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In the round-up: Yas Marina will hold the young drivers’ test before the final race of 2011.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Yas Marina to host F1’s young drivers programme (The National)

“The development programme, which last year resulted in four young drivers being awarded seats in Formula One, will begin November 15 and end four-days later when the teams prepare to head to Sao Paulo to compete in the season-ending Brazilian Grand Prix.”

India to host F1 but plans leave locals ‘alienated’ (BBC)

“Land bought by private contractors has encircled several villages near the F1 track with high mud walls and barbed wire, leaving some local people alienated.”

Montezemolo to the Scuderia: “I expect further wins in the second part of the season” (Ferrari)

“Domenicali and his crew seem very determined, concentrating fully on their tasks for the second part of the year which I am sure will feature Ferrari in the role of a key player. I expect we will pick up wins to add to the important and historically very significant victory achieved at Silverstone.”

Jenson Button: ‘I don’t make friends easily. I struggle to trust people’ (The Independent)

“I like such comparisons. Ayrton Senna was perhaps quicker over a single lap, but Alain [Prost] would win races because of other things. He might be quicker over a race distance, because he could look after his car and his tyres. He knew how quick you had to be to get to lap 60, when the chequered flag came out, not just until lap 30.”

Hungaroring seeking funds for resurface (Autosport)

“As well as resurfacing work, it is understood that efforts will be made into improving run off areas and repainting lines on the track – after the circuit failed to use non-slip paint last weekend.”

Paul Hembery on Twitter

“From amit_mandalia: ‘What’s the latest with getting Ken Block to test an F1 car?’ Found a car for him but need support staff to run and all on holiday this week. We need to re-plan.”

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Hamilton welcomes break (Daily Telegraph)

“I’m relaxed, relieved. I’m looking forward to going away after what was a tricky race and getting my head back into gear. I need to have a think about what went wrong, a mistake on the track and other things, but at least the team got some good points.”

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Comment of the day

Puffy mulls over a ‘Driver of the Weekend’ selection:

This was a tough one for me to choose.

Hamilton had a great weekend but made two very costly mistakes which lost him the race. Button drove very well, and while always looking like the second McLaren, drove well, didn’t make any mistakes, swapped places with Hamilton a few times after his spin and went on to win the race, a level headed and mature drive.

Vettel drove a nice clean race, didn’t look to have the grip in the first stint but showed a good sense of maturity and brought the car home in second which is great for his championship.

But for me, the really stand-out performances were slightly down the field.

Buemi drove a fantastic race to recover from his starting position to finish in the points, beating his team mate who’s had the edge on him in the last few races.

My vote though went to Paul di Resta, who has impressed me greatly from the first race of the season, really taking the fight to his vastly more experienced team mate and showing his class. After a few rookie mistakes and a little bad luck, Paul bounced back in Hungary with a fantastic drive in tricky conditions, a drive more expected of a seasoned veteran than a rookie in his first year.

From the forum

Is it really worth pitting under the safety car, asks Enigma.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to S??ren Kaae!

On this day in F1

Peter Collins was killed during the German Grand Prix at the Nurburgring Nordschleife on this day in 1958.

Collins death was a particular below to compatriot Mike Hawthorn, who retired from Formula 1 after winning the championship at the end of the year.

Image © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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49 comments on “Young driver test to follow Abu Dhabi Grand Prix”

  1. `leaving people feeling alienated`

    Welcome to F1.

  2. @Steph My book arrived safely yesterday, so thanks for that. :)

    1. No problem! Hope you enjoy it! :)

  3. “Collins death was a particular below to compatriot Mike Hawthorn” Should that below say blow Keith? Just wondering :)

    1. I think you’re right…

      The whole Hawthorn story was a bit eerie. What happened in Le Mans, losing a kidney I believe, and then having a road accident shortly after winning the title, having his accident with a Mercedes, the car that launched at Le Mans…

  4. DeadManWoking
    3rd August 2011, 1:12

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      Up to 2nd now, only behind Scarbs

      1. bit surprised its behind scarbs. As good as his blog is, its not really the sort of page you could have as your home page. The quality, variety and regular updates of this site put it easily number 1 for me

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          But there is far more of us, so we will get there!

          1. f1 fanatic 3 votes behind scarbs now

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    2. Behind Saward?

      That’s not right.

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        not any more, 129 vs 108 at the moment but still lagging quite far behind Scarbs who is on 186

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          To action!

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  5. Jenson taking a subliminal shot at Lewis already; That’s rich. How about you win a dry race against your teammate before you start spouting off such comparisons.

    1. Reading way too much into it. Not everyone hates Lewis, not everything is about Lewis.

      1. I think you should read the article in it’s entirety.

        1. I think I have.

    2. It seems like you’re trying to look for something that just isn’t there. Jenson says that Prost was able to win races in ways other than being the fastest over one lap, and that being in front at the end of the race is what counts. That hardly seems like a shot at his teammate. Despite what you seem to believe the world does not hate Lewis and I’m sure Jenson respects him as a friend and driver.

    3. The reporter (David Tremayne, who knows what he’s talking about) made the Senna/Prost comparison and asked Button for his views, Button didn’t raise it out of nowhere. And it’s not the first time anyone has ever suggested it.

