Force India: Di Resta’s points help team pass Sauber

2011 Italian GP team review

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Force India are now higher than they’ve ever finished in the constructors’ championship having overtaken Sauber for sixth.

Adrian SutilPaul di Resta
Qualifying position1211
Qualifying time comparison (Q2)1’24.209 (+0.046)1’24.163
Race position8
Pit stops02

Force India drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Adrian Sutil133.924142.434132.18694.49593.73892.40893.19791.45591.485
Paul di Resta124.067143.372136.88594.00294.98692.23592.16591.6291.30390.77490.93890.91295.204108.85290.65190.36890.24390.09490.32289.990.12789.81390.24889.80789.67289.7889.69989.6289.69589.76394.411109.32489.98589.6189.23289.24689.44989.03388.80890.43689.07488.65488.77888.48288.11789.08588.26988.10188.09688.22589.23588.054

Adrian Sutil

Start tyreMedium

Sutil started the race on medium tyres and had to take to the gravel to avoid the first-corner crash.

His car wasn’t damaged but he retired on the tenth lap with an hydraulic problem while running 14th.

Adrian Sutil 2011 form guide

Paul di Resta

Paul di Resta, Force India, Monza, 2011
Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 21.87s
Pit stop 2Medium 23.069s

“Monza is not the easiest of tracks to get up to speed on,” was di Resta’s initial verdict on a track he had never raced at prior to this weekend.

He got to grips with it quickly enough to out-qualify Sutil by a scant four-hundredths of a second.

Having avoided the lap one carnage, di Resta made an early pit stop on lap 13. This allowed him to jump in front of Pastor Maldonado, but he lost a position to Jaime Alguersuari with his correspondingly early switch to medium tyres on lap 31.

He caught Alguersuari over the final stint but was still almost four seconds behind at the flag.

That netted his fourth points finish of the season which moves Force India ahead of Sauber on the constructors’ championship.

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Nico Hulkenberg

Drove di Resta’s car in first practice.

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    12 comments on “Force India: Di Resta’s points help team pass Sauber”

    1. A Hydraulics issue it was then. Quite a bit of time since we had one of those. Good drive by Di Resta.

    2. Feel sorry for Sutil, but it looks like Di Resta is closer to him on tracks with less fast corners (Montreal, Monza)… Still, I expected from Adrian to shine again… Especially Suzuka should be his track…

      1. So Abu Dhabi and Singapore will see Sutil outclassed by di Resta? Will be interesting to see if you are right!

    3. I wasn’t expecting Force India to overtake Sauber, to be honest. Well done to them!

      The mid-field battle is as fierce as ever! STR looks the strongest at the moment, tho…

      1. Force India have never finished higher than 7th in the constructors’ championship, so they’re currently beating their record (although I hope Sauber, and Toro Rosso, will beat them).

      2. I wasn’t expecting Force India to overtake Sauber, to be honest. Well done to them!

        its for Bragging Rights as well as money, Sauber poached a lot of Force India staff and the general consensus is that they were finished, FI had other ideas though.

    4. I’m a Sutil fan but am also very pleased that Force India overtook Sauber and really hope that FI’s driver line-up stays the same for 2012. It’s usually either Sutil or Di Resta scoring points but would love to see both doing it more consistently.

      1. It’s by no means out of their grasp.

    5. Really, it is very commendable that a team just 4 years old is among the best mid-field team keeping all hiccups at bay.

    6. I thought that after their good season last year things could only go backwards for FI. Guess they’re proving me wrong:P. I do think that with the recourses they have 6th is the highest possible for them (Unless Renault or Mercedes drop back that is).

      1. With Renault having rediscovered a bit of momentum, I think you are right 6th will be the maximum for this year. For next year it might not be, depending on Renaults progress and drivers.

    7. Pretty pleased with what this team has achieved in a short span. What’s even more pleasing is that they’ve managed to do that with not only a budget much smaller than Williams, Sauber and maybe even STR, but also despite losing a lot of key personnel to Sauber and Lotus (or Caterham or Team Fernandes or whatever..).

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