2011 Singapore Grand Prix grid

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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Row 11. Sebastian Vettel 1’44.381
Red Bull-Renault
2. Mark Webber 1’44.732
Red Bull
Row 23. Jenson Button 1’44.804
4. Lewis Hamilton 1’44.809
Row 35. Fernando Alonso 1’44.874
6. Felipe Massa 1’45.800
Row 47. Nico Rosberg 1’46.013
8. Michael Schumacher No time
Row 59. Adrian Sutil No time
Force India-Mercedes
10. Paul di Resta No time
Force India
Row 611. Sergio Perez 1’47.616
12. Rubens Barrichello 1’48.082
Row 713. Pastor Maldonado 1’48.270
14. Sebastien Buemi 1’48.634
Toro Rosso
Row 815. Bruno Senna 1’48.662
16. Jaime Alguersuari 1’49.862
Toro Rosso
Row 917. Kamui Kobayashi No time
18. Vitaly Petrov 1’49.835
Row 1019. Heikki Kovalainen 1’50.948
20. Jarno Trulli 1’51.012
Row 1121. Timo Glock 1’52.154
22. Jerome D’Ambrosio 1’52.363
Row 1223. Daniel Ricciardo 1’52.404
24. Vitantonio Liuzzi 1’52.810

2011 Singapore Grand Prix

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    84 comments on “2011 Singapore Grand Prix grid”

    1. I’m starting to think reversed grid is good idea…

      1. Do you know what the definition of insanity is?

        It’s when you do the same thing over and over again and expect different results each time. We’re fourteen races into the championship, so I’m a little surprised you expected something other than a Red Bull on pole. I thought you would have learned by now that qualifying is a battle for second place.

        1. I didn’t expected something else but it doesn’t mean I don’t have to complain.

    2. Stunning lap from Vettel, never saw it coming.

      1. Really now? Lol. :)

      2. Some people never learn.

    3. Butt 3 and Ham 4 :)

    4. lewis and button round the wrong way keith.

    5. Ham was P4, But P3. Times are swapped above.

      1. Thanks Scalextric

    6. Will massa be getting a penalty for blocking?

      1. It was an outlap so no.

      2. no. Lewis wasn’t on a flying lap.

        1. In any case, both weren’t really smart getting and remaining in that situation. After having seen his interview on BBC, I have to say, Massa is sour at HAM, maybe about Monaco, or ’08, or whatever, and it affected him badly (regardless of HAM being impatient but then getting too close to ALO later in his lap).

          Both need to think about what fights to pick.

          1. when you watch the footage, you realize that Massa had no where to go as Alonso was just ahead of him and everyone was backed up by Button. I don’t know what Hamilton expected when he’s fourth at the end of the pit lane and they are lined up astern.

            I get that Hamilton wanted to get on with it, but he should have come out in front of Button then.

      3. Will Hamilton be getting a penalty for dangerous driving? As Massa waited he could’ve as well, staying closer to Alonso could have hurt his aerodynamic grip.

    7. Why is Michael 8th, Adrian 9th and Paul 10th?

      Is it decided by Q2 positions?

      1. I think it’s decided by driver number.

        Michael No.7, Adrian No.14, Paul No.15

        1. No, it is decided by Q2 positions.

        2. Is it the first time in 2011 that both FIs are in top 10?

          1. I knew it was good, but not that good. Cool.

          2. First time since Canada 2010.

    8. I’m getting bored of this sport quicker than when I gave up watching it for a couple of years back in the early 2000s.

      1. Really? Really really?

        Despite all of the incredible racing we’ve seen this year?

        1. if it wasnt for vettel the championship would still go down to the last race

          1. Thats hardly his fault.

            Put yourself in his shoes. If you were being as successful as his is, would you say, “Oh, I’d better not win this race, people might get bored.” Of course you wouldn’t.

            There has been plenty more to the season other than Vettel’s dominance anyway.

