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Start, Monza, 2011

Who was the most impressive driver throughout the Italian Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Italian Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Italian Grand Prix weekend:

Sebastian Vettel – Spectacular to watch in qualifying and equally so in the race with a brilliant pass on Fernando Alonso.

Jenson Button – Made two great, opportunistic moves to pass Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher in a single lap, before hunting down and passing Fernando Alonso for second.

Fernando Alonso – An excellent start set him on course for a podium finish, which was the very best the car could achieve.

Michael Schumacher – Another driver who made a great start, he fought hard with Hamilton and finished a strong fifth.

Jaime Alguersuari – Like Button, managed to pass two cars in one lap, while hauling his way up from 18th to a career-best seventh.

Compare all the drivers

Review what happened to each driver over the race weekend and compare their performances with their team mates using the links below:

Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Renault: Bruno Senna and Vitaly Petrov
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Daniel Ricciardo and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Virgin: Timo Glock and Jerome d’Ambrosio

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most throughout the Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Italian Grand Prix weekend?

  • Jerome d'Ambrosio (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (1%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (0%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (5%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Paul di Resta (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (1%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (30%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (4%)
  • Jenson Button (18%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (2%)
  • Mark Webber (0%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (38%)

Total Voters: 547

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    199 comments on “Vote for your Italian GP driver of the weekend”

    1. Keith MSC finished 5th i think?

      1. yeah behind lewis and ahead of massa. Schuey finished fifth.

      2. oops Keith :)

      3. Thanks guys, changed it.

    2. Vettel.

      After Saturday, Seb firmly established himself in the very top tier of drivers over a single lap in the sport’s history. He didn’t get a brilliant start – but that’s literally the one single thing he can be criticised for. His move on Alonso was sheer brilliance as well.

      Special mentions for Alonso, Alguersuari and Button too. Alguersuari’s race was very impressive once again, but he should’ve been higher up on the grid after Saturday so he can’t really get my vote for ‘driver of the weekend’.

      It’s all about Vettel. The kid’s making it look easy. Two World Championships in no time at all. It’s frightening.

      1. I agree with everything you’ve said.

        1. I love it when people say that.

          1. I agree with you ;)

      2. It pains me to say it, but I agree too, although I hope Coulthard and Brundle don’t go on about him possibly being the new Senna or Schumacher too often.

        1. They will stop saying he’s the new Schumi because soon they’ll be saying someone else is the new vettel!!
          and lol at those who voted for Liuzzi!

          1. Liuzzi was amazing… he made up 15 places in the first corner! ;)

            1. Shame he couldn’t quite make the move stick really. :p

        2. themagicofspeed (@)
          13th September 2011, 11:07

          It annoys me when people say that, because Ayrton Senna is un replaceable. He is a legend who still transcends our entire sport. To compare this little kid of a driver, in relative terms, to Ayrton Senna is an insult to the great man. RIP Ayrton.

          Maybe he is Schumacher-esque but imo he has a lot to do before he can be counted among the true greats, like Schumi, Ayrton, Fangio, Prost.

          1. no its not, your putting emotion of his death into your assessment. you do realise Vettel just became the first man in f1 to get 10 pole positions in 2 seasons? senna was a qualifying specialist but never achieved that. if Vettel died at the next race he would instantly be called one of the greats, but instead he will win 8 championships and 100 races and 130 poles and people will still say he is not great because they have hate and jeolousy. he is the brilliant at the moment, the best of the field, and driving better then a 7 times champ, comparitively speeking for your sake, as yes we all know he has the best car, but is getting the most possible out of his car. also Senna and Schumacher have hit other cars into retirement to win championships, such great men, i dont think Vettel would ever have that sort of unsportsman behaviour. vettel has done nothing wrong, only right and deserves credit not criticism. well done to the young man, he is living many peoples dream.

            1. While I agree with the spirit of your post, you stated that Vettel is the first to get 10 poles in two seasons. Senna did it three times.

            2. Let’s not forget that there are more races in a season these days as well so it’s almost easier to achieve 10 poles in a season.

              While he may not be my favourite driver, the only reason I don’t want Vettel to win everything is because it gets boring!! I like seasons where we have a closely fought championship battle between 2 or 3 drivers…

            3. to be fair to Vettel, this year, he’s gotten 10 poles out of 13 races, unlike last year where it took the entire season to get to 10 poles. So one can’t make the argument that it was “easier” to get to 10 poles this year.

          2. Senna is not a god. No sportsman ever trancends their sport, because without the sport they’d be nothing. And, as harsh as it may sound, no driver is impossible to replace. It is impossible to compare Senna and Vettel, just as it is impossible to compare Senna and Fangio – but that doesn’t mean Vettel is worse. As Martin Brundle once said about Vettel : he’s not the Baby Schumi, but he is the real Sebastian Vettel. I wish people would stop diminishing his achievments and finally admit that whether you like him or not (I don’t), Vettel is one of the greatest talents in the history of Formula One.

      3. i was going to give it to Vettel, until I found out he made a complaint to the stewards about Alonso, so instead gave it to Button

        1. To Button, who complained about Schumacher’s driving more than Hamilton did?

          1. Absolute ace response there David A. Button on Schumacher “Maybe he has just lost his memory.” Button had done all the talking with his overtaking and then he goes and says that.

          2. Schumacher’s driving was dodgy to be fair. And for me there’s a difference between giving an opinion to the media and crying off to the stewards.

            1. Button’s opinion suggests that he would have complained if in Lewis’s position. So deciding against Vettel for something that did not affect what he did behind the wheel while brushing a similar attitude under the carpet doesn’t make much sense.

            2. id rather see michael race like he did than button deciding to cut a corner(melbourne) and think he can get away with it, just cos massa put up a fight.

              i dont think officially the rules have changed since spa 1995 it terms of ‘2 moves’ and on that basis michael was fine, he moved to defend and then return to racing line. Thats fine.

              I think the amount of complaints from other drivers, ie button and vettel and lesser so lewis over radio is a great shame….Ill laugh my head off next time they praise senna in an interview. Cos if they do that stinks of double standards. What michael did was tame compared to what they used to get up to!!! or even what michael and juan pablo got up to, and that was only 10 years ago!

