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An at-a-glance guide to the features in F1 2011, and how it compares to the previous title.

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F1 2011F1 2010
PlatformsSony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PCSony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, PC
Season data20112010
Maximum cars on track2424
Game modesCareer, custom season, individual race, time trial, time attackCareer, custom season, individual race, time trial
Difficulty modesEasy, Medium, Hard, ExpertEasy, Medium, Hard, Expert
Race distanceBetween one lap and full distanceBetween one lap and full distance
In-season driver changesNoNo
In-season car livery changesNoNo
Download-able contentNot plannedNot planned
Customise driver nameYesYes
Third party modificationsNot supportedNot supported
Rules and regulations
Marshal flagsYellow, green, blue, black, black-and-white, red, chequeredYellow, green, blue, black, black-and-white, chequered
Safety carYesNo
Race stoppagesYesNo
Mandatory pit stop ruleYes (for races of at least 20% distance)Yes (for races of at least 20% distance)
Top ten qualifiers start race on tyres they set best time onYesYes
Grid penaltiesYesYes
Drive-through penaltiesYesYes
Stop-go penaltiesNoNo
Post-race time penaltiesYesYes
Race disqualificationYesYes
107% ruleNon/a
Kinetic Energy Recoery SystemYes (for cars that have it)n/a
Drag Reduction SystemYesn/a
Adjustable front wingn/aYes
Adjustable engine settingsYesYes
Pit lane speed limiterYesYes
Set-up options
Front wing angle1 – 111 – 11
Rear wing angle1 – 111 – 11
Brake balance60/40 – 40/60 (front to rear)60/40 – 40/60 (front to rear)
Brake pressureLow/Medium/HighLow/Medium/High
Brake sizeSmall/Standard/LargeSmall/Standard/Large
Ballast distributionNot configurable100/0 – 0/100 (front to rear)
Front anti-roll bar1 – 111 – 11
Rear anti-roll bar1 – 111 – 11
Front ride height1 – 111 – 11
Rear ride height1 – 111 – 11
Front sping stiffness1 – 111 – 11
Rear sping stiffness1 – 111 – 11
Gear ratiosDefined by speed per gearDefined by speed per gear
Throttle mapNot configurableStandard/fast
Front camber-3.5 – -2.5-3.5 – -2.5
Rear camber-1.5 – -0.5-1.5 – -0.5
Front toe0.15 – 0.050.15 – 0.05
Rear toe0.5 – 0.20.5 – 0.2
Driving assistance
Braking assistanceOff/OnOff/On
Anti-lock brakingOff/OnOff/On
Traction controlOff/Medium/FullOff/Medium/Full
Dynamic racing lineOff/Corners Only/Always OnOff/Corners Only/Always On
Pit assistOn/OffSeparate settings for limiter and control
Flashbacks (Jump back to earlier point in session)Yes, limited by difficulty levelYes, limited by difficulty level
Online multi-playerYesYes
Vote to skip tracks/drop players?YesYes
Console link mutli-playerYesYes
Split-screen multi-playerYesNo
Maximum players16 (plus eight AI)12 (one per team)
Full-length replaysYes (post-race; shorter replays in-race)Yes (post-race; shorter replays in-race)
Save replaysNoNo

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F1 2011 by Codemasters

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27 comments on “F1 2011: Checklist”

  1. Unable to change ballast, that was one of the regulation changes this year, correct?

    1. The weight distribution is restricted but there is still a range, albeit a narrow one.

  2. I like how most options/features are the same, as car setup options, because it makes it easier to familiarise with the game for those who have played F1 2010.

  3. so you can no longer adjust throttle map? thats a shame, it was a great feature. all it needed was a fuel gauge to tell you how it was effecting your consumption….instead of getting 4 laps from the end and getting the dreaded yellow light.

    1. You can change it while you’re in the car, but it’s not part of the set-up options.

      1. you can also change it in the pits so it is like a setup (in engine options)

        Keith have you seen that in Monaco Tunnel DRS can be enabled ;(

  4. That F1 2010 did not support 3rd party modifications is not _entirely_ true. While there was no official support from Codemasters, a whole community of modders still appeared, and it is amazing what they have done with the game.

    1. Thats why it says its “not supported” as in not officially supported by Codemasters, I guess.

  5. If memory serves F12010 also had the racing line and automatic gears for driver aids-does F12011 have those too?

    I read that the scary woman has gone from the motorhome and I think that is the best improvement ever.

