2011 Hungarian Grand Prix result

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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14Jenson ButtonMcLaren-Mercedes70
21Sebastian VettelRed Bull-Renault703.5883.588
35Fernando AlonsoFerrari7019.81916.231
43Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-Mercedes7048.33828.519
52Mark WebberRed Bull-Renault7049.7421.404
66Felipe MassaFerrari7083.17633.434
715Paul di RestaForce India-Mercedes691 lap1 lap
818Sebastien BuemiToro Rosso-Ferrari691 lap0.932
98Nico RosbergMercedes691 lap0.582
1019Jaime AlguersuariToro Rosso-Ferrari691 lap7.071
1116Kamui KobayashiSauber-Ferrari691 lap19.590
1210Vitaly PetrovRenault691 lap2.096
1311Rubens BarrichelloWilliams-Cosworth682 laps1 lap
1414Adrian SutilForce India-Mercedes682 laps36.366
1517Sergio PerezSauber-Ferrari682 laps2.659
1612Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Cosworth682 laps8.422
1724Timo GlockVirgin-Cosworth664 laps2 laps
1822Daniel RicciardoHRT-Cosworth664 laps39.352
1925Jerome D’AmbrosioVirgin-Cosworth655 laps1 lap
2023Vitantonio LiuzziHRT-Cosworth655 laps19.641
Not classified
20Heikki KovalainenLotus-Renault5515 laps10 lapsWater leak
7Michael SchumacherMercedes2644 laps29 lapsGearbox
9Nick HeidfeldRenault2347 laps3 lapsFire
21Jarno TrulliLotus-Renault1753 laps6 lapsWater leak

2011 Hungarian Grand Prix

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    70 comments on “2011 Hungarian Grand Prix result”

    1. OMG hamilton have no luck a drive through lol

    2. Very exciting. Glad Alonso made it to the podium after such a rough day.

      1. Yeah, he did rather well throughout.

      2. No mistake = Button, Vettel
        Wrong tyre choice = Alonso, Hamilton
        Wrong tyre choice 2 = Webber, Hamilton
        Crucial Penalty = Hamilton

        so, less mistake upper position :)

    3. worse race ever!!!! lewis leading then choosing the wrong tyres!!!

        1. How can you say worst race ever? A sideways exploding Renault – how exciting! That Marshall was lucky not to lose his family bits…..

      1. How You can say “worse race ever!” I have never seen so many in race overtakings in Hungary.

      2. Worst race for Lewis you mean? The rest of it was pretty good!

    4. I don’t believe the stewards have it in for Lewis Hamilton, as I’m sure many people will claim within the next few hours. The rules are pretty clear on this one – you cannot force another driver off the track. And Hamilton clearly forced di Resta to take evasive action. If he had waited a few more seconds, he would have been able to spin around safely. It may have meant that he would not be in the lead when he made the call to come in, which in turn may have meant a race win, or at least a podium.

      1. Yup. Rules are the rules. You cant just do a burn out on the racing line when a train is about to go around you.

        1. Rules don’t even come into what happened today, it was just common sense that you don’t spin your car around into 3 or 4 oncoming cars travelling about 100 mph! Crazy!

      2. Tend to agree with this, anytime I’ve seen someone end up pointing the wrong way, and in any online racing that I do, the rule is you stand on the brake until you can rotate the car safely.

        I think a drive through is the most lenient actual penalty they can apply.

        1. What I don’t understand is why people seem to think there should be one set of rules for Lewis Hamilton, and one set of rules for everyone else. Michael Schumacher forced Kamui Kobayashi off the track at Silverstone, and got a penalty for it. Nobody comaplined. Sebastien Buemi forced Nick Heidfeld off the circuit at the Nurburgring, and also got a penalty for it. Nobody complained. But when Lewis Hamilton forces Paul di Resta off the track at the Hungaroring, or puts Pastor Maldonado out of the race at Monaco and gets a penalty for each incident, it’s a grave injustice.

          It just doesn’t make sense to me. Lewis Hamilton is an exciting driver, yes – but that doesn’t give him a licence to ignore the rules at will. If you look at the numbers, he’s probably been involved in more on-track incidents than the rest of the drivers combined this year alone (and the only reason why half of them are even in incidents in the first place is because of Lewis Hamilton). I can understand people questioning a penalty if the incident just looks like racing (like the time he and Sebastian Vettel had an impromptu drag race down pit lane in China, though Hamilton escaped that time), but Hamilton wasn’t racing anyone in today’s episode of Lewis Hamilton and the Racing Stewards.

          1. I’m a Lewis fan but the first thing I thought as soon as I saw him doing that spin to rejoin was that’s a definite penalty. And I’m sure all right thinking Lewis/Mclaren fans agreed with it.

          2. A lot of it is down to bias. A lot of it is down to the fact the people don’t understand the sport or the etiquette it tries to enforce on track.

            Like any sport, people will always defend their chosen one to the ends of the Earth. Personally, that approach annoys me. The sport seems wasted on many people when they tend to focus on one driver come hell or high water. I don’t have an issue with fans supporting particular drivers but it is a bit of a ‘head in hands’ moment when people just can’t be gracious in defeat.

