2011 Belgian Grand Prix championship points

2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

1Sebastian Vettel259
2Mark Webber167
3Fernando Alonso157
4Jenson Button149
5Lewis Hamilton146
6Felipe Massa74
7Nico Rosberg56
8Michael Schumacher42
9Vitaly Petrov34
10Nick Heidfeld34
11Kamui Kobayashi27
12Adrian Sutil24
13Sebastien Buemi12
14Jaime Alguersuari10
15Sergio Perez8
16Paul di Resta8
17Rubens Barrichello4
18Pastor Maldonado1
19Pedro de la Rosa0
20Jarno Trulli0
21Vitantonio Liuzzi0
22Bruno Senna0
23Jerome d’Ambrosio0
24Heikki Kovalainen0
25Timo Glock0
26Narain Karthikeyan0
27Daniel Ricciardo0
28Karun Chandhok0

Constructors’ championship

1Red Bull426
7Force India32
8Toro Rosso22

Detailed breakdown of the championship standings so far: 2011 F1 statistics: Championship points

2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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    41 comments on “2011 Belgian Grand Prix championship points”

    1. Sebastian Vettel, 2011 championship practically assured now

    2. Leiws Hamilton gets taken out by Kobayashi, and there is no surprise what the FIA old boys do, as I said earlier this is the net result of the FIA clearly racist treatment of Lewis Hamilton, which had sent the signal to the other drivers; its ‘open season’ on Lewis; you can do what ever when he tries to pass you, knowing full well that the FIA will either look the other way, or punish Lewis…disgarceful

      1. Cool story bro. LOL!

      2. I don’t think it has anything to do with racism really. But it is a bit odd, with all the things they do punish for (especially HAM), and I don’t think it is a coincidence it involved HAM.

        I have to say, I do see other drivers getting more aggressive with HAM, something they didn’t do with either ALO, or VET, or BUT, and it is partly due to HAM always getting in danger of being punished if he has a contact. The FIA is partly to blame for that, and it is helping ruining races.

        1. Senna used to intimidate his opponents by crashing into them at least once. The next time they meet on the track, the opposing driver would give more room, or defend less, thinking another accident might happen.

          Lewis, being a Senna-wannabe, is _trying_ to do the same thing, but failing horribly.

          Unfortunately for Lewis, he is not accurate enough to get out of trouble. For instance, if you think about when Webber overtook Alonso, both drivers gave zero room, but made it through without a problem. If it was Lewis and Webber, there would most definitely had been contact and a loss of points.

          If I think of the recent Lewis overtakes in non-drs zones, a number of rubbing and bashing has gone on. Massa vs Lewis in the GB race comes to mind, as well has his disgusting show in Monaco.

      3. Wow how someone could change the story…flat out twisting the facts! First of all Hamilton was not taken out by Kobayashi, he took himself out and he even admitted it was his fault.
        So what racism? Black vs. Yellow? Gimme a break!

    3. He’s already got more points than at the end of last year.

    4. Seb already has more points this yeaer than he had last year. How early can he wrap this up?

      1. I think he can wrap it up in about 2 races, if he is 125 points or latest in 3 races, being over 100 points ahead of Webber then.

    5. It’s over. There’s no way to stop Vettel and Redbull unless there’s absence.

    6. I’m sure there is no losing it for Sebastian Vettel from here. He is too far ahead. If we assume that there is no way Webber will beat him, then he has a 102 point lead to Alonso – who has a far slower car it would appear.

    7. Given how bad Ferrari have been for most of the year with tyres (saving them and using them) I’m amazed Alonso is third.

      1. If it had been a ‘proper’ summer with reasonably high temperatures in the high-20s – not even in the low-30s as most summers are nowadays – Ferrari would have owned the field in Canada and from Great Britain on where the major upgrade was introduced, I believe…

        Utter bad lack this weather was. Every race was wet or low temp race bar Valencia.

        1. @ Atticus’s firt comment: Couldn’t agree more. Also dont you guys think that in this particuler season we have seen many more wet races compared to other seasons.

      2. That shows why he needs better car…

        1. …And again why did the team not call him in during the SC period? Why on Earth?

          Alonso gave it his all in all sense, catapulted himself from 8th to 1st on his own and then Ferrari screws up the strategy again.

          I’m fed up with this situation. I believe he drives alot better than he did in his championship winning years. Yet he gets nowhere since 2008.

          1. They didn’t call him in because he had just gotten his new tyres and felt their car used those better than RB. Still, afterwards it looks like picking up new ones had been the better decision.

    8. Guys, I follow how the championship would unfold if it was still the old 10-6-4-3-2-1 point system.

      Vettel would have 97 points from Hamilton, Alonso and Webber all on 45 (!) and Button on 44 (!!)…

      1. Interesting, but an even more crushing lead.

    9. If Red Bull have both cars as non-finishes in Italy, Singapore, and Japan and McLaren have three 1-2 finishes, Red Bull will still be first in the Constructor’s Championship by 2 points.

