Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monza, 2010

Monza to stay dry and warm during Italian GP

2011 Italian Grand Prix weather

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Mark Webber, Red Bull, Monza, 2010
The Italian summer will shine on the Monza race weekend

After a succession of cool and damp race weekends F1 weather will take a turn for the better at Monza.

Rain is a rare sight at the Italian Grand Prix and none is expected this weekend.

The track should see dry conditions on every day with temperatures in the region of 25C throughout, with little to no wind.

The weather radars below show little sign of rain over the three days. There are some indications of showers developing in northern Italy on Sunday, but at this stage it looks unlikely they will affect the race.

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Weather radars

Location of Monza

2011 Italian Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Monza to stay dry and warm during Italian GP”

  1. Great to see a dry weekend for a change. Monza is quite exiting enough without it.

    1. These days are cloudy here but rain hasn’t been seen for a while.

  2. More interesting to see how Ferrari cope with hard tyres in high temperatures. all along they complain about cold temperatures at last 4-5 races.

  3. Dimitris 1395 (@)
    8th September 2011, 9:36

    There will be no high temperatures in this grand prix. The prediction in Italy says 25 degrees celsius for tomorrow, 23 degrees for Saturday and 20 degrees with a possibility to rain in Sunday

    1. hm, will be a tough call on Ferrari then, with the grandstands full of people predominantly requesting them to win it!

      1. I predict we will see another Nurburgring anyway, most dashing into the pits for the medium tyres as late as possible, which is why I think Mercedes will suffer as they’ll probably have to come in earliest.

        1. Monza isn’t really traditionally harsh on tyres, with just 2 fast corners (Curve Grande and Parabolica), remember Vettel done 52 laps on the soft tyres last year ;)

    2. Let’s just say it’s more then the last few races brought by 3-5 degrees. Plus sunshine.

      It could make the difference, but – as I said it’s too little too late now.

  4. At last.

    But all in all I guess it’s too little too late for Alonso.

  5. Don’t know Keith there’s starting to be a fair amount of weather sites saying it’s going to rain on Saturday and maybe a chance on Sunday.

    1. there is a chance of heavy rain on saturday that might happen at the end of qualifying or in the time before the GP2 race but sunday is likely to be dry

  6. I hope it stays dry but it is so hot here! 28 degrees earlier today. Too much for a pastey Brit.

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