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Schumacher tries to pass Alonso at the Rettifilio

Michael Schumacher’s off-track pass on Fernando Alonso at the Rettifilio was not shown during the race

But footage of the moment was captured by a fan at the first corner.

See that and more in this collection of the best fans’ videos from Monza.

The banking

The past merges with the present at Monza. Spectators at the first turn look over the old banking towards turn one:

HRT pit stop practice

HRT have been losing more time in the pits than any other team. But they keep on practising:

The start

This side-on view of the top four cars shows how good Fernando Alonso’s start was and how poor Jenson Button’s was. The Ferrari was past the McLaren before they reached the starting line.

Alonso grabs the lead at the first corner, prompting a cheer from the crowd:

The first-lap crash

Heading to the first corner, Vitantonio Liuzzi makes sure the HRT pit crew don’t have to worry about changing his tyres:

The restart

As the race gets going again, Vettel chases Alonso into Parabolica but Lewis Hamilton has fallen into Schumacher’s clutches:

Webber’s Red Bull

Mark Webber crashed at the Parabolica early on in the race. Here’s video of his car afterwards

Schumacher (briefly) passes Alonso

While the TV cameras were showing replays of Webber’s crash, Schumacher briefly got ahead of Alonso.

As this video shows, he ran too deep into the Rettifilio chicane on lap six, cutting the corner and passing the Ferrari.

Having cut the corner he let Alonso past again. As the world feed cut back from replays Schumacher was attacking Alonso again at the della Roggia chicane:


Plenty of passing going on in the DRS zone heading to Ascari:

The podium

Monza surely has the best podium in Formula 1. Here’s footage of Alonso celebrating with the crowd:

From hospitality

It pays to be connected. Here’s some well-edited footage from the hospitality suite adjacent to the start/finish line. Includes some great close-ups of the drivers pre-race:

So far it seems no-one captured any footage of Felipe Massa, Jarno Trulli and Sebastien Buemi colliding at the della Roggia on lap five.

If you’ve found or shot footage of that, or any other action from Monza, please share it by email, using Twitter or leave a comment below.

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    82 comments on “Schumacher passes Alonso and more Monza moments”

    1. great stuff, but how sad is it that FOM can’t provide us with better coverage that we have to turn to youtube to find out what happened.

      1. Ya, I agree, I know they can’t be everywhere all the time but it can’t be that hard to stick a replay clip in especially of something like Schumi and Alonso!

        Probably the next thing they will try to do is have a copyright of any footage taken within the confines of the track!!

        1. I’m pretty sure they do that already, which is why a lot of videos get taken down.

          1. Think its just anything from their feed that are taken down.

            Could be wrong but didn’t think they could take down personal videos.

            1. They have tried to have videos shot by fans taken down in the past but some users have successfully challenged them:

              F1 fan beats FOM over right to upload video from Grand Prix weekends

              Last time I checked all the ones from Spa were still up:

              Leimer’s crash and in the pits at McLaren – fans’ videos from Spa

              I wouldn’t take anything for granted, but if FOM have realised that these videos pose no threat to their income streams, in fact, are a good way of promoting themselves that would be a good thing. Having them taken down is just cutting their nose to spite their face.

            2. That’s unbelievable they had YouTube take down that footage!

              Like you say it does nothing but promote the sport and the atmosphere comes across so much better. It would help if the main feed they show on TV wasn’t so incredibly bad.

              Example is Schumacher alongside Alonso up the straight then into the corner side by side is great viewing yet they miss it and don’t even show a replay. Ferrari’s old and new king side by side fighting for 2nd position in Italy and the director doesn’t even show it!

              Really wish Bernie and the clowns at FOM would get their act together and spend time getting their coverage better(ALOT) rather than wasting energy trying to police YouTube.

              Looking at the way things are handled it is surprising they didn’t tuck F1 away on Sky long ago were the vast majority can’t see it.

            3. Perhaps they don’t like to show how incompetent they are by letting fans film better coverage of several incidents than FOM do.

            4. I just hope FOM keeps its fingers off of footage made by paying visitors, (unless they try to sell it, off course)!

              At least we get to see quite a lot more overtakes and actions from fan videos. That shot of the DRS zone was really revealing, it had what, 6 passes in a minute’s footage?

        2. Yes, but notice that the Schumi-Alonso moment happened when they did “stick a replay clip in” of Webber’s accident (as was said above). They were already doing what you were asking for, just with something else. In a season like this one, it’d be a constant game of catch-up showing every single moment like that. Especially considering by the time they cut to Schumacher and Alonso dueling, him missing the chicane and handing the place back wasn’t as important as what was happening in live action. And by the time that action was over, Schumacher’s miss-and-hand-back was inconsequential anyway, hence why it was probably never shown.

