Rain storms likely to avoid track action in Singapore

2011 Singapore GP weather

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Singapore, 2010

Singapore’s distinctive weather system produces spectacular thunderstorms, however they’re not likely to affect the action on the track this weekend.

F1 Fanatics in the area have reported rain in recent days. However as usual these storms tend to pass before the track action starts in the evening.

With temperatures hitting 30C in the day and not dropping below the mid-20s at night, the track dries up quickly.

As we saw last year the first practice session, which begins two hours earlier than the race, is most at risk of seeing moisture on the track.

This would be a setback for the drivers who need to learn the track, such as Paul di Resta: “We will also need to keep any eye on the weather because any rain storms could hamper things,” he said.

“I just hope we get some dry weather while I learn the track.”

As usual updated weather information will be available via the Weather tab in F1 Fanatic Live during all the race weekend sessions. Keep an eye on the local conditions with this rain radar:

Weather radars

Singapore Grand Prix circuit location

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2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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    22 comments on “Rain storms likely to avoid track action in Singapore”

    1. If i remember correctly, In last year for first practice seesion, track took lot of time to dry up despite high temperatures as there is lot of shade across track with trees & tall buildings. I am more interested to see how race goes when it rains. In singapore it is usually just small burst of heavy rain & then small drizzle or stops completely. should be fascinating how drivers handle lights & wet track at same time?

      1. Raj, you are right.

        It rained heavily on Fri and Sat afternoons. FP1 was wet while FP2 was dry.

        FP3 was wet, while Qualy was slightly damp offline. None of the teams used inters or wet tires during qualy.

        1. I remember that too. I’d like to see a fully wet session.

      2. The first rule of the Singapore GP is you do not talk about the Singapore GP.

        The second rule of the Singapore GP is you DO NOT talk about the Singapore GP.

        The third rule of the Singapore GP is you do not trust the weather reports.

        If i remember correctly, In last year for first practice seesion, track took lot of time to dry up despite high temperatures as there is lot of shade across track with trees & tall buildings

        The rain stopped at 4+pm on Friday last year and FP1 was pretty wet, I recall. It stopped at 1pm or so on Saturday, and yet some parts of the track were still mysteriously damp even when qualifying started, a good 9 hours later.

        It’s more to do with how humid it is here than the shade though, I think.

        1. yeap.. don’t expect the track surface to dry up fast even if there’s support race runs the track.

          It might take hours for the road surface to dry up after the rain in this region

    2. Here we go again: our favourite discussion – RAIN.

      I am going to stick my neck out and say this: it is going to be a dry race. :)

      I will eat my hat if I’m wrong and gladly so! With ketchup….

      1. I think it will be dry, I’d be surprised if it rains.

      2. I’m probably more concerned over the haze from Indonesian forest fires than the rain, actually, it’s been rather difficult to see the city centre where the race is taking place from where I stay (the northern end of Singapore)…

      3. There are things that you read in this forum and it never escapes your mind… so robertty, just in case, if it rains, please take a picture of the hat and the ketchup event…lol

    3. for the past 1 week; it’s only rain in late afternoon and early morning; and a little bit drizzle at night.

    4. Please, please, no rain !
      I know iam gonna make myself some ennemies with that, but i don’t like the lottery aspect of it.

      1. I like the pandemonium it creates but I don’t enjoy how much it screws with my predictions!

        1. Since I don’t post predictions (apart from the Random Predictions contest) I am for a pandemonium, and I’d rather lose points in my predictions to see a surprise winner (Michael/Felipe/etc)!

          1. I wouldn’t, i’m doing terribly ;)

            I’m selfish like that!

      2. I’m a Michael fan and I remember jumping/screaming up in joy when he was climbing up in the order in Canada. I was soaking wet and was shivering. My gf had to literally restrain me. So, rain is good given a crappy car MGP have. So, agree with @Fixy.. don’t mind a surprise winner. Michael / Felipe / Nico / Kamui.. all good for sports

    5. Regarding the weather this time of year. IMO, it usually stops before 6 pm. But, if the rain STARTS around dusk then it will probably be a drizzly night throughout.

      The high intensity early morning squall that’s blown in from west Sumatra has little bearing on the evening weather.

      Forest fires in south Sumatra has been reduced in the past week or so. Even with a strong southerly wind, there should not be any major visibility issues.

      Would recommend a poncho and, more importantly, water-proof footwear. Preferably boots if you plan to wade through the mud in Padang.

    6. Had been to track in the evening. I have walkabout ticket & wants to look around which seems to be best place to watch. In the end near stamford grandstand to be better (end of DRS zone)or esplanade. It was raining around noon here & track is completely dry by evening. so if it doesn’t rain after 2p.m or so should be dry enough for all sessions.

      On sidenote, when i was at track the saftey & medical car were doing rounds at very high speed to check speed & time measurements. It was fun to see them at such high speed (they done arnd 15 laps continuously).

    7. I live in Singapore and it seldom rains at night.

      At the very most, parts of the track may remain wet after a late evening thunderstorm.

    8. I will hate the thunderstorm during the race but a wet track that will help use the intermediate tyre won’t be a bad show as we still haven’t seen any wet running under the lights.

    9. Hoping for an awkward wet/not wet race.

      That’ll get the strategists thinking.

    10. Weather forecasts predict rain … If it will be right , it will be able to run ?

    11. Yeah i live in Singapore too and it almost never rains at night. Though expect some of the support events to be a little wet!

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