            This season has been brilliant.

        2. “Racing”? If that’s what you call DRS & KERS.. For me the word “Artificial” springs to mind..

      2. Did you watch any races at all last season? The championship went down to the wire, remember?

        People expect far, far too much.

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          24th September 2011, 17:36

          That’s right, the championship this year gets thrill. Let’s accepts it’s exciting from 2nd to last, but anyone saying Vettel was boring in Monza is watching the races with eyes almost closed

      3. I don’t get how anyone could be bored of F1 at all this year. The championship may be predictable but I watch racing for the racing and it has been absolutely top drawer this year. Seb’s had to fight for his wins on a couple of occasions, there’s been wheel to wheel racing all through the field and there’s been some strategy to give the geeks like me a fix. The racing has been so good that I don’t even really care that Ferrari is doing rubbish (Ferrari fans please don’t kill me now). For me, it’s just been like having a season of Dijon 79s- the winner may be a mile ahead but I just don’t care because there is still action going on.

        1. Well given the fact that Vettel can clinch the title with 5 round to go, one can say that anyone but Vettel is doing rubbish.

    9. Hamilton is always quicker than Button because he’s much better which is why he is ahead in the championship. BLA BLA BLA… :)

      1. A puncture and problem with fuel isn’t really his fault though.

        But HAM and his engineers are doing weird things that don’t help his race, seemingly lost a bit. Button has been getting better at qualifying, and has been just as good at the races as he was, so he shows up better now.

      2. I reckon Button’s the second best driver this after Vettel.

        1. Now THAT I can agree with ;)

        2. The points table begs to differ.

        3. How can he be second best after Vettel when Alonso is in front of him in an inferior car?

    10. I have to ask: what the hell was Hamilton playing at on that outlap in Q3? Sure, all four drivers were on outlaps at the time, and can’t really be penalised for it, but he was needlessly aggressive with Felipe Massa in the final sector, and compromised Massa’s flying lap. Once again, we’re seeing an impatient, “me first, me first” attitude in qualifying from Hamilton. He did it in Spa when he muscled Maldonado off-line as they came out of the Bus Stop, and how he’s doing it to Massa through Turns 18 and 19 at Singapore. I’m beginning to suspect he has no real respect for other racers.

      1. Especially for Massa and Maldonado perhaps?

      2. Yeah, how bad in Spa to try and get a good lap in!

        Singapore is different as both were on an outlap and were silly to fight for position instead of preparing their fast laps.

        That said, since he knew HAM was very likely to be faster, I don’t really get why Massa didn’t just let him past so both could get on with their own qualifying.

        Just in case: No, I am not saying Massa was obliged to, but it would have meant he had a better chance of a good lap, which he said now he didn’t get. This isn’t about having the right (HAM had right to try get past, but was it smart?) but about what would have been the smart thing to do.

        1. Yeah, how bad in Spa to try and get a good lap in!

          At the expense of another driver getting a good lap. Maybe Maldonado would not have made it to Q3, but we saw the track rapidly forming a dry line throughout the session … and then Hamilton muscled him out onto the wet part of the track at the exit to the Bus Stop, slowing him down. Maldonado could have been 14th on the grid instead of 16th.

          And here, in Singapore, Hamilton got way too frisky with Massa, lunging down the inside. In the end, Massa slowed right down to let Hamilton go, but the drivers carry speed through the final corner and onto the main straight. By slowing down, Massa would not have been able to carry speed into his flying lap, which would have slowed him down.

          If Hamilton was so concerned about being impeded on his lap, then he should have just driven a litte more slowly around the lap. Massa would have gotten ahead, Hamilton would have been able to get the car the way he wanted it, and nobody would have compromised another driver’s lap.

      3. I would say massa was needlessly keeping ham behind him, if he had let him past earlier there would not have been a problem.

