Classic F1 Ferraris on track at the Red Bull Ring

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The A1-Ring, now renamed the Red Bull Ring, played host to F1 cars once again last weekend as Ferrari’s Corse Clienti took to the track.

Among the cars in action was a 1988 F1/87-88C of that type scored that memorable win for the team at Monza following the death of Enzo Ferrari.

More recent machines including the F2005 and F2008 also lapped the former home of the Austrian Grand Prix. Marc Gene did a demonstration run in a 2009-spec F60.

Here are pictures of the cars in action:

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Images © Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo

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40 comments on “Classic F1 Ferraris on track at the Red Bull Ring”

  1. Keith, in the pictures you spelled “Marc” with a “k” ;)

    1. Changed, thanks.

    2. Also, that’s a F2007 not F2008!

      Note the livery, lower cockpit siderests, front wing etc.

      1. Ah, so it is, sorry about that.

        1. The carshapes actually are quite similar now that I look back at it.

          1. I’m still going to beat myself up, though :-)

  2. In the last picture you can see a pit crew member with the 2010 Ferrari logo on his headphones. Something I wouldn’t have expected from Ferrari ;)

    1. Its ridiculous to change all headphones in the company just to change a logo that it isnt used just because FOM doesnt want it televised.

  3. There’s nothing better than a classic F1 cars display! Was it just those few cars or were any from earlier years on show?

  4. Look at the road cars in the paddock as well!

  5. Nice to see F1 cars at this track again. It’s a pity that Red Bull didn’t decide to host a one-off return at the track in 2012. It would be Red Bull’s 25th anniversary, and I would’ve thought the possibility of seeing their team and their driver win on their track would be too hard to resist.

    1. They might still do that, just there is no chance of that being anythink close to an F1 race.

      1. I reckon they could have had a one-off F1 race there, but they were never going to get a long-term deal with Russia and others coming into the calendar in the future.

  6. I hope when we get Turbos in 2014 the air boxes disappear again. Huge bonus would be if cars become wider again and bigger tyres come back, but sadly that’s only a dream. Those last generation of turbo cars (including those who drove in indy/champcar) are just so beautiful. Wide, low, exactly how a racecar should be.

    Oh and eh, Ferrari please come to Zandvoort with your Corse Clienti, I’d like to see that:) (If possible).

  7. Would hardly call the F60 a classic Ferrari :P

    1. Maybe not the F2005 either! :P

    2. Classically dismal.

  8. I prefer the look of the ’09 car to this years, even though they’ve bastardised it by putting it in the wrong livery. Hate the nose on the ’11 car, and the use of white (which I’m not a fan of) was better on the ’10 car.

    1. yep agreed the F60 was very beautiful in spite of being 2009 spec.

  9. Nice to see the driver of the F1/87-88C wearing a replica Gerhard Berger helmet (assuming it wasn’t actually Berger), given that it was the Austrian who won the 1988 Italian GP in that type of car.

    1. It’s like Berger’s but with an Italian flag ratther than an Austrian one, did Berger ever use that design when he was at Ferrari?

  10. Some bute pics, thanks Keith.

  11. Great to see the Corse Clienti cars out and about. If I won the lottery I’d sign up.

    I’ve always thought that the 1988 victory was probably more fixed at a level that would make Briatore applaud however. Oh, to be a fly on the wall as the cars were weighed after the race… was someone perhaps sitting in the Ferrari to make it heavy enough? :)

    1. Nonsense IMO. they’ve bought Schlesser and/or Williams too I assume?

  12. The first picture show just how beautiful wide F1 cars are. We seem to be making them narrower and narrower these days which is a shame.

    Is there a good reason why we can’t have wider F1 cars when the V6 engines come in offering more mechanical grip and also get rid of some more aero?

  13. In the past i was never fond of Ferrari’s from 84 – 88, they just didn’t seem do it for me, but whenever I look at them now they just look…right. So pretty.

    1. Looking at that rear angle shot, though, you can’t help but notice how exposed the drivers’ heads were.

      1. We really have come a long way, people ma. The scariest images for me are always of the Lotus 102, you can see the driver’s shoulders! When you think about what happened to Donnelly you wonder how anyone got in the car.

  14. Ferrari were on to the exhaust blown diffusor back in 1988 if you look at the first pic ;-)

  15. The first picture is just gorgeous. Thanks for these photos Keith!

  16. I always wondered how they maintain and manage all the different parts for the historic cars, especially the engines which don’t have long lives…

  17. Is there any chance this ferrari client day would come to a track in the uk?

    1. I doubt it. They don’t have any (major) British based sponsors.

      1. Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious, but who is their Austrian sponsor?

  18. uhhhh, 2008 – those were the days when the F1 cars looked incredibly neat. I guess we wont get to see such aerodynamically superior cars again.

    1. Neat? With all of the silly aero protruding everywhere? I think the cars are much more neat now tbh. I wish the rear wing was less like a box though.

  19. haven’t seen soo many Ferraris together like on the 6th picture.

  20. So much lovely red :)

  21. Marc Gene annoys the crap outta me….

  22. If you look at the group pic, there is a lovely lass right in the middle of the second row. And said lovely lass must’ve driven one of them Ferraris.

    I wonder if she’s already taken. ;) :D

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