    10. Give Vettel and Red Bull the WDC and WCC, because the only way they aren’t going to win this is if Milton Keynes is destroyed by a meteorite.

      1. Even that won’t work. Newey could whip up a couple of cars and updates from the debris.

        1. I had underestimated the genius of Newey!

        2. Hahaha, awesome!

        3. Nice one Steph! :)

          1. Thank you everyone :)

    11. Back after the amazing Spa Grand Prix with another points summary.

      Vettel 259
      Webber 167
      Alonso 157
      Button 149
      Hamilton 146

      There’s 175 to play for; and again, still open. Here are the gaps:

      Webber -92
      Alonso -102
      Button -110
      Hamilton -113

      It’s not possible for Vettel to wrap it up by Monza. Singapore, however… is possible.

      In Singapore, there will be 125 points to play for. So. By the Singaporean checkered flag, he has to, over the next TWO races now, outscore:
      Webber by 34 points (17 points average)
      Alonso by 24 points (12 points average)
      Button by 16 points (8 points average)
      Hamilton by 13 points (6.5 points average) – a win is 7 points; so winning the next two would knock Hamilton out of the race, even if Hamilton scores 2nd in both races.

      For him to do so by the Suzuka checkered, he has to outscore (over the next 3 races):
      Webber by 9 points (3 points average).
      Webber is the only one “above the curve” in this regard. The others, however, have to catch up a set amount of points. Vettel can let the following happen, and still win:
      Alonso has to outscore him by 1 point (.33 average)
      Button has to outscore him by 9 points (3 average)
      Hamilton has to outscore him by 12 points (4 average)

      By Korea, with only 75 points left on the table, EVERYONE is below the curve. Note that for all the stats below, if the guys outscore him by that number of points, Vettel will be champ by 1 point

      Webber has to outscore him by 16 points (4 average)
      Alonso has to outscore him by 26 points (6.5 average)
      Button has to outscore him by 34 points (8.5 average)
      Hamilton has to outscore him by 37 points (9.25 average)

      By India:
      Webber has to outscore him by 41 points (8.2 average)
      Alonso has to outscore him by 51 points (10.2 average)
      Button has to outscore him by 59 points (11.8 average)
      Hamilton has to outscore him by 62 points (12.4 average)

      By Abu Dhabi:
      Webber has to outscore him by 66 points (11 average)
      Alonso has to outscore him by 76 points (12.67 average)
      Button has to outscore him by 84 points (14 average)
      Hamilton has to outscore him by 87 points (14.5 average)

      By Brazil:
      Webber has to outscore him by 91 points (13 average)
      Alonso has to outscore him by 101 points (14.43 average)
      Button has to outscore him by 109 points (15.57 average)
      Hamilton has to outscore him by 112 points (16 average)

      So. Singapore looks unlikely, but if he can gain 9 points (over the next 3 races) over Webber, and not lose any gap towards his other contenders, he WILL be champion, by Suzuka. With FOUR RACES remaining.

      Scary isn’t it?

      Will be back for another scary update in 3 weeks time, after Monza. Ciao!

      1. Great, great summary Raymond! I’ll be really surprised if Vettel doesn’t wrap it all up before Korea.

        1. Cheers mate. It’s all running in a massive mega spreadsheet I’ve been running for a while. Maybe Keith would like to read this too as I know Keith is also quite an anorak :P

          Speaking of anoraks, is the race stats up yet?

      2. So who do we nominate to take him out for the next 3 races?

        1. Kobayashi, Maldonado and Hamilton have quite a talent for that kind of a mission. If they fail Massa, DiResta or a backmarker will do. Keep believing until its mathematicly impossible!

      3. Great stats! Thanks : )
        Can you share that spredsheat somehow? I would like to have a copy to play with my self : )

      4. Thanks for the summary Raymond. Above I answered Dan Thorn on the same line from memory, but this really perfectly shows what an uphill battle the others are facing here.

    12. Bravo Pastor, finally in the points on an occasion that seemed less likely than other.

    13. It hardly needs saying both Championships are over. Before this race there was an outside chance of the constructors for someone other than RBR but I can’t see it now.
      Roll on 2012, but until then just enjoy each race as it comes along.

    14. I find it hard to get bitter about 2011 being wrapped up so dominantly by Vettel given that we had a fantastic 2010. We know this sport can produce fantastic entertainment irrespective of the end result, todays fantastic race displayed that.

      Personally I can take pleasure in a 92 point lead. Give it ten years and people will be heaping praise all over Vettel. Fangio, Senna and Schumacher all got that treatment and so will he. He deserves it.

      1. It’s interesting isn’t it? 2010 gave us boring races (save for a few rain affected ones, or Canada) and a great championship battle, while 2011 is giving us a hell-boring championship but great on-track battles

    15. The only drama left involving Vettel is whether his individual point total can overtake McLaren in the constructor’s championship. He’s only 36 points behind them.

      1. LOL!! someones gotta tell the bookies..

        1. He’d need to get 5 more points than McLaren in five of the remaining seven races and 6 more points in the other two races.

          I’ll give you 50/1 on that!

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