        2. Well if you watch the onboard from vettels car you will see why, they were doing about 300kmh there and Alonso squeezed him to the grass, alonso apologized after the race so he too though it was a dangerous squeeze. as a comparison shumacher squeezed hamilton at a slower point, and it was more obvious he would squeeze him there, infact hamilton should have know schumacher would make the move.

      4. After Saturday, Seb firmly established himself in the very top tier of drivers over a single lap in the sport’s history.

        I think he did that before Saturday, but of course every continued pole position just puts more emphasis on it. It’s entirely within the realm of possibility that he’ll pass Häkkinen and Fangio for 6th all time by the end of the season. Pretty staggering for someone who’s easily got another decade of racing left.

      5. Agreed. His move on Alonso was particularly impressive, as he really didn’t need to do it (as the championship is already over) but he got it anyway.

        1. It seriously was. I think he is tired of his critics, he drove with emotion and conviction this weekend and finally people are giving him his due credit.

      6. If Vettel doesn’t win this one he’ll never win a driver of the weekend.

        For me Vettel is the clear winner with Alguersuari, Schumacher, Alonso and Button behind him.

        1. Alguersuari only 7 votes? You must be joking.

      7. Agree with all that.

        And hope this finishes the ongoing thing that “vettel is a good qualifyer, but can’t overtake”. As I’ve said many times that was risk management.

        Hamilton, “the great overtaker” was many laps stuck behind Schumi, and Button did it on his first shot………

        1. Because Schumacher had no more grip in his rear tyres at that point after having to defend for rounds from attacks from Hamilton.

          1. he still didnt get past him after button got past him. buttons move was actually very brave, he braked on the outside line, he actually tried to pass on the outside of that turn which hamilton hadnt tried. button himself later said it was one of his bravest overtakes. maybe hamilton has become too used to “mercedes power, mercedes kers, mclaren drs and slipstream” overtakes, and has forgot how to do late braking moves from a car length behind, he hasnt had to do them since his rookie year, he is to used to mechanical overtaking. he had more downforce then schumachers car so should have tried to outbrake him.

            1. Nope, Schumi was simply can’t defend with worn tyre as Merc car eaten them faster than others. Ham is a great overtaker but can’t. So JB was just waiting when both great racers lost their grip then easy for him.

      8. For me passes of the season so far both go to Vettel.

        1 – pass on Rosberg round Blanchimont at Spa
        2 – pass on Alonso on Sunday at Curva Grande

        Both absolute class. So he’s made a couple mistakes this season, but apart from that he’s been near perfect.

        Its nice to see that F1 finally has its version of Valentino Rossi.

        1. You mean of all the two he made this season, they are the best two?

          Button has made more than 40 ontrack passes for postion this season.

          1. Vettel has made more than two passes this year. He even made more than one in Belgium.

        2. Nah, Hamilton on Schumacher at Monaco for me- that was immense how they came so close without even touching, especially considering how far back Hamilton came from. It just so happened that he made a couple of less well judged overtakes in the same race so that largely went unmentioned in the post-race uproar.

          I’m glad you mentioned Vettel on Rosberg at Blanchimont though- i cant believe how little credit that received. No action replays, no mention post-race, it was almost as if nobody actually noticed it happen.

          1. hamiltons move was nothing, slow speed and suicidal – schumacher chose not to turn in to continue racing instead of retiring. vettels moves were at 300kmh.

        3. Vettel’s pass on Alonso, whilst good, is being blown somewhat out of proportion. Alonso was a sitting duck after putting his car where it had no right to be.

          MSC driver of the weekend for demonstrating the lost art of defensive driving, causing moral outrage amongst the BBC and for putting Hamilton on the grass.

      9. Took the words right away from my fingers there…

    3. I’m ashamed to say I voted for Schumacher, despite my initial selecting of Vettel! I really want to see Schumacher doing well, so when he does show signs of his former self, I can’t help but select him.

      Vettel truly deserves this one, he raced without incident and actually made the overtake that his critics said he couldn’t do. This weekend has sent him far up in peoples estimates.

      1. I feel silly now – I wish I could go back and vote for Seb now I’ve thought about it!

        1. I was also torn between those two guys and had a hard time deciding who to vote for, but now it’s all clear to me: I’ll vote for Vettel and restore the balance. There’s no need to thank me, that’s just what I do ;)

      2. Schumi all the way for me. Cracking race all round! Had to watch it twice to take even half of it all in.
        Was due to be there this year too, sadly couldn’t make it.

        1. Schumacher drove a fantastic race, but I wasn’t sure some of his moves defending against Hamilton were at all fair, and based on that I gave it to Vettel instead (Button was considered but let himself down in qualifying and the start).

          1. I can see where you’re coming from, but I personally think they were all “legit” (cough), if a little bold, if not he’d have been penalised by the stewards.
            It’s not like Lewis has been “legit” recently with a lot of his moves :)
            All in all, it made for a fantastic race, don’t you think?

            1. No, but when lewis hasn’t been ‘legit’ he’s been penalised either by the stewards or by crashing… That one steward apparently wanted to at least look into it shows that it was at least marginal a couple of times anyway. He did drive well, I just thought he was a little ‘strong’ with his defence a couple of times, so based on that I passed it to Vettel (and because of his near faultless performance).

          2. Yes, he was penalised cos he made stupid moves. Schumis moves were all legal, moving once and then moving back onto the racing line is legal.
            I just think it was great RACING, which, quite frankly we haven’t seen much of in the past years and what F1 needs.
            After all, racing is what F1 is about.

            1. I have been hanging out for what we saw on Sunday for years – Schuey & Hamilton going at it hammer & tongs. It was absolutely awesome. Sure some of the moves were harsh but this wasn’t a tea party. I am torn as to who is the DOTW, so many contenders. But in the end I think I’m going to have to give it to Vettel. Didn’t put a foot wrong all weekend, as I consider its no shame to be passed like he was by a fired up Alonso in front of the Tifosi. And he got his own back & then some. Vettel it is then.

            2. Totally agree on the Hamilton Schumacher battle, it was nice to see, good to see Button end up in the mix too and taking advantage.

              The continuous talk about whether or not Schumacher did something wrong really detracted from the quality of an otherwise excellent fight.

            3. It was a nice battle but if Lewis was in front, you, well I, would no doubt believe it woundn`t get past ten laps without a penalty to Lewis. I`ve come to realise its just a show run by fat middle class white men.