          Live action sporting events are much like the race: hindsight makes things seem so straight forward and simple. But the reality of the moment and every single factor of what’s happening plays into the split decisions that must be made. I side with the director that he made the right choice not to worry about going back and showing what happened with Schumacher and Alonso at Rettifilio. Pertinent, in-the-moment information is more important to the viewers.

          1. Perhaps BBC Highlights will be the best coverage.

            1. I think people will complain about the coverage regardless, because I see people complain about highlights not showing enough of one team or another. But then I come at it from a different point of view than most, having had to direct broadcasts of live sporting events. I know how stressful and difficult it is to make it all run seamlessly.

          2. @Joey-poey, I understand it is a difficult job but think most would agree they are pretty awful at it. Why don’t they provide split screens at least?

            I just picked the Schumi & Alonso as an example but they are always messing it up. As for that clip Webber had gone of at the time and they were showing him getting out of the car live. Then they cut live to just after Schumacher gives the place back to Alonso.

            That is all fair enough but the problem is after that they show nothing but live for next couple of minutes with no real action happening of the top 5 cars running after each other, when it was needed to just show 15 second clip of what happened in the run up to Alonso getting 2nd back.

            I think it was important to show Schumacher attempting the pass and then cutting the chicane. It was for 2nd place and a vital part of what was happening. We shouldn’t have to find out from a fans YouTube video a couple days later!

            1. I’ve been watching the BBC coverage for close to two years now and I honestly find little fault with it other than the lack of split screen (and the occasional announcer fact-fumble such as getting a driver mixed up with his teammate). Are they behind the times when it comes to the split screen? Yes. But I hardly find it worth crucifying them over. I think this is a case of grass-is-always-greener because I grew up on American broadcasts of racing and had to put up with the constant commercials. Once I began seeing BBC’s nonstop coverage and witty commentator banter, it was a huge breath of fresh air. Now, I much prefer it.

              Have you read up on any of the Indy Car races or looked for youtube clips of events lost to the TV cameras? I’m willing to bet much of the same goes on there with events either being missed and/or completely left out. A film cliche is that you have to kill your babies sometimes. Well I’d say it’s equally true for television. it’s a 3 hour program. You can’t fit it all in and not everyone is interested in seeing the same things. It will forever be a compromise.

    2. Great videos Keith. Almost better than what the race director decides to show us… :P

    3. Some, err, colourful language when Vettel passes Alonso!

      Great collection :-)

      1. Haha, they did seem impressed though.

      2. Some more when Webber crashes… “You ******* you took Felipe out!”

        1. haha, yeah, I don’t know Italian, yet I felt like I understood some of the words…

    4. Awesome!

      FOM needs to sort their coverage out tbh.

      Watching Indycar is embarrasing (no, not because of everything being sponsored…), but because F1 pales in comparison.

      Why do we not have split screen when two different things are happening?

      More onboards?

      More experimental shots?

      Why isn’t F1 doing this? It’s meant to be the ‘pinnacle of technology’… Don’t forget about the presentation!

      1. There was some excellent split-screen footage during that IndyCar race at Baltimore last week.

        1. Yeah, the racing feels a tad amateurish at times with Indy, but (apart from having to cope with a horrendous amount of commercial time) they do a really good job of showing the action.

        2. I have to say I’ve never really got into IndyCar, I don’t have Sky Sports (the channel I think it’s shown on over here) either.

          But I was really pleased to see IndyCar had put up the highlights of the Baltimore race up on YouTube.

          I concur on the point that F1 needs to get with the times, thinking outside the box etc. I didn’t see the helmet cam in the GP2 race, but remember Coulthard’s one in Brazil 2008… looked cool until T1 :D

          1. I was a great fan of nineties-era CART. The split inflicted a terrible toll on it and I genuinely hope the post-unification series can get back on its feet.

            They have had some very good races this year but it’s still a bit rough around the edges. Certainly looks like being a good battle for the title, though.

            1. Fully with you there Keith.

              The title battle is close, the races have been pretty good (although Infinion was better for a great track than the racing it offered) and they are really giving it a lot of effort to get back to being a great series.