    1. Yes they are – sorry, the bottom of the table had been cut off. Fixed it now.

      1. I read that the scary woman has gone from the motorhome and I think that is the best improvement ever.

        COTD by a mile Steph :)

        1. Thanks Daykind :P

  6. I’m looking forward to carnage with the safety car!

    I should try and play around with the car settings more this time round, using this sites track guide as my aid!

  7. PaulGrainger (@)
    21st September 2011, 22:51

    Still not a proper simulator in my eyes… When are they going to make a game that does F1 justice instead of just a whole lot of eye candy?

    1. What would it take for the game to be a “proper” simulator then?

    2. Still not a proper simulator in my eyes…

      It’s not supposed to be a simulator, it’s supposed to be a game.

    3. play grand prix 3 or 4 then. not as nice graphics, but much better physics then this game. f1 2010 and 2011 are a better game, but lack the simulator feel of the gpx games. i tried f1 2010 last year and really wanted to get into it, but got annoyed by the unrealistic physical, especially the crap kerb physics, and how you had to take driving lines to avoid kerbs, (as they unrealistically put you into a spin too often), where in real f1 cars they would use those kerbs to gain speed. the gpx games dont have this problem

  8. PaulGrainger (@)
    22nd September 2011, 7:14

    Just more realism in the handling of the cars and the ability to properly implement real driving techniques ie. Rotating the car on entry with the brake or on exit with the throttle. Another thing that always gives me the ***** is when the on screen steering wheel doesn’t follow the input of my gaming wheel and instead stops at 90 degrees… Be nice if the drivers arms actually crossed in the really right corners. The closest I’ve found to an F1 sim is in Live For Speed and the car is so hard let alone SCARY to drive – so rewarding when you get it right! That’s what I want…

    1. Making a video-game today carries a lot more financial risk than in the period before the onset of iOS and premium-content games, which was already risk-heavy.

      At a basic level, what you are asking for will cost more money to develop, and not sell as many units across all SKUs than their current approach.

      I agree it would be a great experience, I would even play it multiplayer with you – but I can see where Codemasters has positioned their product and I agree with them.

      Check out the link from a few days back for the online racing broadcast coverage. There are good open wheeler options out there for PC racing.

  9. I’m so surprised that the 107% rule isn’t in. Not disappointed, but surprised.

    1. Given the difficulty of driving, 107% would result in a lot of players failing to qualify. And that would probably drive casual gamers away if they can’t even race. They shouldn’t have to spend a few hours practicing in Time Trial just to be able to set a decent time.

      That said, it’s a shame there are no feeder series in the game. They’d serve as a great tutorial. I remember F1 2005 had a pre-season ‘audition’, where you got intoduced to the game by running trials for the bottom three teams (hard to believe Red Bull was only an introductory team back then). Based on your performance, you would be offered a lead, second or test driver role.

  10. keith i believe in f12010 you couldn’t vote to skip tracks/drop players…

  11. nice neat comparison! thanks

  12. Vitaly Vettel! :D

  13. Being from the states I’ve already had the game for a few days, although with my course load this semester I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I’d like to it so far. I must say the game is different from 2010 (my set-ups from sprint mode are useless), but i think thats a good thing. Different car handling along with the use of KERS and DRS add to the challenge. I’ve run on several of the tracks that the curbs (Kerbs for you all across the pond) gave me problems in 2010 (last chicane in Catalunya, sector 3 at Yas Marina) and it seems to be improved. Not a fan of the new 3D driving line (although you can revert it to 2D through career mode) so I’ve been racing without it.

    I run without traction control and ABS and i’ve noticed that off the line at the start its much easier to get wheel spin. It also seems to be easier to lock up the brakes, but both of these could partly be due to the fact i’m still working in set ups. When you run in career mode if you’re outside the driving line you will see(and feel) marble pick up on the tires.

    So far I’m a fan.


    Xbox360 Gamer Tag (if anyone wants to race)- JSprelude5h

  14. Sorry for the 2nd post – Another thought just came to me. I like the new multiplayer points system with objectives and the stat tracking. Curious to see what sprint mode for this game version will be like as you can now lose ranks for failing objectives or finishing behind drivers of a lower rank.


  15. Hi all,

    I just bought this game last week and am getting accustomed to it. I am a big fan of the GPX series. Even though this game is awesome in realism and graphics etc, I somehow feel the car handling is a bit awkward, not sure if this is because of the keyboard. I am having to turn-in to corners really late (compared to GPX) else i am pushed onto the grass on the inside. Also, i feel the feedback from the car on oversteer used to be much faster and better in GPX.

    Pls can you guys share any tips that can make the handling a little sweeter?

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