    4. Surely Vettel’s going to win this one!
      Schumacher and Alguersuari deserve honourable mentions though.

    5. Tough one.

      Vettel was spectacular, Button and Alonso drove faultless races and Schumacher seemed to be back to his old self. Still, I have to go for Jaime. From 18th to 7th in a Toro Rosso is just ridiculous. His pace was amazing, with only the guys in the top 4 teams being able to consistently put in faster laptimes.

      1. I think Schumacher’s been up to it for a while now, the car just doesn’t normally put him in a position to be fighting the front runners, and as a result he’s not been covered much in the broadcasts. He and Rosberg would both be up right at the front mixing it up with the other top drivers if only Mercedes could give them a car to drive. I hope they can sort it out in time for 2012 so we can see both drivers genuinely in the mix for next year’s championship.

        1. interesting thought, how long would rosberg been able to hold off lewis?

          a lap? maybe 2 at tops 5 IMO.

          1. you are rigth they say that mainly Nico is a better driver than Schumi, et poles this year is the only place where I think that will fit. Because on the sunday race Michael rules by a long shot.

        2. Yes, I really hope Ferrari and Mercedes and even Renault take a step forward next year.

          Yes Ferrari has won a race, but only due to an inspired Alonso. 1 race win compared to 4 for McLaren and 8 for Redbull isn’t good enough.

    6. For the second successive race, an incidentally the only two times this season I’ve done so, I voted for Vettel.

      He once again showed that he was capable of taking the Red Bull to pole at yet another track that shouldn’t have suited their car, and in the process, completely humiliated his team-mate and the rest of the grid. It really is ominous to think that Red Bull can be on pole in Hungary and Monza.

      But it’s even more ominous that Vettel gave everyone the slightest sniff of his championship lead in the middle of the season, yet has managed to come back and demoralise everyone at two of the tracks few people expected him to do well at. His race was yet again, sublime. He did everything right whilst everyone else faltered, which in a way sums up his season. His start was the only mistake he made all weekend, but even that might have been down to the fact the Ferrari is naturally quick off the line and faster in a straight line. And then there was his pass on Alonso. I won’t deny that I have been sceptical of Vettel’s race-craft and bravery, but that would have to be one of the overtakes of the year, only behind Webber’s pass on Alonso in Spa. Alonso made it very clear that he wasn’t going to let Vettel through, and the only reason he didn’t push him any further onto the grass was the fact it would have almost definitely caused an accident. But it surprised me that Vettel, with two wheels on the grass at over 300km/h, didn’t even think about lifting, and then managed to outbrake Fernando into the chicane.

      For me, his last two races have cemented him as the driver of the season, and a very worthy double World Champion.

      1. I also voted for Seb on just these 2 occasions.
        I’m more than happy that he finally proved his overtaking skills to the skepticals. They have been the most boring thing to read in F1F comment over the whole season.

      2. You mention Spa, I was really frustrated by all the action we didn’t see broadcast from Spa, not even as replays. I think we could’ve missed a great move by Seb on Webber after the safety car restart.

        I’ve watched the footage back carefully and know that Webber exited La Source ahead of Seb but by the time they hit the Kemmel straight Seb was infront. The pass was never shown on the BBC at least.

        1. How big a fight do you think Webber put up?

          1. Probably not much. It was most likely an opportunistic pass that Mark wasn’t expecting (like Schumacher on Massa and Kobayashi at Montreal), rather than one he was prepared to defend from.

        2. And what about the other overtakes in or after Blanchimont we didn’t get to see. I’ve reviewed the Spa GP and noticed he was overtaking a few other people besides Rosberg in the last sector and based on the delta’s they we’re showing I think he took those places in Blanchimont also.

      3. This. I really don’t have too much to add about Vettel, this season he’s really started to show his maturity and skill. While he has often led from the front, making it difficult to judge his race craft, his overtaking manoeuvre on Alonso was sublime, and gutsy to boot. As Damon says, a very worthy doubly World Champion.

        Button has also been supreme of late, while not able to match Hamilton on raw pace, he seems to be the more complete driver, cool and calculating and his over taking this season has been fantastic. If he can just get to terms with Hamilton in terms of speed, he’ll really shine next season.

        It was good to see Schumacher pushing the car to the limits for the second race in a row, and his defence on Hamilton was right on the edge, but in the end fair I would say. I think he got the highest possible place he could have this weekend, I’d love for Mercedes to be able to give him and Rosberg a car that really showcases their talent.

        Alonso drove as well as could be expected in an under performing Ferrari, was lucky to get a podium and can thank Schumacher for holding up Hamilton. Massa drove a good recovery after his tangle with Webber, decent qualifying from him and very magnanimous (as Rob Smedley would say, I’ll explain it to you later Felipe) of him to give Alonso a tow around the circuit.

        Alguersuari drove nicely through the field considering his grid position, but this seems to be almost a strategy this season, it seems to me that qualifying doesn’t count nearly as much these days.

        1. That. Is not a sentence.

    7. Think Vettel might get his first of the year here, untouchable in quali and the race (except for the start), and no one else had a really stellar weekend.

    8. This will be the first time this season I’ve picked Vettel. He drove a great race, kept his foot in when passing Alonso and gave us a fantastic moment, and then kept it calm and composed from there on.

      I’m sure the argument often goes back and forth about whether Vettel is any good when he parks it on pole and disappears early in the race, but for me that was one of the bravest passes I’ve seen in a while. The only other recent one I can think of that impressed me as much was Kubica last year at Valencia. And with that, I can’t really deprive him of my DOTW vote. Everyone else has had their grumbles this weekend, and yet Vettel has once again aced it.

      On a somewhat related note, I genuinely hope that Vettel clinches the title at the next race. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a McLaren fan and would frankly rather see anyone else winning at this point, but the teams and drivers refusing to accept defeat is driving me loopy. Yes, I understand that the sponsors would go off it if they admitted it, but it’s been sounding like a broken record for as long as I can remember.

      1. I agree, for me that was easily the pass of the year, and more impressive than Webber on Alonso in Spa, which was largely down to the speed differential on pit exit. Webber himself even downplayed its significance after the race. It took massive “attachments” as David Hobbs says, to attempt and complete that pass around Curva Grande. Honorable mention to Schumacher for basically pulling off the same pass on Hamilton a few laps later.