      2. Even V8 Supercar footage eclipses FOM with ease. They’ve been using split screen footage for as long as I can remember and have some absolutely amazing shots from the inside of the tyres, drivers pedals etc…

      3. I hate to say it, but I wonder whether Sky will poke FOM to try these things…

        1. I hope they do, then at least everyone that can still see it profits from it.

      4. Yea, IndyCAr presentation is superior. I also like it when they keep the footage up during commercials.

    5. Wait a minute, I’ve always assumed that the banking was behind the grandstand, not in front of it!

      My thought process has been wrong all these years due to poor TV coverage!

      1. I completely forgot about the banking. From the cameras I didn’t see it in front of the grandstands!

    6. love the videos! especially love hearing the crowd whenever Ferrari does something awesome!

      it’s no coincidence that both my favorite moments of 2011 have been Alonso’s starts..

    7. Nice article Keith and some good finds!

      As for the Massa/Trulli/Buemi collision, I haven’t been able to find any footage, but this photo gives you a good idea of what happened.

      1. :O that’s a Sutton image that doesn’t have SUTTON in enormous letters ruining it!!!

        1. That’s a full-sized version of a Sutton photo seen on

          1. Yep, let me know if you want me to teach you how to decode the links, guys! ;)

      2. Yeah, that’s all I’ve seen of it so far. Does rather look like Massa was cutting across Trulli, but without seeing a video or some more pictures I’ll reserve judgement.

    8. how long before FOM takes down these amazing videos? these videos make me want to go back to Silverstone and they should use them to really sell the tickets at the venues that never sell out!

    9. You don’t know how bad these videos make me want to finally go and see an F1 race. 2013 Australian GP here I come!

      1. That’s forward planning!

    10. I don’t think it’s possible to cover every angle of a circuit. But the director can show the more important parts though.

    11. I would like to see how Jaime overtook both Sergio and Pastor in the same lap, but it looks like there is no coverage of that situation… :(

      1. Might have been in the shot of those DRS passes?

    12. I’m sure a few folk from other teams will be looking at that video of Webbers car on the crane with interest, especially the rear.

      1. A bit like everyone finally getting to understand what Red Bull were doing last year after Valencia, also bades on footage of Webbers car up in the air!

    13. i was wondering how many teams got chance to get some photos of the underside of webbers car? bet redbull wernt happy with having it left in the air like that

      1. And so close to Ferrari headquarters, what a coincidence.

    14. Brilliant article, thanks heaps. So much happening we don’t see.

    15. Well, that’s the floor of the RB7 pretty much revealed then. Engineers, get copying!

      1. streetfightingman
        13th September 2011, 22:25

        No doubt Italian marshall’s did that on purpose. Can imagine RBR not being too pleased with it…

    16. Some great fan vids! Cheers Keith, always appreciated.

    17. I love start videos from the sidelines, it just shows how unbeleivably fast the accelaration of these cars is, and it highlights there is a huge differance between a great start and a sluggish start.

      It doesn’t come across on the front on TV camera, but from the fan-cam Alonso’s start is rocket boosted compared to the Mclaren that got bogged down, those cars looked like they were differant Formula because of the differance in accelaration.

      Far more emphasis and excitement, the famous Monza atmosphere really came across to in these amateur videos compared to the F1 Feed videos because you could actually hear the fans – and the camera shaking to build up tension was a nice touch too!

      1. Yes, much as I hate being at each race, the atmosphere and noise is what makes it, and gives you such a buzz. Following what’s actually happening while you’re in the grandstands is bloomin hard!
        Even with my laptop/live feed/audio/screens.
        All part of the fun though :)

        1. And when i say “hate” being at each race, i mean love of course :)

      2. The video of the cars braking into turn 1 is similar. The tv angles don’t show quite how quickly the cars slow down.

    18. HounslowBusGarage
      13th September 2011, 13:51

      Webber’s RB78 on the crane is a bit ridiculous. As we get a real close-up of the undertray, you can hear the German anthem in the background. So this is the end of the race and Webber’s car was either left dangling for the most of the race or the marshalls re-hoisted it at the end of the race so that the fans could get underneath it . . .

      1. It was lifted into safety. Mika Salo said during the race, that the teams used to instruct him to grab everything he can from the car (steering wheel, seat, etc.), as the tifosis will tear it to pieces after the race.

        But what a great footage, the atmosphere and the speed is just so much better presented in these videos than in the world feed. And that’s a shame.

        1. HounslowBusGarage
          13th September 2011, 20:40

          Aha, so it was hoisted in the air to stop souvenir hunters!
          And yes I agree with you about the fan-footage, really brings the excitement to you. Will this be a regular feature after each race, Keith?


