Williams: Unreliability still a problem

2011 German GP team review

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Barrichello’s oil leak was Williams’ fifth retirement due to a technical problem this year – and he had a KERS glitch in qualifying too.

Rubens BarrichelloPastor Maldonado
Qualifying position1413
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’33.043 (+0.408)1’32.635
Race position14
Pit stops02

Williams drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Rubens Barrichello108.624101.875101.705100.154100.0599.93299.96699.67999.795100.203100.581100.484100.228100.06100.699119.594
Pastor Maldonado109.4102.318101.176100.483100.007100.0199.8799.72999.987100.37499.91100.326100.908100.595102.534117.98498.03998.31898.04397.94898.12999.264101.13198.91698.5998.89598.46898.55698.72498.73898.66899.02299.16799.517101.658116.52798.92998.547100.31799.705100.54998.50698.384100.2398.41498.27697.96497.98897.73197.56897.588101.08198.97198.18598.11998.09498.01997.86898.357
Rubens Barrichello, Williams, Nurburgring, 2011

Rubens Barrichello

Struggled in qualifying without KERS, but gained three places at the start. However he was demoted a place by Kamui Kobayashi on lap three.

But his race ended early with an engine problem: “The team came on the radio and called me in with an oil leak,” said Barrichello.

“I wanted to continue but the team said there was no way and that was the right decision.”

This was the team’s fifth retirement from a race with a technical problem this year, the most of any team on the grid (Lotus also have five).

Rubens Barrichello 2011 form guide

Pastor Maldonado

Maldonado fell behind Barrichello at the start and was running 11th when he became the first driver to switch to medium tyres on lap 35.

He lost time on the harder tyres and wasn’t able to take back the three places lost during his final pit stop.

Maldonado said the race was “really tough”.

“We were quite competitive in the second stint on a new set of [soft] tyres but then when we went onto the [medium] tyres for the last stint we were losing time. Our pace wasn’t as good and we lost a few places.”

Pastor Maldonado 2011 form guide

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    23 comments on “Williams: Unreliability still a problem”

    1. Is there any hope for Williams this year?

      1. In general?

      2. I’m afraid not. since they contracted with Renault, I don’t see they have willing to fight this year.

      3. No,& I do wonder whether they will be any in the future.

    2. It certainly proves that a team needs money and good resources to be competitive in F1. Williams lacks both.
      ANd they should get rid of Barrichalo.

      1. ANd they should get rid of Barrichalo


        1. Because Todfod doesn t like him… :)

          1. LOL. I think thats a good enough reason.. no need for further explanations :P

            1. LOL. Ok then :)

    3. I think they’ll fair better with the new design team. I predict sold midfield performance from Coughlans first car for the team and good development.

    4. Hope better next year.

    5. Pity about Rubens and the mechanical failure, he was yet again ahead of Maldonado in race, as usually… :)

    6. When Barrichello was being interviewed, he said his engineer shouted for him to stop but he continued for two more laps and he was being shouted at all the time!

      1. Maybe Barichello is going deaf…. old age and all.

        1. Maybe he has a bit of Passion….

          You don’t get that I see…… Kimi fan? :D

          1. LOL .. was a kimi fan amongst others.

            But Rubens driving for a lap or two after being told to pull over is barely passion… maybe he just wants to disobey the team for once :P

      2. Haha funny story but I like that kind of him. Maybe his engineers and FW wouldn’t :P

    7. Williams have to be the disappointment of 2011. Though MAL is better than HUL.

      1. That’s about the only positive for them: he brings money, and is solid in between bits of good driving (when the car allows). And he keeps beating Barrichello in qualification – but that’s maybe bad news about the later.

        At least they have some low-fuel potential, if only they can get the whole package together for once. Oh, right, that has been their problem for about a decade now, really.

    8. The only thing I remember about Williams from the race was my girlfriend complimenting their livery.

    9. Could have been worse then Andew!

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