        1. I agree.
          Furthermore when Webber overtook Alonso through Eau Rouge, Alonso bailed out before they entered the corner really. It was brave yes, but Vettel were controlling at car at 300km/h with one set of wheels on the grass at full beans around the outside of another car. I think that was maybe not just as brave as Webber’s move, but required a lot more skill to keep his car from spinning out or fishtail violently underneath him.

          1. Is that you, Herr Marko?

            1. No, merely a differing opinion from yours.

        2. webbers moved seemed not so in control and lucky that alonso lifted otherwise it would have been an accident, but then he was brave enough to put alonso in that position to have to lift off. both moves were brave and equally impressive when watched from onboard.

    9. MICHAEL SCHUMACHER ,without a doubt the best,most experienced and classiest driver in Monza with a car only half as good as the leaders.
      He should win this week again!!

      1. you knows it! :)

    10. Finally the time has come for Vettel to be driver of the weekend. Really flawless performance. If Vettel had failed to pass Alonso, then MSC would’ve gotten my vote.

    11. I chose Vettel.

      His only mistake all weekend was on one of his qualifying laps and yet he still managed to set the two quickest times.

    12. Like at Spa, I voted for Vettel. Beating his best time in qualifying by so much showed he was able to put in a perfect lap. His race was awesome, he had the race’s best overtaking manoeuvre and he understood the importance of his win when he got emptional on the podium. He showed himself a human, not a machine, and one that gets such great results consistently deserves to win.

    13. Wow. Vettel is leading the poll! Is that a first this year?

      1. Another one for the statistics then :-)

      2. Yep. I had a feeling he would this time.

    14. Vettel hands down. Lost the lead to another great Alonso start, but showed once again that he isn’t afraid of going wheel to wheel with the best by getting the lead back with a courageous, determined pass on the Ferrari (ironically seconds after the other Red Bull crashed trying pass the other Ferrari). From there on in, the rest of the field had no answer.

      Schumacher, Button, Di Resta are honourable mentions.

    15. Great performance from Vettel. DOTW for sure.

    16. Has to be Vettel. I have to admit to not being 100% convinced he was THAT good but the last 2 races have confirmed his position as not just in the top 3 drivers but perhaps right at the top.

      His pass on Alonso was special, very brave and vital at that stage of the race. Pretty much secured his second WDC. Well done!

    17. If Vettel doesn’t get this then I have no idea what he has to do – start from the pit lane on soft tyres and get into the points?

      1. Drift through Ascari and go faster than everyone else? Oh wait…

        1. Pretty sure the lap in which he drifted through ascari was slower. It was his lap after that which was quicker.

    18. The only thing Vettel didn’t achieve this season is a DOTW on this web page…

      1. U can make that out coz we still have people here who vote for Hamilton to be DOTW.

        1. lol. I think most people are just answering this quesion

          Which driver impressed you the most throughout the Grand Prix weekend?

    19. It’s close between two Germans this weekend, but you got to give it to Vettel, he was mighty to say the least. And he made it look easy, again! Just look at Webber’s weekend for comparison.
      Schumacher comes close second, by being able to extract a little bit extra from his car potential and teaching Hamilton a good lesson of proper racing.
      And i also would like to say hi to people with good sense of humor and irony – they voted for Liuzzi as DOTW. Nice one, fellas.

      1. Oh, and i forgot to mention JB! Maybe Lewis has more raw speed, but that’s not the only thing you need in F1 these day. He lost to Jenson in terms of setting his car up, planting his moves on the others and working his race strategy. He was faster, okay, but he’s finished behind again.

    20. I voted MSC because Vettel didn’t have a “perfect” race!!!He was the fastest in the race (lap 49) but on lap 52 first Button and finally Lewis managed the fastest lap of the race. :)

      Seriously though, If someone after the race at Monza last year would told that the 2011 Italian GP would be dominated by a single red bull i would laughed !!!!!

    21. Vettel Owned the weekend in the car that was ment to be nowhere this weekend. Has to win drive of the week at last!

      By a Schumacher fan

      1. I would agree more at this track, as RB shouldn’t be strong, but Newey has made a car that is almost invincible, harking back to Ferrari/Schumi domination for years.
        He still has to be an awesome driver to do what he does, but the car/setup/package just has such an advantage, and not one F1 driver is (or shouldn’t be) capable of doing what he has done in the kit he’s been provided with.
        They are all superb drivers, given the right machinery, pretty much all are capable of dominating. (they wouldn’t be in F1 if they weren’t)
        Imagine Kobayashi or Schumi in the RB!
        Cracking race all round though, superbly entertaining, even though I am a Ferrari fanatic. :)

        1. make that

          and not one F1 driver “isn’t” (or shouldn’t be) capable of doing what he has done in the kit he’s been provided with.

    22. Good Lord who voted Liuzzi as DOTW?

      1. Maybe Nicos’ ex-girlfriend?

        1. I would if I was logged in, overtake of the race!

          1. That was the most expensive bowling strike in the world!
            Me and my brother almost simultaneously said “STRIKE!” while watching the replay and had a good laugh.

      2. Well after all he was briefly in the points, in an HRT!, before Rosberg and Petrov got in the way of him…

    23. At Spa I voted for Michael. However, this one had to go to Vettel. His pole lap was simply spectacular. He was able to after the start take back the lead in a car that was much slower on the the straights leaving him few corners to make the move. The rest of the the race was “easy” but he still showed no signs of letting his concentration waiver.

      Button drove a great clean race and was able to place better than Lewis in the same car starting from a lower position. But you can only choose one, so Vettel pulls out ahead if for no other reason beccasse he won the race.

    24. I voted Vettel. Mainly for that pass on Alonso.

      Also, special mention for the unintentional drifting in qualy.

    25. wanted to vote for Seb… but, went for Schumi

      Vitantonio Liuzzi (2 Votes)


    26. Vettel easily. Special mentions to: Alonso, Schu, JB and di Resta.

      1. Elaborate! :P

        1. I don’t need to-Vettel was clearly the best this weekend ;)

          Alonso was great and overachieved in a car that is still not good enough. Paul was bang on the pace at a track he’d never been at before and outqualified Sutil. Msc outqualified Ros but that was probably just the tyres however, his racing was very impressive but again, it’s hard to judge when his team mate retired so I don’t want to get too carried away with him. JB wasn’t out before Q3 so that’s a big improvement :P His racing was great too.

