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2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Live: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix”

  1. What a weekend for Hamilton eh? troubles comes in two’s!! Seriously though, i think they need to have a rule that if you have a part of the car broken, you should pit immediately!! Maybe Kobayashi’s broken front wing, caused huge understeer and probably the cause of the crash?

    1. Cause of the crash was Kobayashi putting his car where it shouldn’t have been.
      If you look at Hamilton’s cockpit camera, he hadn’t moved the steering wheel at all when Kobyashi turned into him. If you’re going to pass round the outside, you can’t turn into the car on the inside – unless you are clearly in front. Kobyashi was barely even alongside.

    2. i stopped watching the race after that, no point for me to keep watching it though.

  2. Really angry. Hamilton has been ridiculously hard done by mansell this weekend. Dont understand why he got repremanded for the maldonado incident and at least investigate the kobayashi incident!

    1. Agreed.

      Remember, though, that Mansell is only one of the stewards.

  3. really annoying that they chose not to even investigate. Blatant injustice!!!!

  4. I think the FIA are letting down Hamilton when the other drivers think they can getaway with making Hamilton look like he is the troubel maker on the grid.

    Lets face it the other drivers envy Hamilton’s sheer talent and passion. Like him or not he is the special one on the grid. The facts said so!

    So FIA should have protected the sport’s integrity by being transparant and consistant on thier dession making and interptation of the rules!!

  5. Safety car gift for Vettel. Race went from looking great, to boring. Robbed of a great race!

  6. Alonso was the star for me. Did brilliantly to get his car upto 1st so early on after starting 8th. Then not pitting on saftey car and the horrendoues pace on the mediums meant he could only finish 4th. Quite sad really.

  7. Donna Gubaton
    28th August 2011, 14:51

    He will always be!;”) he put up a good race today..:”) im just disappointed i think the team made a wrong strategy…

  8. I’m sorry guys, but blaming Kobayashi for that crash is just stupid. He had the right to try and repass Lewis, so he went to the outside and drove alongside him. Hamilton just thought he was far in front already and didn’t leave enough room. Kobayashi was as guilty for the crash as Hamilton was yesterday.

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