HRT: Ricciardo accepts blame for Glock crash

2011 Singapore GP team review

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Ricciardo collided with Glock as both HRT drivers were lapped four times.

Daniel RicciardoVitantonio Liuzzi
Qualifying position2324
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’52.404 (-0.406)1’52.810
Race position1920
Pit stops34

HRT drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Daniel Ricciardo190.381157.913125.518128.678121.386124.414126.095120.277120.11120.841121.45122.829125.577123.587131.985148.058121.066121.504122.707119.819119.843119.858119.971122.044120.989127.451143.295164.31127.53121.647127.691125.033123.606121.09120.81119.916121.524119.789119.389119.064119.105121.048119.504122.077119.824119.832122.12120.476123.519123.381125.442126.556121.003123.508128.873125.346125.561
Vitantonio Liuzzi136.182122.843121.636121.23121.476121.534121.622121.649121.734122.306122.873125.145132.752149.578121.38120.206124.223120.376121.465121.558120.14123.243124.105121.582120.853130.214143.431145.998148.46167.73161.516123.267121.359124.945123.911119.32119.2119.148119.59119.826118.283118.387118.793120.172127.025196.634160.048119.87119.818121.467121.152121.62120.648118.597119.452119.444119.848

Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo, HRT, Singapore, 2011
Start tyreSuper soft
Pit stop 1Super soft 44.17s
Pit stop 2Super soft 34.782s
Pit stop 3Soft 33.058s

Despite brushing the wall on his fastest lap, Ricciardo out-qualified his team mate for the second race in a row.

But he lost his front wing in contact with Timo Glock on the opening lap: “Unfortunately my race wasn’t too exciting because I got my nose clipped on the first lap.

“It was all a bit bunched into turn 8 and I didn’t have a clear line so I just wanted to keep that line for the next corner and had a touch. It was my mistake for going in a bit too deep and it was a costly one because then I encountered quite a few blue flags which upset my rhythm.”

The safety car period brought him back within range of his team mate, who he finished in front of.

Daniel Ricciardo 2011 form guide

Vitantonio Liuzzi

Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Super soft 34.329s
Pit stop 2Super soft 32.122s
Pit stop 3Super soft 31.687s
Pit stop 4Soft 42.92s

Liuzzi qualified last, rendering his five-place grid penalty for a crash that eliminated two cars in Monza totally worthless.

The safety car brought Jarno Trulli in his sights and he kept within range of the Lotus for ten laps before his tyres went off:

“We were forced to change to our last set of tyres because the rear was going and had to put on the tyres that we used in qualifying.

“Immediately I felt that the car had a lot less grip, to the point where I locked the front on turn 14 without doing anything different and I touched the wall, which caused the wing to break. So I was forced to pit again.”

His fresh tyres allowed him to close the gap to Ricciardo but he finished over a minute behind his team mate.

Vitantonio Liuzzi 2011 form guide

Narain Karthikeyan

Drove Liuzzi’s car in first practice. He was the only reserve driver to run in this session, the other teams preferring to give their race drivers the maximum time available on the demanding Singapore track.

Karthikeyan said: “I brushed off all the cobwebs after two and a half months without driving. It was a good session even though being a new track for me it was not ideal. But I’m very happy with how the testing went, especially since I was faster than Daniel until the end.”

Narain Karthikeyan 2011 form guide

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    1. In the last few laps of the race, I noticed that Ricciardo was a long way ahead of Liuzzi (some 40 to 50 seconds at one stage), how did that happen?

    2. I think here again Ricciaro showed potential. Liuzzi, I’m not sure about, he doesn’t have much on his team mate now, even in races. Of course, bad luck isn’t really his fault, but in combination with the Monza thing, you have to wonder if he’s not past his best now.

      1. But if Ricciardo showed potential, what to say of Karthikeyan who beat him in FP1!

        1. He didn’t beat him. Ricciardo’s final lap of FP1 was half a tenth quicker. Still, a good showing from Karthikeyan.

    3. Not a bad result for them. Shame for them that Kovalainen managed to finish as high as he did though.

    4. Stupid fom once again missing action. We didn’t see what happened with massa and trulli in italy, and now we miss this.

      1. I’m sure some cameraman was filming them, he had nothing else to do, s it’s a pity!

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