    27. Vettel. Button did a nice job, but Vettel is really beginning to evoke the Schumacher of yore. He had McLaren threatening, looking very strong all through practice and the first two qualifying sessions. Then he just blew them away when it counted, leaving them wide-eyed and muttering in the press conference. You also have to look at how he took the lead back from Alonso, aggressively snatching back the spot and ending the Ferrari Story Book Weekend at page 1. Then of course, he blasted away into the distance and was out of sight by the first commercial break.

    28. Fully deserved one for Vettel. Brillian display throughout the weekend.

    29. I went for Schumacher. It’s this extraordinary stuff we need to see in F1. Every driver that can make the difference is important. Brilliant, once again. Also congrats to Lewis for keeping his cool under very tense battle conditions.

    30. People are starting to wonder just how good Seb might be. I’m enjoying finding out. His moves on Alonso at Monza and Rosberg at Spa were some of the best overtaking I’ve seen.

      Back at Suzuka 2009 Seb dominated the entire weekend in difficult conditions while the others who were new to the track really struggled. I remember wondering whether a young Schumacher would have matched that performance.

    31. Several Drivers were outstanding,but Schumacher gets my Vote.Honestly and here comes the Critics i will never Vote for Vettel as long as he’s in the Fastest Car in F1.Which leads to my next statement about his Race,It was amazing watching him answer his Peers & Critics with an outstanding Overtake on Alonso and Scampering away from the Field,Fastest Lap after Fastest Lap,Dominate in Qualifying but apart from that Overtake its become quite normal to witness from Vettel and thats i didnt vote for him.

      Speaking of Michael,Despite moving twice in the Braking Zones several Times,Defending against a Hard Charging Driver like Lewis is the Schumi of the Old & using the Car’s Advantage to the best of his Abilities & finishing the race in a highly Satifiying Position.Anyone Agree?

      1. @younger Hami..Plenty agree.I can see where you are coming from, would Vettel have done in the Merc and Schumi in the RB.Worth thinking on,BUT we will never know.:)

    32. Button and Alonso for me. They’re doing everything they can within the limits of the car. Vettel is just proving the Red Bull car is quicker.

      1. I’ve been lucky enough to see Seb race a few times and he’s on the limit. He’s on the limit in Free Practice, he’s on the limit in Quali and he’s on the limit in the race. The way Seb attacks a corner is as exciting to watch as Schumacher, Alonso or Hamilton.

        He’s on the limit when he’s a half second up on Hami in quali and 7 or 8 tenths on his team-mate, how else would he get the times?

      2. “They’re doing everything they can within the limits of the car” Why shouldn’t Vettel be doing that just because he has the best car?
        I don’t see how coming 2nd in the 2nd fastest car is a stronger performance then 1st in the best car. Or 3rd in the 3rd fastest machine. Yes you might say that Button should have been 3rd, but the other RB was out, and Alonso got 3rd because Hamilton slept during the restart and wasn’t able to get around Schumacher.

    33. JB all the way no contest

    34. JB.. though Vettel was all the way up..
      and there are always if’s and but’s..
      so mine is – if JB didn’t had the clutch issue in start, he would have given good fight to Vettel..

      1. If Liuzzi’s car magically snapped out of its spin and didn’t hit anyone, he would have been in the points.

        That’s monsense that I just posted which proves you can’t judge a performance on ifs and buts.

    35. I almost voted for Lewis, I mean, what did he do wrong. Yes he went beyond the limits of the car and/or his own abilities on his final Q3 lap, a crime 99.99% of driver are guilty of at least once. And he was too interested in those behind at the re-start. But didn’t vote for him, because instead of driving as normal he opted, probably shortly after Spa to finish the race and without an incident that would involve the stewards.

      After those thoughts it was a matter of elimination, Michael, some say “it’s good to see him back”, thats a statement I have to strongly disagree with, for all his abilities and they are good maybe even very good, his disregard for the safety of others and I will stay in front of you no matter what are not part of present day F1. He is a role model to a lot of young drivers, and his over aggresive style etc need to be stamped out. You know a driver has done wrong when the team principle comes on the radio at least twice during the race. Therefore a definite no vote for Michael.

      Alonso, excellent start, is there anything else to say. He admitted he probably pushed Vettel a little too hard, so we will say no more on that incident. Probaly should have been fourth.

      Alguersuari, certainly worth consideration, but for all the drivers behind the Liuzzi crash, those on the right got severly hampered those on the left could cut across the chicane. Without checking feel he was probably on the left, which promoted further up than justified. So probably just lucky, the big negative is why was he so bad in qualifying.

      Button, just a normal good performance, bad start, passed team mate because Hamilton got slowed up. Passed Schumacher after Schumacher he had been warned, and was on worn tyres. Passed Alonso who was in a Ferrari that stuggles on the harder tyres.

      Therefore for the first time the vote has to go to Seb Vettel. Great quali, good pass on Alonso.

    36. Schumacher again had a superb start, then drove a great race and was definitely the entertainer of the day.

      Button proved once again that, in F1, calmness and maturity often count more than the raw speed. If he goes on driving like that, I wouldn’t bet against him winning the second title (not this year, of course).

      But it’s Vettel who gets my vote. His pace was fantastic and he didn’t make any obvious mistakes. But his pass on Alonso was one of the most impressive overtaking manouvres that I have seen since the end of 1996 when I started watching F1. I guess Seb has now silenced some of those critics who have previously pointed at his “inability to overtake”.

    37. Shumacher made me believe in miracles when he regained the 3rd or 4th from Hamilton was it at the curva grande…just spectacular…My vote goes there.
      Vettel was even more dominant here than any other race…his got a ‘mean machine’ underneath him…often makes it an unexplained case for me…no way Vettel is over .500 faster than the next best(for most of the race in Monza) when just before the summer break they were behind Mclarens about .300s in Hungary, at the track they’re usually 1.200s ahead.
      And the move on Alonso would not be that easy on one of the Mclarens or even Schumacher since both were the faster cars than Sunday’s Ferraris. Only Alonso’s good start and Shumacher’s holding of Hamilton kept him 3rd otherwise Alonso would be about 4th or 5th just ahead of Massa.

    38. Schumi’s drive was incredible. Yes, he was faster on the straights, but to keep Hamilton behind for so long was really impressive. The old Schumacher (both good and bad) is back this year. I’ve never been a fan before, but all I can say is bring on 2012!