        2. If Lewis had just stood on the brake where he spun then Di-Resta and the two cars in front of him would all have had to drive around Lewis and off the track.
          Well at least that what I saw. No I do not need glasses.
          And it was good to see a public apology on the BBC even if we did not get to hear it.
          Great race though…

          1. That part of PM’s rant was a bit silly. But he is right in that you just can’t spin the car round like that.

      3. Agree. I think it was a fair call.

        Lewis was told to push hard to get in front of Jenson after his next pit stop, so he was obviously eager to get the car round very quickly. But if people are coming the other way, it’s not too good to do it. He was in the middle of the road.

      4. Why always state these things about other people getting it wrong PM? Just to provoke them to react?

        I think they got it right, and Hamilton himself seems to feel so as well, after the race. End of affair.

        1. Why always state these things about other people getting it wrong PM?

          Because then the subject is Lewis Hamilton and penalties, they usually are wrong. A lot of people seem to think that Lewis Hamilton should be allowed to get away with blue murder simply because he’s Lewis Hamilton.

          1. PM, every single comment I’ve ever seen you make has been related to you complaining about Lewis Hamilton and his fans. Give me a break, seriously. I’m a HUGE Hamilton fan (and I’m American), and I would imagine that most Mclaren/Lewis fans would agree, that this call was, in the end, fair and deserving. Hamilton made a mistake, got a penalty (which, to be fair, was not quite as black and white as you make it sound), accepted it, and is ready to move on. As BasCB says, “End of affair.” Just take a chill pill, ok?

    5. Hamilton needs a new race engineer. Obviously his current one doesn’t seem to have accurate information. Why go for the super softs when they don’t last. The intermediate wasn’t what caused the race loss.

      1. That’s exactly what i was thinking too, he was in the lead comfortably and his strategist decided to put on the super-softs, meaning he wouldve stopped 1 more time, with or without rain. Why on Earth do that? Alonso did that too in order to jump Webber, he was being aggressive but he wasnt in the lead!

      2. Maybe it was the other way around, and Button called in for Softs instead.

      3. I don’t know, it seemed quite sensible as it looked unlikely that Lewis would be able to eke out the softs for however long was left. Another stint on the quicker super-softs before putting on the softs appeared to be a reasonable strategy. The problem was that for some reason Lewis was slower that Jenson when he should have been quicker. That’s what cost Lewis the race and that’s the thing that doesn’t make sense to me.

        1. I think that when Hamilton realized that he had been had—the everyone else was on the softs–he was forced to try to nurse the S-S until a possible rain shower. So he was slow.

      4. That’s not what happend. The problem was not the wear of S-soft, but rather the almost non existent gap in performance to the prime tires, only 0.3s rather than the full second seen on Friday and Sunday.
        That would have cost the race, not the obviously more wear of the option tire. Inters was what cost LH the podium, not the race win.

        The funny thing is that drizzle that happend 4-5 laps after the round of pit stop (just after the spin) actually was playing into Lewis hands, because the supersoft were retaining heat the better, hiding the inability to overperform soft tires. And then the reckless inters call.

    6. Yeah Hamilton was pretty careless. Imagine if he got hit sideways in his rushed try to get back into track. Most dangerous move I’ve seen on a race in a while IMO.

    7. Seems like Daniel is starting to find some pace.
      Looking forward to see how he performs after the break and in the dressy of the season.

      1. yes, a good result for Daniel, now a chance to go away, do some work and come back and continue the learning experience. I hope this kid goes well.

      2. sorry, who?

        1. Daniel Ricciardo in car #22.

      3. Bad news for Luizzi

        1. I don’t know what happened to him, he was 20 seconds behind D’Ambrosio, then I saw an HRT pit and thought: “That’s why Liuzzi is behind, D’Ambrosio still needs to pit”, but it actually was Liuzzi pitting. Maybe his faulty front wing cost him some time.

      4. I’m hoping they’ll catch him for an interview but if they have, I missed it.

    8. Very mature, professional interview from Lewis.

    9. for sure Hamilton is the fastest driver of the weekend. but he was hit 3 disaster. poor tyre choice, poor tyre choice 2, penalty…yeah, in this kind of tricky condition who don’t make less mistake wins and they are Button and Vettel. also Mclaren was definitely faster than Red Bull. even Alonso could match to Red Bull’s pace. so, Red Bull in danger. Seriously.

      1. “who makes less mistake” I should say :D

    10. Funny how the Renaults went from being close to Ferrari in terms of pace to dropping behind not only Mercedes and Sauber, but also Force India and Toro Rosso.

      No matter the situation, they’ve been pretty rubbish for a couple of races now.

      1. No matter the situation, they’ve been pretty rubbish for a couple of races now.

        It makes you wonder if they’re really pushing the development of the R31. Without Robert Kubica, they might have decided to write 2011 off and concentrate on 2012.

