Warmer weather awaits teams in Hungary

2011 Hungarian GP weather

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Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel, Hungaroring, 2010

After a cold weekend in Germany, better weather awaits the teams at the Hungaroring.

The weekend should see temperatures in the mid-20s, considerably warmer than the low-teens seen at the Nurburgring.

This is exactly what Ferrari want to see. Fernando Alonso said their car would “definitely work better in temperatures higher than the 13C we had last Sunday.”

The region has seen some rainfall in recent days. But aside from a slight chance of showers late on Friday, the race weekend is expected to be dry throughout.

Keep an eye on the local conditions using these rainfall radars:

Location of the Hungaroring

The Hungaroring is in Mogyorod, north-east of Budapest.

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    33 comments on “Warmer weather awaits teams in Hungary”

    1. A few places I’ve checked predict a little rain after qualifying but it should be warm for all sessions, just not a scorcher.

    2. I hope warmer temp works not only for Ferrari but don’t harm Mclaren too much. Not just Alonso needs them. WE need them if we want other than Vettel to win or close fight.

      1. Actually I don’t expect 20ºC to harm McLaren. They were very good in Monanco ann Montmeló so we should expect McLaren fighting for top prize.

    3. From what the weather is doing here, about 600 km northwest from the Hungaroring, i wouldn’t be supprised if it proved to be a weekend of looking at the clouds, with a few showers to “clean up the track” and maybe a few damp patches off the line or on the kerbs.
      That should be a bit of a positive for a good fight between McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull in front. I would love a repeat of the 2006 race to greet Rosberg as fist time winner though, not that i expect that, but one can always hope :-)

      1. In 2009 McLaren won and Ferrari were second. In 2010 Red Bull won and Ferrari were second. A close fight between the top 3 can easily be expected.

    4. As I live in Hungary I know the best local weather forecast sites quite well.

      Check out these radars just before the sessions as they show actual data.



      As for the actual forecast, it’s going to be sunny and windy in most of the Western region (W to Budapest), and a little more rainy in the Eastern.

      These two pattern would remain for the rest of the weekend, but either of them could dominate the weather above the track.

      Temps will be similar to what Keith wrote.

      1. Thanks for the info!

    5. There isn’t anything worse than sunny weather on Hungaroring.
      Only rain can save it from being the ultimate bore.

      1. Agree. Hope it chucks it down so we have another race like 2006.

        1. normally would agree, but with supersofts and this track usually produces high deg on tyres i think we could be in for a great race!

          1. Too much marbles isn’t good. It can kill the race in midway.

          2. and it’s actually quite a good little track. nice flowing layout.

    6. So unless there’s sort of shocker from McLaren and the better performance of Ferrari in warmer temp., the order comes to mind Red Bull-Ferrari-McLaren… 

    7. I honestly believe Ferrari, or at least Alonso would beat the Red Bulls in warmer environment.

      1. a possibility only if he qualifies 2nd.

        1. 3rd maybe. Even though the dirty side of the grid has been less of a disadvantage in recent races, but the Hungaroring is one of the dirtiest and most rarely used circuit in the calendar.

          Dirty side is quite a disadvantage here.

          1. thanks for correcting me, I overlooked that one. Anyways, it will be hard for him to qualify ahead of the two RBR’s so 3rd is quite possible.

            1. yup, qualy 3rd, get 2nd into turn1 then attack as the stint unfolds.

              you can see alonso brain working during a GP weekend. he works it all out

    8. I’m not convinced Mclaren will suffer in the warm temperatures, they had the fastest race race in Spain where Red Bull were suposed to dominate on a “Red Bull” track. Hungary is also a “Red Bull”. They had the fastest race pace in Monaco and that is usually a hot twisty race.

      quali in Germany was hotter than the race yet hamilton was inches from starting on pole.

      It seems that the perelli’s degrade very evenly among cars and drivers, regardless of track temperature. The difference between cars and/ or drivers only seems to be 1 or 2 laps so it does’nt affect the the stategys too much.

      Yet until i’m proven right or wrong.

      1. I beg to differ. The macca’s were slow in the european grand prix,they finished 45 seconds behind the leader. that race was the last one in warm temps ,while the english and german grnad prix were in cold temps.
        also the hungarian grand prix is quite similar to the european and monaco grand prix
        just stating some facts!!

    9. RB6 was 1.2s faster on pole last year – that’s an ice age in F1 lap times. Would take a brave man to pick anything other than a RB front row, I think.

      Having said that, if Hamilton gets his R&R in…

      1. lol he is like a cat. needs his nap time and then when awakes ‘attack, attack, attack’

    10. Using formulaone.com live timming archive, I create this online doc:


      Track temperatures of the 10 first races this year, compared with previus years.

      using an average tempearture extracted from the archived live timming.. the results are very interesting..
      (any can add more temps or correct errors)

      1. Very interesting – thanks!

      2. Nice work – I’m moving to Valencia :D

      3. very interesting. Judging by this it seems that only the extremely hot temps seem to affect Mclaren (45+) as they had the fastest race pace and good tyre wear in Barcelona. With predictions from 20-30 in hungary, i doubt we’ll see so much of a problem, if any. I expect a repeat in race pace of Monaco, with all 3 teams very close. Qualifying though I suspect will be more like Spain.

      4. Mouse_Nightshirt
        28th July 2011, 23:16

        Well, I think this data shows a very very important point for the sport:

        Having F1 in your country reduces temperatures and reverses global warming, year on year! :D

    11. The website of the Hungarian Meteorological Institution (www.met.hu)says that on sunday the maxim temp will be 20-21C, and it will be overcast. If the temperature in in the air doesn’t go up 25C than the Ferarris will have serious problems again. From what I read on italians forums, their car need a temeperature of the track higher than 35C to work at full putential. It seems that the Mclarens will be the main threat for the Bulls.

      1. That would require McLaren to bring a competitive car 2 weeks running, which sadly for me seems the exception these days.

        1. The good news being they haven’t had the times to change it too radically, so it may still be competitive :P

          1. just as we saw in Spain then Monaco….very odd!

      2. I think they meant above 25 C, they would walk away with victory.

        The Ring has proven that the car is competitive – though not quickest – even if all condition is against them. (Well, except track characteristic. We saw Silverstone, but then again weather was sunny there, and other diffuser rules were valid.)

        So I expect another full out three-way fight for victory with Red Bull having the best of chances again, mainly due to the favourable weather conditions.

    12. Warm weather should allow us to see a clear picture of where everyone is, I welcome it.

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