Vettel: “I’ve got my confidence back”

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Hungaroring, 2011

Sebastian Vettel said he’s regained confidence in his car after taking pole position for the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Vettel had been off pole position for the last two races, endured a tough Grand Prix at home last week and was off the pace in Friday practice.

But after wholesale changes to his car overnight he was fastest in practice this morning and took pole position in qualifying.

Vettel said it was “a very good session for us.”

“After yesterday where I think these boys [Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button] were a little bit quicker than us, it seems that we have done the right thing.

“I felt much more comfortable this morning. Q1 and Q2 was just about getting through to the last session of qualifying. And, yeah, very pleased with the result.

“We’ve changed a lot on the car overnight and the boys were working pretty hard, they didn’t get much sleep. I think if we have a result like this today it’s the best way to say thanks.

“So I’m very happy and, as I said, I’ve got the confidence back. Today I felt much more comfortable in the car and now I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    29 comments on “Vettel: “I’ve got my confidence back””

    1. Definitely. This is why I hope one of others win tomorrow…he must be stopped.

      1. I say he wins this one and the next 2 races and spares everyone of the agonal hope that someone else would win this championship.

    2. I’d rather wait until the end of Lap 70 tomorrow to be declaring a regain in confidence, but indeed, a far better job from Seb in qualifying and practice compared to last week.

    3. i’m sure those two guys (hamilton&button)will eat him tomorrow

      1. You mean these “boys”?

        He’s going to need more heroics to keep the boys behind tomorrow.

    4. i think if he looks at the ultimate lap times in Keith’s qualifying analysis later today he will find that Lewis is actually still faster than him and SHOULD have been on Pole. Will be a tough task for Vettel to hold off the Mclarens tommorow, and it is absolutely crucial for him that he leads into turn 1, as we all know how much he struggles when he doesn’t. My prediction for tommorow:

      1. Hamilton
      2. Button
      3. Alonso
      4. Vettel
      5. Massa/Webber

    5. Sush Meerkat
      30th July 2011, 15:05

      Game time children!, its guess which Grand Prix this quote is from?, bonus points for correctly guessing whether its from Quali or the Race too!

      Thank you boys, thank you, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!

      1. Can anyone tell me what Vettel is talking about?

        1. I wonder too, Hamilton & Alonso only talk to tell their engineers to shut up, Seb obviously can engage in intellectual talk with Rocky whilst racing. Unless Rocky hasnt the faintest clue either and the full transmission went

          Rocky – “Errmm… and that is??”

          1. Sush Meerkat
            30th July 2011, 17:38

            Seb obviously can engage in intellectual talk with Rocky whilst racing.

            From a few races ago!
            Rocky: “do not use KERS, repeat do not use KERS”
            Seb: “can you repeat the last message?”

        2. Sush Meerkat
          30th July 2011, 17:35

          Vettel is talking about the all important adjective “that” which validates the teams effort, if he wasn’t sure what he was talking about then it would be a conjecture.

          Yeah I’m still scratching my head about it.

      2. Raikkonen spinning into the wall at the Belgian GP 2008 (Rain). I think it was McLarens / Hamiltons Radio…

      3. All but the last 2 ? and both Q and R except China.

      4. Adrian Morse
        30th July 2011, 17:37

        Lewis Hamilton upon winning (at the time) the 2008 Belgian Grand Prix. Great moment for Hamilton fans.

      5. he’s no idea what to say everytime got 1st pole.. so he will just “YES BABY!! THAT’S WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT!!”
        I dont even know what he talking about. haha!! even till end of season he will say the same thing again. probably next year too. haha lol.. yah babeh tats what im talking about yahhhh.. every race the same talk yahhh..!!

    6. Of course u have the confidence back, since all u know is racing for pole lol, but im sure hamilton and button will past vetel in less than 5laps. maybe in the start :)

      1. He seems to know how to win them on Sunday too. Sixteen times already.

        1. yeah, from the start position alone… when he is behind doesnt know how to overtake… cause he is _____ lol

          1. How did he come from 17th to 4th at Brazil? Or 24th to 7th at Britain last year? Yeah, he’s not the best overtaker in the field, but to say that because of the occasion he gets stuck behind someone is dangerously ignorant.

            1. +1
              But some don’t like him, because he is often better than the drivers they fancy, and then it is easy to hold any error he makes against him, again and again.
              And his talent was obvious already from his first race, standing in for Kubica in the Williams BMW.

    7. Season Over…Vettle repeats as Drivers Champion 2011.

    8. If Hamilton manages to at least still behind him after the start then his in for trouble. If not, then he might manage to have on of those weekends with a few seconds difference controlling pace that he loves so much.

      I have no trust in Button posing a thread because he will ether give Vettel the seconds he needs to breath by trying to go soft on the tyres or he will just not be aggressive enough to manage an overtaking attempt. Hungary isn’t easy to get to the side of another car and it probably needs a Hamilton to manage an attempt like that.

    9. You mean Seb lost his confidence after the last two races? If he goes on like this, he’ll lose confidence by qualifying 2nd.

    10. Who else is getting slightly confused by that helmet? It’s too similar to Webber’s. I wish he’d stop changing his helmet design for pretty much every single race.

    11. Then good luck boy, whatever it is.

    12. Great to see him back on the pace, he is one of my favourite drivers. Also happy for the guys who stayed up all night, what a great way to re-pay them.

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