    39. For the first time this season I’ve voted for Vettel. Almost perfect weekend at a circuit RBR don’t normally go well at. Clever selection of gear ratios and setup to get the legs on the Merc and Ferrari powered cars and then absolutely nailed it to make that work.

      Vettel by miles for me.

      Button some great overtakes, he seems to be making more than Hamilton this season or at least ones that come off. Clever pacing, bringing the pace up slowly, looking after the car and tyres, building pace and waiting for an opportunity from the MSC and HAM scrap which sure enough presented itself.

      Alonso great drive and firm but fair with Vettel, Alonso in the lead in a car that didn’t have the performance to really be there was impressive.

      Schumacher, decent drive, going well lately, maybe he’s got a bit of his mojo back, still think Rosberg would of been ahead of him if he hadn’t been taken out (remember how close ROS was even thought he Qualified on mediums), anyway Schumacher made the most of the cars amazing straight line speed.

      Hamilton well done for not losing his head and binning it, still too many mistakes though, Qualifying and restart in the race, I’m sure he would of been in with a shout of the win on pace without those mistakes.

      So some very good drives, but still Vettel.

    40. HounslowBusGarage
      12th September 2011, 20:22

      I know I’ve read this incorrectly, but “Vote for your Italian GP driver of the weekend” does look as though we are voting for an Italian driver of the GP weekend, in which case we are choosing between. . . . . . Trulli and Liuzzi!

      1. I pick Liuzzi for a fantastic start passing all those cars.

        On the downside he was on the grass sideways & completely out of control!

    41. Vettel gets my vote. He has went up in my estimation this weekend and is starting to make Webber look very average.

      Schmacher gets honorable mention for the usual brilliant start and getting Hamilton on restart and the defensive masterclass.

      1. Snowman, whether it was Webbers choice or the teams choice, Webber qualified and raced in a very different car to Vettel, he had more straightline speed but less cornering speed than SV. SV could not have taken pole with Webbers car or won the race. I suspect it was a team decision to give Mark a “safe” setup in case the “slow on the straights, fast in the bends” setup failed. Unfortunately Mark made the mistake of getting inside Massa at a corner and paid the price, not the first to suffer that fate this year.

        1. Ya HoHum, I’m in kinda same boat, always find myself making excuses for Webber whether its setup or whatever because I feel Webber on his day is every bit as good as Vettel.

          But you just have to take a look at things. Vettel has the championship sewed up and Webber might not even get runner up.

          1. Snowman, no argument with you, but I suspect you might have to move Sebs ballast up a bit higher before Mark can be totally equal. I voted for Seb also.

        2. Button actually explained the Webber/Vettel choices perfectly to Brundle on the grid right prior to the race. Vettel chose his gears based on being confident he’d get pole. Webber chose his based on the lack of confidence (or acceptance of reality) that he wouldn’t get pole. So Webber would need the longer gears to make DRS work for him to get to the front. If you look at McLaren’s top speed in Qauly, it’s clear they chose to be geared more in line with Vettel. For Macca to make their race work, they needed to stay on Vettel’s tail to the first DRS zone. Button’s horrible start and Lewis taking a nap on the restart messed them up.

          The idea that Vettel can only win because he’s in the fastest car is bunk — in Italy he was third fastest. He won because he executed the plan better than Hamilton and Button.

          1. I was watching in USA so didn’t see that interview, I think it’s great that we have a race where down-force is not the only way to go ( despite it’s success this weekend). More tracks with long straights please.

    42. I voted for Senna. Amazing lap in Q2 to beat Di Resta, start ruined by Luizzi and the chaos that ensued, pitted by his team for tyres which sent him to 18th and he still finishes in the points.

      Driver of the weekend for me. Pity nobody seems to agree.

      1. An amazing lap to be half a second slower then Petrov who did less laps.

    43. i voted for Button, but actually any of the drivers that finished 6th through 10 should be noted. Do not understand why MSC got 70 votes unless they were for blocking maneuvers…. R & R

      1. He probably got the votes for defending from a faster car for half the race. I went for Vettel though.

        1. For defending a slower car (the main overtaking opportunities), but faster car in the corners (like overtaking opportunity)
          MSC set purple P1 in sector one after Hamilton over took him, I rest my case.


          1. Come off it. The Mclaren is at least half a second faster around the track, and fell behind the Merc in the first place through Hamilton’s own fault.

            Is it that hard to accept that Lewis lost a straight fight for half the race?

    44. Bernie was right about Vettel all along.

    45. Vettel, had a strategy which was totally reliant on him being out in front in clean air, when Alonso took that away from him it would have been so easy to panic and do something silly, but, unlike the crash-kid of last year, he kept calm and pulled of a ballsy but not-stupid pass to carry on with the program.
      Honourable mentions again to both MSC and JB .

    46. Vettel for me. 1st time this year, but at one point, one has to admit he might well be the complete package now…

    47. HounslowBusGarage
      12th September 2011, 21:24

      I think probably VET for outstanding performance. And although I thought some of his driving was questionable, an honourable mention goes to SCHU for sheer tenacity.
      Had things panned out just a little bit differently, I would have proposed BUT as the complete Driver of the Weekend. BUT demonstrated confidence and realistic understanding both before and during the race.

    48. Voted Vettel, because he deserves to be at least once driver of the week-end! :)

    49. Jaime Alguersuari for me just on race performance, wish we could have seen more of his race!

    50. I for one can clearly see that mercedes is doing something to its formula 1 car. i hope next year they really can deliver MSC a good competitive car, so that everybody can really see what MSC is capable of. Go Schumi SHOW THEM!!!!!

    51. Liuzzi for overtaking the most cars in the shortest distance!

      1. Genuine LOL :D

    52. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      12th September 2011, 22:51

      Or probably I missed the replay, but looks like Italian TV didn’t repeat the awesome overtake Vettel made on Alonso… And finally he was so good that people gave him the DOTW. My vote for him too

    53. DOTW has to be Vettel.

      Many laughs over the Liuzzi’s votes.

    54. Sebastian Vettel for me. Why have so many voted for schumi? He was bordering on ridiculous. If the roles were reversed, Hamilton would have received a penalty “for sure”.

