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Live: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying

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2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “Live: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying”

  1. worst performance from di resta… which is said to be force india fav track,,, really a big shame to be beaten by a lotus.

  2. force indians get some development on the car, dont just sit back and relax… it looks gud to see william in front.

  3. Michael didn’t set any in qualifying due to the unusual shunt? Keith, is he allowed to make set up changes for the race?

  4. not able to watch f1 on tv.. frustated…. got A villa vs wolves on espn,, and another football match on star sports……. force india bad luck… spa is no more lucky track for uall… vjm 04 is very slippery on wet tracks.

    1. That’s a preview of what’s to come for F1 in 2012…

  5. jeez, Pastor showing Nascar attitude to Lewis…… what a noob?

    1. i know right? i like retaliation in nascar because the cars are tough, but you can’t do that in f1, you’ll destroy the car. He’s lucky he didn’t crash himself out.

  6. Not watching quali but it looks like Hamilton might be affected by ,maldonaldo’s hit. What happened to Button. Let’s hope if can pull something special out of the bag tomorrow

    1. Button was victim of this weekend’s Stupid McLaren Strategy Call(tm) where they told him to abort his last flying lap despite the fact that it was a drying track and he did actually need it.

  7. Will Lewis’s car be allowed to be patched up, for the sake of the sponsors?

    No idea what Maldonado was thinking…

    Anyway, great qualifying. Vettel on pole but Lewis for the win, I reckon. Also Button will be in top 5 and Schumacher top 10.

    1. I would imagine they’ll be allowed to fit new bodywork as long as it’s shown to be the same spec as the damaged part.

      Parc Ferme usually still allows repairs to be made, otherwise Schumi will have to start with 3 wheels!!

      1. True, LOL!

  8. So it’s not just Hamilton that they get things wrong for, is it! LOL

    Remains to be seen what the stewards will make of the incident involving Maldonado and Hamilton. I would be surprised if Maldonado is allowed to start the race!

  9. I really hope Senna can have a good race, even though I’m a Button fan, I was really rooting for him to get into Q3…

    …So much so that I forgot about Button until I saw him in the drop zone…and in the pits :(

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