Lewis said it seemed he was the only one capable of challenging Red Bull, he said “at the moment”, which was entirely true: nobody else was close! The McLaren was the only car remotely close @ the time, & Jenson was qualifying poorly (more often than not, IMO).
      & “learn team loyalty like Alonso”? Who ratted on his team & jumped ship after one season when he was having his rear end handed to him by a rookie?

    13. Good to see some kind words for Sutil here and laughable that some thought he’d be replaced mid-season. Once again single-handedly (Monaco being the first) pulling Force India passed Torro Rosso in the Constructor’s.

      It’s been a tough season so far as 1 of the 3 Sutil fans in the world, but he really did have a great weekend, so am happy about that.

      1. Typical Sutil though. He has maybe one good race in 3 seasons :)

        1. I can think of at least ten good races last season and 4 this season for him. Driving a force india it’s very hard yto get noticed even when doing a good job.

    14. Would have preferred Alonso to win the race, purely because of all those annoying little buggers constantly spouting rubbish. Don’t really like Lewis but not really bothered about him taking it. Anyone but Vettel is good enough for me.

    15. Vettel’s worst weekend since Spa last year, only rescuing 4th because Ferrari failed in the pits again. But I am happy that Webber didn’t win.

      Congrats to Lewis, very good drive.

      1. Why are you happy that Webber didn’t win, if you don’t mind me asking?

    16. Well done Lewis!!!

    17. What happened to chandok last?????????

      1. You can’t really expect much on a return after a year out of the sport, at least not in anger anyways.

    18. The top three today had Hybrid pace.

    19. vettel is a terrible overtaker. Can he pass anyone?

      1. It’s not his strength, but yes.

    20. A bag of great results. Sutil, Rosberg, Massa, Kobayashi and Alguersuari.

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