      The rest of the article talks about how Hamilton and Button have a constructive relationship – in stark contrast to the Senna/Prost and Alonso/Hamilton pairings. Where on earth do you get the “subliminal shot” from?

      1. The Senna/Prost thing is usually just brought up to hype Hamilton/Button.

        Hamilton think he’s Senna and Button has a smooth driving style like Prost. Senna and Prost were brilliant, and hence the link, spelt out or not is that Hamilton and Button are brilliant.

        Not to turn this into a ‘is Button as good Hamilton?’ or a ‘is Hamilton really an all time great?’ war, but it usually means squat all.

        Prost was faster on pace than Senna occasionally even in quali. Button’s yet to do that. Prost was faster in Senna in the slow corners, something he himself confessors to have learnt from Lauda (teammate) as well as following the driving styles of guys like Jim Clarke. Senna had a very destinctive driving style that I think no one else drives like.

        The only old drive – new drier link I think there is is Schumacher – Vettel. Not because their German, but because how they both embed themselves in a team, in different ways (schumacher was chosen after the 1994 WDC while Vettel was toilet trained in Red Bull diepers), and both have been able to consistantly win when given a top notch car. Both are motivated by statistics. Schumacher broke down after beating Senna’s record.. dsepite nearly 2x the races to get it. Vettel loves to score fastest laps, poles etc…

        1. Yeah, even if you considered Hamilton as Senna, I don’t think Button is side of Prost. as you said Prost was occasionally faster than Senna but I don’t think Button is. I think Button is more similar to Jackie Stewart.

          Anyway, how about Alonso to Prost? I think Prost is smarter and Alonso is more aggressive on track though. still if I place Hamilton to Senna’s position, Alonso is the most favorite to Prost’ position.

        2. Schumacher broke down after beating Senna’s record.. dsepite nearly 2x the races to get it.

          Actually, Schumacher broke down when he broke Senna’s 41 win record at Monza 2000- he had done less races than Senna to overtake him (and less than Prost when he passed 51 wins).

    4. How about you win a dry race against your teammate before you start spouting off such comparisons.

      He didn’t just spout off the comaprisons though he was asked and he was just talking about Senna and Prost. Read more into it if you want and question his real intent but it’s a bit unfair to have a go at Jenson when he never actually said anything bad about Lewis.

      Just on a little side note, I always thought Button preferred Ayrton anyway as last year iirc there was only Karun who said on the BBC profile pages that his favourite was Prost and everyone else were dull and said Senna. Liking someone is different to rating them though I guess.

      Personally, I hate driver comparisons from different eras too as F1 has changed so much and I don’t see the point in wishing for Senna vs Prost round 2. I’d be happy with having Hamilton vs Button and another new F1 chapter.

    5. Why is it more important to win a dry race than a wet race against your teammate? Does it make you a worse driver to be better in adverse conditions?

      Can I say that Schumacher can’t claim to be better than Massa at Ferrari because he never beat him in a race where they had to get out of the car and sprint the last 100 metres? Or beat him in a GP where they had to compose a haiku while driving and recite it after the race to Ron Dennis standing in a bucket of baked beans?

      1. Ron Dennis standing in a bucket of baked beans?

        Make it happen.

  6. New reports of a NYC GP, this time just over the Hudson from midtown in Weehauken and West New York, NJ. I’ve already scoped out the highrise apartment buiilding to make friends with the tenants of for a nice free view of the race:

    1. lol at my Murdoch blocker. :)

      1. Adam Cooper’s reporting it now as well, you can read a bit about it there without compromising your Murdoch blocker:

        1. That is looking quite good, now only get some funding together and we can replace Bahrain already!

  7. “…the circuit failed to use non-slip paint last weekend.”

    Where there is decent run off, so drivers aren’t going to be a danger, then I’m all for leaving out the non-slip paint. Finally a way of keeping the cars on the racing line… it certainly made for an interesting race.

  8. Glad I won’t be seeing Jenson’s dad with his pink shirt so much next year!

  9. last year during Young Driver Test, teams used their 2010 spec chassis. However this year, Abu Dhabi is not final round anymore. Would they be allowed to used this year’s chassis?

    1. Good question. I suspect 2010 models will make an appearance.

    2. Yes, current chassis are allowed in all official young driver tests.

      1. Interesting. If it is true, it would be a pilot test of in-season test which is expected to come back next year.

  10. When I think about it Buemi and Di Resta did have brilliant races but Button still gets my vote. Great COTD.

  11. Williams chairman Parr tells fans to support cost-cutting ideas in Formula 1

    What is Adam Parr smoking? F1 can reduce it’s costs all it wants, but expecting the fans to subsidise that reduction shows how out of touch with reality he and F1 is.

    Believe it or not we the public are not a crutch always around to support the excesses of the irresponisble.

    Expecting British fans to pay £748 per year is ridiculous and insulting.

  12. Just had a thought…would Grosjean get a stab at this? I hope he isn’t over-looked and he gets another chance, from fresh. He’s done pretty well in GP2 so far.

  13. Why Hungaroring!? “Improving run off” usually means construct a new asphalt parking lot to be used as run off. This means less mistakes, and it looks horrible. I loved the grass next to the track in most spots, it just looks like a classic track. And “failing to use non-slip paint” made for some lovely shots of cars drifting out of corners! It should be mandatory, since paint usually means watch out you are about to leave the track.

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