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I was back on The Flying Lap again with Peter Windsor on Wednesday.

Joining us in the studio was Sean Kelly, who supplies F1 statistics to broadcasters during races.

Watch the episode in full below, where we discuss the Hungarian Grand Prix, the BBC/Sky F1 deal, the Team Lotus vs Group Lotus court case and more.

During the discussion you will notice a reference to an article which will be running on F1 Fanatic next week.

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Keith Collantine
Lifelong motor sport fan Keith set up RaceFans in 2005 - when it was originally called F1 Fanatic. Having previously worked as a motoring...

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32 comments on “F1 Fanatic on The Flying Lap episode 32”

  1. Sean Kelly has my dream job…

    1. You’d be great at that job Dan! :D

      1. I’ll crack on making more Excel spreadsheets then! :P

    2. Statistics BHAH – non science.

      A phyicist, engineer and statistican go hunting.

      Very soon they see a deer. The phyicist raises his gun, caluclates the distance and dive from gravity and fires. He overshoots by 5 meters.

      Seeing this, the engineer realizes the mistake, adds a fudge factor for wind resistance and fires, missing short by 5 meters.

      The Statistican shouts “WE GOT HIM”.

      Before you flame me, please realize its a joke.

      1. Awesome. You’d only ever come across a joke like this on an F1 website.

      2. :) (Sorry, I have nothing more to contribute! :P)

  2. I have downloaded it to watch later today. Could be another epic one.

    1. It is, definitely enjoyed watching it Wednesday live!

  3. I am certainly looking forward to the article about 18th qualifier advantage!

  4. Brilliant, I shall give it a watch later. I need to catch up on all of them really.

    1. I will have to do the same, my connection now doesn’t allow me to watch them, I’ll do so next week.

  5. Team lotus is the real lotus period……….

  6. I always enjoy these shows. Well done to all concerned

  7. With regard to the question on the show as to “why was Sebastian Vettel so slow in the rain”, could it be that they were going so slowly on the slippery surface that the RB7 could not utilize its downforce advantage?

    1. More than likely.

  8. I shall try remember to watch this…if only for the fact that Peter’s wearing a tie!

    Keith and Sean Kelly need to invest in ties ;D

    1. Actually, we both need to invest in shirts which don’t cause moire patterns when shown on screen. We both had to ditch ours and use a couple of spares Peter had. Bit of a schoolboy error that one!

      1. Ha! The truth comes out.

        My dad told me years ago that Leeds Utd were paid (or subsidised) by Sky Sports to change their away strip (blue and green stripes). Apparently it really messed with the camera equipment.

      2. Ah Keith….we’ll have to groom you into a
        TV superstar replacement for Simon Cowell !

        Just think….a retinue of hairdresser’s, shirt-carriers, make-up artists, stretch limo’s….I can just see it !

        LoL… but seriously, damn good stuff in these shows, TFL should go global !

  9. Keith – that was great! Any ambitions to go into live commentary? =)

  10. Good show, very interesting insights from Sean, what a head for stats he has. Well done too Keith a lot of common sense spoke.

  11. Super episode this one, bravo Keith.

  12. Excellent, cheers Keith!

  13. I found a stat that stumped the whole studio :D

  14. Keith, you were awesome as always.

    I find you as enjoyable to listen to as listening to Anthony Davidson, you both share similar common sense with which a lot of people tend to agree.

    Oh, and on an unrelated note, i have just remembered Martin Brundle’s comment about both tyres rule with which You strongly disagree (i think). He said after Silverstone that this rule provided a bit more racing – referring to Vettel’s and Massa’s last pit stops – which arguably added that bit more value to the race. It was after all a good battle between pit crews that otherwise we wouldn’t have seen. Very good point that Martin made, and i must admit that it convinced me that this rule is good one after all. What’s your view on that? I’d like to get Your opinion.

  15. Good to see PW still involved in F1 unfortunate timing foiled his attempt to become a team owner and of course he knows exactly what Sky will end up doing to F1 having been SpeedTVs roving reporter ( Speed is Murdoch owned cable channel in USA ).


    1. I’m not sure he is even Muslim tbh.

      Great as always Keith. I was wondering, considering this site is your livelihood and you’ve said you believe the new deal will reduce audience figures, how worried are you? Do you think the drop in figures, and therefore interest in the sport and this site, will be large enough to be a problem for you. Or do you think the figures will drop but overall it will be insignificant?

  17. Good episode! Just a quick thought, where is the stat guest article that was going to be on the site on Thursday?

  18. US Williams Fan
    6th August 2011, 8:22

    Enjoyed it greatly!

  19. Loved the stat about the 18th place driver on the grid more often than not finishes in the points, even last year as well, crazy.

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