HRT: Ricciardo makes progress in second race

2011 German GP team review

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The HRT trucks arrived with subtle changes in the team’s logo visible: ‘Hispania Racing’ swapped for ‘HRT’.

Both drivers put up a fight against the Virgin cars but a technical failure robbed Vitantonio Liuzzi of a finish.

Daniel Ricciardo showed improved pace at the Nurburgring, leading Jerome D’Ambrosio for a chunk of the race.

Daniel RicciardoVitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position2223
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’37.036 (+0.025)1’37.011
Race position19
Pit stops21

HRT drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Daniel Ricciardo115.155105.821103.016102.824102.573102.534102.344102.603103.192102.931102.728102.652102.059102.361102.152102.494102.144102.227102.341102.734104.896120.724101.453104.247101.153102.683102.637101.236100.998100.625103.635100.892103.443101.605102.454102.469101.064100.805103.051102.586104.837102.452101.202109.908102.79104.3102.54102.038105.766128.902101.621102.164103.233102.902102.836100.663100.489
Vitantonio Liuzzi114.147103.969103.021103.502102.415102.361102.084102.145102.738102.656102.763102.338102.884102.588102.269102.405103.348102.427102.412104.434121.014100.85100.902100.755100.718102.089101.004100.683101.653102.265100.739100.806100.991101.051102.7101.395108.559
Daniel Ricciardo, HRT, Nurburgring, 2011

Daniel Ricciardo

Ricciardo showed encouraging signs of progress in qualifying, lapping just 0.025s slower than his team mate.

His race pace also looked stronger than it did at Silverstone – when Liuzzi retired Ricciardo was 16 seconds behind (he was 88 seconds behind at the flag at Silverstone).

Though unseen by the cameras, Ricciardo overtook Jerome d’Ambrosio on lap 12 as the pair were passed by Sergio Perez.

Despite his best lap being seven-tenths of a second slower than D’Ambrosio’s, Ricciardo kept the Virgin behind through their first pit stops until lap 40, when D’Ambrosio claimed the place back.

Ricciardo finished 19th, ahead of Karun Chandhok, but said afterwards he aimed to do better: “If I can make the same step from Silverstone for Hungary then it’s going to look more promising.”

Daniel Ricciardo 2011 form guide

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Liuzzi was given a penalty for a gearbox change after qualifying.

He started the race well and was only a couple of seconds behind Timo Glock when his car failed: “A few laps into the race we started to suffer some problems with the brake balance and we lost quite a bit of pace.

“After the pit stop, with the tyre change, we recovered our strong pace until an unfortunate electronic issue forced us to retire.”

Vitantonio Liuzzi 2011 form guide

Narain Karthikeyan

Drove Liuzzi’s car in first practice.

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    16 comments on “HRT: Ricciardo makes progress in second race”

    1. Not to forget Liuzzi was over 2 tenths slower in qualifying compared to 3rd free practice, which is not mentioned here… So he didn t extract the maximum out of the car, probably because the gearbox change, which demoted him 5 places down the grid… I think it will be more difficult for Ricciardo at Hungaroring, as it is a different track, demanding, and it will really test his physical condition and the tyre managing abilities… I expect the temperatures will be at least 25 degrees (air) and over 30 degrees (asphalt), so a real difference compared to Nurbrugring…

      1. If it did cause Liuzzi a problem, he didn’t see fit to mention it.

        1. But the time was definitely slower: ;)

          1:36,804 (FP3)
          1:37,011 (quali)

          1. I’m not disputing that.

    2. Daniel did fine, good progress. The other drivers rate Liuzzi so its as tough test.

    3. I think HRT are starting to look like a race team. Having HRT on the sidepods, makes me hope they found the “You” being searched for before :-)

      Liuzzi is driving solidly, and Ricciardo is showing the appropriate good promise you would want in a rookie.

      1. They have made so much progress. A great little team. I kinda missed the “This could be you” livery put hopefully it’s absence points towards something good!

    4. Good progress, I reckon he should get a shot at Trulli’s seat

    5. Well done Daniel

    6. Keith, the picture is of Tonio not Daniel ;)

      1. Changed it, thanks.

    7. Ricciardo kept all the promise that he need to keep.

    8. FormulaVee#7 (@)
      26th July 2011, 8:36

      Well done Daniel! All he needs is time in the seat and he’ll get quicker and quicker. I wonder how the HRT compares to his Renault World Series car?

    9. Much better from Ricciardo. If he keeps improving, thern surely a race seat permanently beckons for 2012.

    10. Good work for this team. Still something to go on reliability, but the pace is getting there and both drivers are doing a solid job. Nice to see them growing into a real bona-fide team.

    11. Another solid effort from Ricciardo. Consistency and just to be able to finish respectfully behind your team mate is under-rated.

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