Williams: Intermediates switch foils Barrichello

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Barrichello was in the hunt for points until he made the mistake of switching to intermediates.

Rubens BarrichelloPastor Maldonado
Qualifying position1517
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’23.075 (-0.772)1’23.847
Race position1316
Pit stops54

Williams drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):


Rubens Barrichello124.069113.862110.499107.958106.458105.972104.825104.558103.409105.867124.71397.28395.65494.56192.9591.6590.86690.08590.00289.57690.40889.63289.76592.905108.87487.19587.85387.96787.36687.76588.52688.51388.51189.05188.70888.97292.73105.78286.84886.41586.58586.74887.68186.23789.35596.40494.89589.68598.65108.356123.83197.648115.88288.3288.25286.37686.37688.58286.24685.45585.27986.16885.98386.57385.01885.82389.03989.245
Pastor Maldonado125.042115.772109.833108.082106.706106105.11104.344104.457103.475103.822120.30498.86993.31492.00492.978104.37290.83791.35491.17990.94492.47790.24791.91291.39592.50993.28692.712106.84387.29587.30388.15488.53788.7688.79688.688.38489.37688.61389.07489.51289.0388.91388.97391.01195.09893.17993.347103.464106.55114.48196.882109.83108.3185.88585.72486.05486.47786.15586.68489.99588.63586.29689.37688.09786.57486.32186.818
Rubens Barrichello, Williams, Hungaroring, 2011

Rubens Barrichello

It was the same old story of KERS problems for Barrichello in qualifying: “I couldn’t engage KERS in sector one of my last lap, and that compromised my time.

“I still had a pretty good lap, but I’m disappointed because we had a competitive run earlier on with the primes and so were thinking that 11th or 12th was possible on the option.”

Like Maldonado, he got into Q2 without using the super-soft tyre to preserve a fresh set for the race.

Barrichello was 11th and in the hunt for points when the rain came, but his switch to intermediates cost him any chance of finishing in the top ten.

“When it started to rain, I saw a big chance for us,” said Barrichello. “I saw Hamilton spin and I thought we could do something to have a chance to finish high in the points.

“But the rain only came out for a lap or so and so our stop for inters didn’t work. It’s a shame, but we don’t have the pace right now.”

Technical director Sam Michael felt the car showed greater potential at the Hungaroring: “Although the result doesn’t reflect it, our lap times from qualifying and the race this weekend show that the car is more competitive in dry conditions than it has been at previous rounds.

“We made too many mistakes today, however, and we will be reviewing our procedures to resolve those issues between now and Spa.”

Rubens Barrichello 2011 form guide

Pastor Maldonado

Maldonado got through Q1 without using a set of super-soft tyres and then didn’t set a time in Q2 to ensure he had three fresh sets for the race.

But he forgot to press the pit lane speed limiter button at his first stop and was handed a drive-through penalty.

He also made a pit stop for intermediates later on, and ended the race two laps down in 16th.

Pastor Maldonado 2011 form guide

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    8 comments on “Williams: Intermediates switch foils Barrichello”

    1. Poor Rubens.
      He deserves a better car.
      Hopefully next year Williams fortunes change.

      1. They can’t get much worse.

      2. Of course he deserves a better car. I think next year things will be much better..

    2. I’m sick of hearing the excuses as I bet Frank is also.
      You’ve willingly taken Murdock’s crock of gold and sold your fans down the river so.
      Just get on with it or get out.

      1. Williams haven’t agreed anything with Rupert Murdoch, assuming that’s who you mean.

        Sky’s deal is with Formula One Management.

    3. As they are one of my first F1 loves it’s gutting to see the Williams so far off the pace and in decline – they really are reminding me of Tyrrell at the moment, I just hope they can claw their way back up next year, but the competition is so tight at the moment…

      Best of luck to them!

    4. As I said in the stat & facts article:

      Up to this point in the season, the 2011 campaign is the worst season EVER for Williams.

      You have to go back to their first season (1977) to find a season this bad, and even in 1977 they got 4 top ten in 11 races (and with just 1 car on the grid).

      1. Very bad. Still, Rubens is the only of their drivers to score points, and he is regularly beating Maldonado, but I think both could do good things with a better car.

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