        1. There also wouldn’t have been a problem if Ham dropped back, like Alonso did with Button.

          1. I agree. Which shows either driver could have done something different.

            1. Well Massa’s in front, so it’s not his responsibility or obligation to drop back or that he then needs to “share” responsibility for Hamilton crowding him.

      4. “Me first, me first” attitude in qualifying.

        What kind of F1 driver wouldn’t have a me first attitude? Especially in qualifying?

        1. It’s just as easy to drop back and give yourself and your competitors a bit of breathing space.

        2. What kind of F1 driver wouldn’t have a me first attitude? Especially in qualifying?

          I mean that Hamilton is too concerned with himself, not that he wants to be on pole. Like I said, he played a little rough with Massa, and compromised the start of Massa’s lap. Hamilton is so desperate to get a flying lap in that he’s compromising other drivers. He just seems to have no respect for them.

      5. Vettel on pole almost guaranteed. PM having a one sided view of a Hamilton situation absolutely 100% guaranteed, every race.

        1. PM having a one sided view of a Hamilton situation absolutely 100% guaranteed, every race.
          If I have a one-sided view, it’s because I’m seeing a hell of a lot of evidence in favour of it.

          For someone whose fans proclaim him to be the smartest and cleverest driver on the grid, Lewis Hamilton isn’t being particularly bright. Tell me, what was stopping him from simply looking out of his garage and seeing the queue at the end of pit lane? Sebastian Vettel did it. What was stopping Hamilton from simply driving slowly around on his outlap to get some clear air? It might have meant only one lap, but his puncture in Q2 robbed him of a set of option tyres, so one lap was a realistic proposition – and we’ve seen him produce fast laps on single flying runs before. What changed now? And why was it so totally necessary for him to come within a hair’s breadth of colliding with Massa and then forcing his way past in such a way that prompted Massa to slow down and compromise his own lap? Sure, Massa’s dirty air might have slowed Hamilton down, but all he did by passing Massa was get in Alonso’s dirty air.

          Everyone points to Hamilton as being one of the savviest and most intelligent men in Formula 1. However, last night, the savviest and most intelligent thing to do was to back off early on the outlap. Why didn’t Hamilton do it?

      6. massa did the same last year when the red flag came out in one of the qualies(Q2 i think) and resumed with just enough time for one flying lap and massa forced his way through before if you remember. I think it was kobayashi he squeezed through. If massa can do it to other drivers, then one shouldn’t complain if someone else does it to massa.

        Besides, not like there was any contact.

      7. Surely it was the team’s mistake sending him out so close to the other three cars. If they wanted him out right away he should have been in front of Jenson, who was driving at snail’s pace. Otherwise he either had to drop back and lose temperature or get in front of at least Massa, something he is perfectly entitled to do. Why would he favour Massa over himself? The whole point of F1 is ‘me first’.

      8. I’ve been following the out-lap sector times throughout the weekend.

        Button has consistently been 4-5 seconds slower on his out-laps than his main rivals and this trend extends to most of the field.

        This could help to explain why the others were queueing up so closely behind him.

        Out-lap sector times seem to have a significant bearing on the comparative hot-lap sector times of the drivers.

        Typically Button has been 2-3 tenths down on Hamilton and the Red Bull drivers in sector one but he consistently absolutely beasts sector 2 by a substantial margin and remains competitive in the final sector.

      9. I’m beginning to suspect he has no real respect for other racers.

        He’s shown that a lot tbh esp for me in that post Monaco rant about the other drivers being “ridiculous” although I don’t blame him for Spa as I could understand that and it was fair as Pastor left the door open.

    11. so boring qualifying

      1. See what happens when Hamilton is taken out of the equation?

        1. That doesn’t stop Force India or Schumacher making an appearance though.

        2. agree somewhat

        3. It’s about the Force Indias and MSC not setting a lap. Hamilton setting another lap wouldn’t have made it more exciting.