    55. Sorry but we are talking the best driver not the best car. had that been then I would have said Red Bull.

    56. I fear Vettel might win this one. Even though I do believe he possibly was the best driver of the weekend I can’t bring myself to vote for him. Voted Button on his spectacular move on Schumacher and then his equally impressive move on Alonso.

      1. Vettel was the best but because you don’t like him, you voted Button.

        Didn’t realise this was a popularity contest.

    57. I voted MSC, but on the other hand i think Vettel should finally get the DotW award. BTW Alonso is feeling pretty sick i think. Last 2 GP’s he got passed in a nasty way by Webber and Vettel lol.

    58. Check Silverstone 2006 GP2 at becketts for an overtake, Just get the impression that the weight of the media an the FIA are grinding Hamilton down, I feel uncomfortbly watching him in interviews as you know hes gotta stand there an shrug hes shoulders an spew the corparate line, knowing that hes getting shafted by the powers that be, take Charlie`s advice to Ayrton an retire an go fishing.

      1. Doh. was thinking Whiting instead of Syd Watkins.

    59. Vettel for me.

      If this was a Driver Of The Day it would have been tough choosing between Vettel, Button and Schumacher. I probably would have still chosen Vettel just for that overtake with two wheels on the grass close to 200 mph, but seeing as he dominated qualifying and the race AND made the best overtake all day (every season review will feature it, no doubt about it) he’s the DOTW for me.

    60. Schumacher was the driver of the day for me. Top drive, i realy enjoyed this race watching him.

    61. Too many to pick,Vettel’s race was awesome.his move on Alonso was heroic.Button carried the momentum of Spa but this time I have to go for Schumacher.The old dog taught all the tricks in the book to Hamilton with even re-passing him round the outside at turn 3.

    62. Vettel, absolutely. He nailed qualifying (you could see both Hamilton and Button were stunned by the lap he put in).

      But you could also see LH and JB were licking their lips at the start of the GP, knowing the gearing Vettel had. They knew they had the faster cars and it would be a matter of getting to lap 3 for them to use the DRS to pass him. Vettel’s goal was to get clear before the DRS was activated. LH and Button’s goal was to stay within a second until DRS was activated. Vettel did what he needed to do — both by getting right on Alonso at the restart and then that amazing pass. LH and JB didn’t do what they needed to do and the rest is history. This race was really down to the drivers and not the cars.

    63. AJ (@ascar2000us)
      13th September 2011, 4:33

      Finally people have begun to acknowledge Vettel.

      And yet there are those who will always find silly excuses as to why he is at the top.

      1. Even in HRT he would be a winner, right.

        1. Vettel probably wouldn’t have made such a smashing impression on the rest of the field like Liuzzi did. ;)

    64. Vettel. How on earth did he get pole with the slowest car in a straight line at Monza? Oh, then he won by a country mile.

    65. Vettel HAS to win this time, it might be his only chance now!

      Though special mention to Alguersuari for his career best!

      Anyone else notices Alguersuari usually does well in the race when he’s in 18th?

      1. He’s not the only one. Remember Webber in China? He got on the podium!

    66. I think we can see the finger going up for the DotW. To me he was just as good as he was at Spa, only there Button came closer to that with a string of great overtakes, and Webber did more (as he had a whole race instead of just 4 laps :-) ).

      Schumacher is showing us just how much its up to the car in F1. I highly doubt he changed from a couple of races ago. As both Mercedes were in the top 10 and could have finished 3-8 places, the car seems to be working for them.

      1. Mercedes car is most suited to low downforce tracks, I wish we had less wing every race, Red Bull would still be best car but races would be more exciting to watch.

    67. Vettel. No contest. An incredible pass on Alonso after a shaky start shows that the lad knows what he had to do and when he has to do it, as soon as possible. After a couple of laps he was so far ahead and he just kept pulling further and further out. Seeing it on the TV is one thing and looking at the timing is another but actually being there and seeing the physical gap expand is just incredible.

      I’m glad he’s leading the polls. He really deserves it.

    68. Keith, looks like some DNS issue with the site and I’m being forwarded to a bogus f1fanatic site. Either that or this site has been compromised by hackers. How on earth could Sebastian vettel win DoTW poll?
      On a side note, Isn’t the total number of votes very less compared to other polls? Maybe, people thought that they would rather not vote than vote for Vettel :)

      1. Looks about normal so far to me.

    69. DOTW :- Schumi.

    70. Easily Vettel. He just did what no one thought was possible. He was ace in Qualifying, and then that overtake on Alonso was just spectacular and from there he just kept anyone at bay. No one got even a hint of a remote chance of the win. He determinedly proved lap after lap that he was in a class of his own. It looked like they had thrown a F1 car into a GP2 grid. Just brilliant.
      Also that drift through Ascari in Q3 was fanatic. Not very good for his tyres but my god it looked good!

      Honorable mentions to Schumi for great defending, Alonso for a brilliant start and Button for showing Hamilton how to overtake.
      Oh i nearly forgot! Great start for Liuzzi to get and HRT into the points! Albeit rather briefly.

    71. So many drivers right on top of their game.. I even thought Hamilton’s performance was noteworthy, keeping his cool and eventually getting passed Schumi’s incredible defence..
      For me it was tied for first place between Vettel, Alonso, Button and Schumi..

      I gave it to Schumi because it’s just such a pleasure to watch him getting back to his old form..

    72. I voted for Button. His overtakes are just perfectly smooth ;) Just like his driving. I really enjoy watching his moves as they are almost always very clean.
      I don’t really think that Vettel was the Driver of the Race, yes he did overtake Alonso in very close move but com’on he has one second faster car. He was jumping from the corners like crazy and Alonso didn’t have the slightest chance to win this battle. The cars were just at the different level.
      Saying that I don’t want to take anything from this win. He was untouchable this weekend and maybe this is why in my opinion his wins are not as good as 2nd’s from Button.

      1. Button is in the second fastest car at worst and Webber was beating him before the Massa incident. How are his 2nds more impressive than Vettel wins?

    73. Did anyone else notice that the top 10 cars in Q3 were cars numbers 1 -10? Although they didn’t line up that way. Dose this happen often? I’m not sure I’ve noticed it before.

      1. I think it’s happened already this year. Also the seven highest-numbered cars went out in Q1, which again I think has also happened before this year.

        1. Cheers keith, not as rare an event as I thought then?

          On a side note: do you know which drivers have the biggest net gain/loss of positions of the season? I’m thinking biggest gain might be someone like d’ambrosio?

