2011 Belgian Grand Prix: complete race review

2011 Belgian Grand Prix

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Start, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011
Start, Spa-Francorchamps, 2011

Find all the F1 Fanatic Belgian Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Belgian Grand Prix review – Vettel victorious in dramatic Spa race

Vettel ??surprised?? by race pace after tyre worries – Red Bull were concerned about blisters

Hamilton: ??I was ahead and got hit?? – Hamilton initially blamed Kobayashi

Hamilton accepts blame for Kobayashi crash – “It was my fault today 100%”

Your views

Vote for your Belgian Grand Prix driver of the weekend – Pick the driver who impressed you the most

Rate the race: 2011 Belgian Grand Prix – Your verdict on the Grand Prix

Belgian Grand Prix analysis

2011 Belgian Grand Prix stats and facts – Virgin match record for most starts without a point

Red Bull team review – Newey relieved after ??scariest race ever??
McLaren team review – Button hit by debris in first-lap scare
Ferrari team review – Harder tyres still the car?s weakness
Mercedes team review – Schumacher climbs 19 places to fifth
Renault team review – Petrov buoyed by R31 upgrades
Williams team review – Maldonado claims first point
Force India team review – Drivers compromised by qualifying
Sauber team review – Kobayashi crashes, Perez penalised
Toro Rosso team review – Race over in six laps after crashes
Lotus team review – Double finish despite first corner collision
HRT team review – Ricciardo leads the stragglers before retiring
Virgin team review – Glock apologises to di Resta for collision

Race data


2011 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying review – Vettel on pole again after action-packed session

Hamilton and Maldonado come to blows on track – Controversial collision in Q2

Button: Q2 exit ??massively disappointing?? – Button blames “misunderstanding”

Penalty for Maldonado, Hamilton gets reprimand – Maldonado moved back five places on the grid

Extra tyres made available for teams at Spa – Concerns over tyre blistering prompted Pirelli to make new tyres available

2011 Belgian Grand Prix qualifying analysis – Alguersuari and Senna shine in wet qualifying

2011 Belgian Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Hamilton versus the Red Bulls for Spa win

2011 Belgian Grand Prix grid – Vettel on pole for the ninth time in 2011


2011 Belgian Grand Prix practice three report – Webber leads final practice at wet Spa

2011 Belgian Grand Prix practice two analysis – Weather makes DRS decision tough for teams

2011 Belgian Grand Prix practice two report – Webber fastest before the rain returns

2011 Belgian Grand Prix practice one analysis – Little running in rain-hit first practice

2011 Belgian Grand Prix first practice report – Schumacher quickest as rain falls in first practice

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  1. How can we improve our coverage?

    Create an F1F TV station, where you broadcast the race live with commentary from you.
    Seriously, I can’t think of something else to improve the way F1F currently is.

    1. I wish I could :-)

      1. You could always just do Live commentary (an F1FFM, if you will). People could then choose to listen to that with the TV on mute.

        1. That’s pretty much F1 Fanatic Live, albeit text based.

          L.A.K has that one covered ;)

  2. All in all another great race in the forest. Mike did well finally, since rejoining F1. Lewis needs a Life Coach. Nobody, I mean nobody, swings out before taking a turn. At least professionals don’t. Too bad Senna wasn’t aware of the braking point at La Source. If only everyone was on their game that day. So many talented drivers. So many different perspectives. Vettel seems to be the only one with somewhat consistent variables. His abilities coupled with Newey’s car seems to be almost unbeatable this year, championship wise. With that, it’s pretty much an uncontested effort.

  3. This article has been very useful for me to verify the predictions of the “Random Predictions Contest”.

    1. And useful also weeks later, when the articles for these race have vanished from the homepage and I want to see the standings after this race. Thanks Keith!

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