          1. perez should have bumped a force india off top 10

          2. He was in no position to attempt an improvement anyway, really. He needs to save a set of super softs for tomorrow after getting that puncture.

            1. he was wearing gloves when there was 1:44sec left for the session to end. looked like they miscalculated.

          3. It’s about the Force Indias and MSC not setting a lap. Hamilton setting another lap wouldn’t have made it more exciting.

            Oh yeah, I’d have been on the edge of my seat just waiting to see how 8th, 9th and 10th stacked up! We were robbed!

    12. Why didn’t they let hamilton out for a second run in Q3? what happened?

      1. See my post just above.

    13. I attended free practice last night and stood above the apex of turn 3. Alonso Schumahcer and Hamilton were clearly the most attacking through there, but none of them have cars that can match the pace of the Red Bull.

      This season, I’m afraid to say, is increasingly and desperately dull.

      1. if only the top 5 teams would be close enough this season would have been fantastic with 5 world champions on the grid

    14. Perez so close but not enough to beat Diresta.

    15. The top ten show us a nice regular pattern with team mates sharing the same row, five consecutive teams !

      1. Actually its pretty amazing:)

      2. Same with the last 3 rows (as usual).

        If Kobayashi doesn’t crash and ends up 11th or 12th, that makes row 6 the Sauber row, row 7 the Williams row, and only rows 8 and 9 containing multiple teams.

    16. What kobayashi had done what I done on f1 2010

    17. With Mar Webber’s quality starts this year and JB being on the racing line, one might think that JB has a chance to take P2 very early on. If he doesn’t mess up like in Monza himself that is.
      Ahhh, if SV could blow his getaway for once, we could just have that tiny little glimpse of a hope that the championship might potentially get the eluding possibility of retaining a faint shade of suspense !

      1. No chance of Seb blowing his getaway and making it interesting. These races are getting so predictable:

        Alonso will have both McLarens and be threatening Webber by T1. Vettle (rhymes with kettle, so he should spell it that way) will disappear into the distance for the first 6 or 7 laps and then his tyres will start to go off. Mar will struggle even earlier (having done a full qualifying lap on his tyres) and Fer will get past, pit much later than either RB and stay ahead as Seb & Mar both have to fight their way through traffic. Both Jen & Lew will suffer from overheating rear tyres in the high temps of Singapore and end up behind Fel and also struggle to keep out Adr & Pau. Nic & Mic will have even hotter rears and struggle to finish with only six sets of tyres. Rub & Pas (whose name sounds like a tasty Italian food) will take turns to disappoint Fra. Seb B will get 9th or 10th but Jai will fail to finish in the points (as he didn’t qualify 18th). Bru will put it into the wall just after Vit P has made a suspiciously early pitstop. Ser will make his one and only pitstop on the last lap (even though he has been driving around on just the rims for the last hour) while Kam will perform strongly after having his wings attached the right way up for the race. Hei and Jar will come together on the first lap, which the latter will blame on power steering problems. Tim & Jer will play cat & mouse, while Vit L will make up all of the places he lost from the penalty by the first corner and Dan (whose last name might rhyme with avocado or perhaps aficionado but no-one is really sure) will be leading the Virgins until his last pitstop when the HRT mechanics will lose a wheelnut and have to order a replacement from the factory, which will arrive just in time for Suzuka.

        F1 is getting so boring these days.

        1. That’s Sir Fra, to you.

    18. Keith, I just noticed something strange in the grid above.

      If you look closely, you’ll see that only even-number-positionned cars have a link to the team.

      Team names are not the same between LH and JB or SV andMW as well

      Maybe something wrong with the PHP there ?

    19. hamilton only has 2 sets of supersofts (albeit 1 unused) everyone else 3 sets. Most doing 3 stops so 2 stints on soft for hamilton or 1 extra long stint on softs.

    20. I just hope to see some over taking from the top 6.

    21. The lack of one set of super-softs for Lewis might not be that important if it rains. Will it?

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