    74. Just broke the habit of a lifetime and voted for Vettel! He really deserved it this weekend, I think the McLaren may have been marginally the best car this weekend, but Seb and Red Bull made no errors. Brilliant pole lap, didn’t panic when he lost the lead to Alonso’s super start (would be start of the season had it not been for his start in Spain!) and then took the place back with a super brave pass around the outside of Curva Grande, on the grass!

      I would like to say though that for me, he has to do that more consistently. In my eyes, he will never be the sports best “racer”, but that’s fine, because he is certainly the best over one lap and a master of creating and managing the lead. He is not yet as good as Hamilton (the “racer”) and no where near Alonso (the all-rounder) as of yet, but but along with Button (the thinker) and whoever is driving the number 2 RBR and Ferrari cars, our sport is in great shape as a contest (at least for race wins anyway!).

      For me definitely the DOTW, only Schumi came close to him, hope he gets this one cause his drives earlier in the year probably weren’t given as much credit as they should have done, he’s won me over in the space of 6 months!

    75. Nah… Vettel… For once. :D

      I think I rate the race a very strong 9 mainly because of the abundance of great, error-free drives.

      Vettel, Button, Alonso, Schumacher all completed a very fine weekend, they all gave it all. Even Hamilton tried every possible way to pass Schumacher, the pair really did make the race a nail-biting one.

      But the at-first-glance-simple drives of Vettel this year are hugely undervalued, so I definitely vote for him this time out.

    76. The thing about this year is the championship hasn’t seemed as important compared to other years as the racing has been so bloody brilliant. If Vettel had won as many as he has in the way he has in previous years he could have maybe got more DOTWs

    77. I hate to feel the way I do about this. It seems like I am being a fan boy….


      Alonso. Alonso got the most out of the 6th to 8th fastest car and put it on the podium through pure strength of will, fortitude, unearthly concentration and raw talent. He is freakin amazing. With a bit of luck he could have been 2nd… but put himself in a position to win if Vettle dnfs.

      Given the car he has, is it possible to ask for more?

      1. “Alonso got the most out of the 6th to 8th fastest car and put it on the podium through pure strength of will, fortitude, unearthly concentration and raw talent.”

        Or by the misfortune of others.
        I really doubt Alonso would have finished third if Hamilton hadn’t forgotten where the gas pedal was during the restart and if Webber hadn’t bumped into Massa.

        I do agree that Alonso pulled everything out of the car someone possibly could though.

        1. Alonso didn’t have the 6th-8th best car. It was the 3rd best car (so 5th or 6th).
          He drove another very good race and got the most he could really have hoped for. I think Massa would’ve come either 4th or 5th had Webber not turned him around.

    78. sid_prasher (@)
      13th September 2011, 18:16

      If i could have voted more than once, I would have gone 60-40 between Seb and Schumacher – but since we are supposed to vote once I went with Seb.
      A lot of people are very impressed with his drive in Monza – perhaps its more to do with the fact that he showed some emotion and wasn’t his usual ruthless self. He has driven fantastically all year round proven best by his domination of Webber.
      Schumacher drove with a lot of skill and control and made me feel nostalgic – i just hope Mercedes comes up with a race winning car next year….

    79. One vote for Timo Glock. Didn’t know Timo hung out here.
      Is this the lowest vote total for Lewis in a race he finished?

    80. 7 votes for Vitantonio Liuzzi hahaha…. too funny

    81. I wanted to vote for Vettel, as he deserves it, but I now see that he is already far ahead, and Schumacher also has a nice haul of points.

      I don’t really get why Button is so far ahead of Alonso though. Button and Alguesuari got to show a lot, and did a great race, but Button missed the start which made him have to race for it. Alg didn’t get qualifying done very well – though that may be a conscious decision to get a good race as his team mate was not too far ahead. So both deserve a lot of votes, yes.

      I voted for Alonso because I think he surprised even himself in qualifying and had a great start. He probably knew right away he wouldn’t win and had to fight for a podium, but he went ahead, gave the fans something to cheer about, and Vettel a bit of work to do. It probably helped secure his podium too. As Keith said, it is hard to see how he could have done more, just like Schumacher and Vettel, who are well ahead in votes.

    82. MS was pure class.

      I wonder how many of these «new champions generation» (Alonso, Hamilton, Button, Vettel…) will be racing at 42 years old (going 43…) at this superb level?

    83. Well, I hate to toss a wet rag into all this Vettel mania, but I only saw ONE shot of Vettel’s pass and it was from head-on which, really, didn’t show anything but a cloud of dust. BFD.
      Regarding the pass Webber made, you (finally) got to see a second view, from the rear, and it confirmed the guts/stupidity that it took. You can try to diminish Webber’s pass because Alonso “bailed”, but Alonso had no other(wise)choice than to yield because of Webber’s boldness.
      Vettel having to start from the pole and, virtually, having to pass no one all during the season diminishes my respect for him as a World Champion.
      I’m sorry, but I think that if the front half of the field had been inverted after qualifying all year, I think we would have a different point leader.

      1. I think the BFD is that cloud of dust meant he was half on the grass at 185 plus and with the differential in grip levels he could have easily lost it. I don’t think one needs to diminish either the Webber pass or the Vettel pass. Both were monster. Which one was better is pretty subjective. Some of Buttons moves have been sublime as well.

        As for having diminishing respect for him starting from pole and winning, the master of doing that was Ayrton Senna. I’m not saying Vettel is as good (way too early to go there), but I don’t think you can criticize Vettel for doing something Senna did. Senna holds the record of most races leading the entire race with 19. In 88-89, he had 8 consecutive poles (a record) and 24 consecutive starts from the front row (also a record).

        1. Great observation. It’s funny when I read how many people think of Senna almost like of a God and at the same time say that Vettel is just a decent driver with superior car.

      2. I’m sorry, but I think that if the front half of the field had been inverted after qualifying all year, I think we would have a different point leader.

        Why bother with qualifying at all then? Punish a driver for being fast, what a stupid idea.

    84. Alguersuari made about 6 places by avoiding the starting inciden by taking the shortcut. Still a good result but this votes goes to vettel.

    85. +i wounder what the rules are under ywellow – what happens when have a crash, spin or whatever – next round there is a yellow flag – Do you have to go slower than or is there any tolerance with the times?

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