      An onboard video of the very short race from Rosberg. Maybe it was short, but Nico managed to overtake one car … almost.

      Checkout the channel of this broadcaster, he has other interesting onboard videos from Monza

      1. HounslowBusGarage
        13th September 2011, 20:41

        Blocked by FOM already!

    20. I had a suspicion that Alonso had slightly jump-started from the TV shots. You can’t really see if a guy is rolling a bit from the head-on view. But fromn this video, you can see actually got off the line a hair slower than the front three cars, but within 50 ft he was going much faster. Amazing.

    21. No need for the Red Bull mechanics to stand around the back of the RB7 during grid walks any more then……

      Pretty much all secrets revealed there in that vid!

    22. Question. Would the Italian stewards have ever held a ferrari car so perfectly in the air for so long such that many people could walk under and take video and photo’s of valuable car details as they did with the RedBull? Somehow I don’t think so. The Italian stewards should be investigated and fined heavily and strongly reprimanded with a threat to loose an Italian GP…

    23. Great videos, thanks to all.

      Despite checking fan footage I never did find out how Seb passed Webber after the restart at Spa. All I know is it was in or around Eau Rouge.

      Can anyone tell me?

    24. Watching these clips makes me reconsider wanting to see a GP in person. How the hell can you tell what is going on?

      1. It’s easier than you’d think. If you’re near a screen or hire a Kangaroo TV you get all the info you want. Even without, the racing isn’t so difficult to follow and tbh, you’d absolutely love being there for so many other reasons. You’ve never really seen F1 til you’ve seen it live – TV is good, but cannot really capture the speed, power and sound of the cars, it can’t make your head spin a little with the noise and you don’t see so clearly how the cars are being driven. The fans are great too. It’s totally worth it, every time.

    25. FOM do anoy me when they don’t show things manly when the timing graphic at the top of the screen goes yellow indicating a yellow flag, you wonder what’s happend and then you never see a replay or there’s a yellow flag and it’s because someone’s run slightly wide on a corner. FOM need a new yellow flag idea and they need to add more cameras so we see everything that goes on. If F1 could adapt something like the MotoGP coverage it would be excellent.

    26. @ Tom. Redlight is absolutely correct. The noise, the smell of burnt rubber, the braking in a dime, the fans, the beer, ….you should try it sometime at least once.
      Cheers !

    27. I realise that in these days of trackside advertising needing it’s TV time that can never be any ‘spectator cam’ angles on TV like the one before Ascari but it’s such a shame because that shot really shows the sheer energy of the things.

    28. This is a brilliant addition to the site. Only bad side it really makes me want to go to a race. Amazing sounds for these and the belgium videos

    29. streetfightingman
      13th September 2011, 22:21

      Seeing as Hamilton was waaay back on the restart, why didn’t he get the penalty Vettel got in Hungary last year?

      1. Because its only applicable to the leader of the pack

        1. Its not, the 10 car lenghts is for everyone.

          In Hungary last year Vettel (in 2nd) got punished for keeping to much distance to Webber leading the pack.

      1. Wow, that is a very nice one. Love them keeping track of Massa on the in-screen picture as well.

    30. I wonder if any of you guys are like me, spitting hellfire & brimstone at the tv director.
      When a car retires we have to watch while he finds a nice parking spot, has a conversation with the pits, slowly removes the steering wheel & gets out,slowly replaces the steering wheel, has a chat with the marshalls while he waits for his taxi & then watch him travel back to the pits or walks if it is convenient.
      If the retirement is in the pits, we have to watch while the car is manouversd in pit lane, slowly reversed into the garage, endure the same driver exit strategy & watch them have a debrief & anice cup of tea.
      In the mean time we’ve missed anything thats happened on track.
      My cardiologist is having night mares, says he’s going to have to redo the plumbing job he’s already done once.
      OK, I exagerate, but not by much.

    31. Wow, it looks like hamilton and vettel make good starts from that camera angle. The BBC broadcast looking down the main straight made it seem like they both got off poorly, however, alonso just shot off the line like a missile!

      1. The front perspective we get from the FOM footage doesn’t really give you an appreciation of the start. It’s a shame, but I guess it would be difficult to cover the entire field from elsewhere.

    32. I have a nice 10 minute video I could share of the pit-lane walk. I’ll sort it out tonight.

      Some fantastic footage above. Monza really is the place if you’re a fan!

      1. That would be amazing if you could post that Andrew!

    33. The approach speed of the cars to Ascari seen at this this level makes you realise just how special these guys are. The commitment had me awestruck.

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