        1. It should be one of the most logical comment from you. I agree.

        2. Good point.

        3. Absolutely, a lot of people have been saying it’s Heidfeld and Petrov who’s performances are slipping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case PM!

          1. In addition to that however, they’ll obviously want to fend off that 5th place WCC position from Sauber, who you can bet will be pushing for that for a little longer this season.

      2. Lack of funds for development? And maybe Heidfeld proving not to be that much af a development driver as hoped for them?

        1. Interesting thought and one that could get them ahead next season if they follow the precedent set by Brawn GP.

    11. Kobayashi should have finished higher.
      Button good job but he could not have won without hamiltons spin

      1. Wrong strategy screwed Kobayashi. sometimes Sauber is too conservative on tyre strategy.

    12. Ok, so can I NOW say that Vettel’s quality as a driver and Red Bull’s dominance as a team are in doubt? Or are we waiting for 5 GP’s lost by RB?

      More luck for Hamilton and better driving from Alonso and we would have no Bulls on the podium.

      1. Vettel did nothing impressive today. But sadly, still got to be the winner in the overall picture. Shame really

      2. Ok, so can I NOW say that Vettel’s quality as a driver and Red Bull’s dominance as a team are in doubt?

        Red Bull’s dominance is in doubt, Vettel’s quality as a driver is not. He still showed decent pace and overtook Alonso when he needed to, gaining good points. Grinding out results when things aren’t going that well is the stuff of champions.

        1. Oh common, Vettel did ok today, but nothing like ‘the stuff of champions’. He got lucky

          1. It takes time for him to spend a few more races behind other cars for him to master efficien overtaking and catching up…but did fine today. His pass on Alonso was better than Alonso’s on him last weekend.

          2. This wasn’t his best race. Yet still, he showed good racecraft when attacking and defending, kept up with the Mclarens (as impressive as Hamilton keeping up with the faster RBR in Melbourne) and ground out a great result for his championship.

            Hell, even Alonso said that Vettel’s performances weren’t “luck” having been there and done it himself. Definitely the stuff of champions.

        2. He almost got McLarens to get away with 1-2 starting from PP. Hamilton destroyed him in the early stage of the race. I guess there are some champions better than others.

          1. It’s clear that McLaren was a good deal faster than Red Bull this weekend. Hamilton didn’t get pole because he made mistakes.
            Vettel did an ok job holding onto first place, but Mclaren successfully forced him to make mistakes with their superior car. We saw their solid pace all race.
            That Vettel finished second in a slower car with smart strategy shows he can get the work done.

          2. I agree with Olivier42. With Mclaren’s car, frankly, Vettel did a great job to even get pole this weekend. Some champions are better than others- Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso are evenly matched and on their way to becoming some of the best.

            Should we doubt Vettel’s quality based on this weekend? Absolutely not.

    13. the moist master does it again

    14. i think webber had a chance for a podium today!! Was it his call to switch to inters or was it the teams with the intent of gaining knowledge for vettel?

      – maybe it was to maintain a gap!

      1. Every top 6 had. Just all about stretagy.

    15. It must be infuriating for McLaren and Ferrari that they have now indisputably knocked RBR off their horse, but Vettel continues to scurry away in the points. They guy has been dancing between the rain drops for 5 races now. How perfect for Vettel that on the day when Hamilton looked ready to hang two in a row on him, the other McLaren, the one completely out of the points race, wins.

    16. I believe Mclaren wanted Button to win his 200th GP but were hoping for a 1 2, a driver can’t decide to use the inters if rain was only for 4 minutes. The pit should give the driver info on the duration of the rain.
      Redbull and Ferrari do that. Mclaren are selective in their release of critical info.

      1. Yeah because they could tell using their magic time machine that it would only last as long as it did.

    17. So far, Mclaren’s have shown no signs of team orders. Today was another proof. Look how easily Alonso repassed Massa when got off the track. Hamilton had to work hard to pass Button or rather force him go wide.

    18. Boullier really doesn’t seem to like Heidfeld at all. He seemed determined to pin the blame on his driver for his car catching fire. You’d normally expect a team principal to play the ‘vague’ game and just say that they’re ‘looking into it’. Not the first time he’s failed to defend Heidfeld.

      1. There’s been that tone to his comments all along this season — earlier on when Nick was leading Petrov he gave an interview about how Nick was a disappointment, was not a leader, and really needed to improve. Those things may all be true, but I don’t know that I’ve heard any other team principal speak about their driver like that, and certainly not when that driver’s out performing their teammate.

        Honestly, just like a driver slating their team when things go wrong turns me off to that driver, a team boss slating their driver on questionable grounds turns me off to that team.

    19. If Lewis had just stood on the brake where he spun then Di-Resta and the two cars in front of him would all have had to drive around Lewis and off the track.
      Well at least that what I saw. No I do not need glasses.
      And it was good to see a public apology on the BBC even if we did not get to hear it.
      Great race though…

    20. Great race and some great results, especially Button and Di Resta.

      Great stuff from Ricciardo too, he did himself proud, keep it up!

    21. Good drive by Sebastien Buemi from the back of the field.

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