Senna “convinced” Suzuka will suit Renault better

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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Bruno Senna, Renault, Singapore, 2011
Senna says he is improving at Renault

Bruno Senna says Renault will fare better in Suzuka after their worst result of the season in Singapore.

Senna finished 15th with team mate Vitaly Petrov 17th as the R31 struggled on the street track.

Asked if Suzuka will suit the R31 better, Senna said: “I?m convinced that will be the case.

“The low-speed nature of Singapore made it the worst circuit for us in terms of performance. That hurt us a little bit, but with the updates that we have planned for Suzuka we should be strong there, and get both cars in the points again ?ǣ that?s where we belong.”

He added the team’s priority in the championship was not falling further behind having been overtaken by Mercedes:

“My prerogative is adding more points to my name. If we can still add to the car a little bit here and there, that will help.

“We need to stay ahead of the teams behind us, in particular Force India. If we can close the gap to Mercedes in fourth, that would be a real boost for the team but primarily we must hold on to fifth position.”

Despite the poor result, Senna said Singapore “was quite a positive weekend”.

“In this latest part of the learning curve, I managed to cut out any mistakes which is a positive.

“I had a very full programme working with engineers, and the work I?m doing with them is getting better. Despite the Marina Bay Circuit not being a track where the R31 is naturally at ease, I have still been able to notice an improvement in my relationship with the car, and I feel there is a discernible direction in which we are going.

“I?m becoming more ingratiated with the team and with the car, which provides me comfort as I look forward to the next race.”

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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    18 comments on “Senna “convinced” Suzuka will suit Renault better”

    1. I’m willing to believe him. Petrov in particular has put the R31 into Q3 on almost every occasion when it was possible this year (possibly with one exception). For them to have gone from seventh and tenth on the grid in Italy to fifteenth and eighteenth in Singapore just two weeks later implies that something was seriously wrong with the R31.

      Of course, if the Suzuka upgrade doesn’t deliver, both Petrov and Senna are going to be up the proverbial creek without so much as a paddle in sight.

      1. He has, as you said, performed sowell in Monza and Spa that his Singapore performance must be due to his car. Kubica was dong well last year in Suzuka, so let’s see.

    2. “The low-speed nature of Singapore made it the worst circuit for us in terms of performance.

      While that may be true the team did finish 8th at Monaco.

      1. And Petrov was also running in the points before he had Alguersuari up his backside ending up in the barriers together.

        Still, had Hamilton and Maldonado not clashed, and Massa before that, I doubt they would have reached further then a 9th-10th place

    3. They better had, otherwise Force India will have them.

      1. But we all want to see that. Force India are a team I want to join Mercedes & Renaulx in the 2nd division ‘Top 3’ I dont really like Di’Resta though, I mean, jeez, have a different facial expression every once in a while…

        1. Well, I personally would love to see Force India right up there as a top five team, and if their form continues they should pass Renault.

          At the start of the season, there was talk on Renault winning a race, but that isn’t going to happen.

    4. Renault should do better in Suzuka (hopefully) and I must admit I’m impressed with Senna, the guy seems to be quite a sensible guy and has pace to burn. It is really difficult to jump in the car midway through the season and do well. Just remember Fisichella at Ferrari and De la Rosa at Sauber.

    5. Very impressed with senna! If they have a top 4-5 team next year, it will be very interesting to see how he goes – with pre season testing and a car built more to his liking. I hope RKubica comes back, but I’d prefer it to be in petrovs seat!

      1. If Kubica comes back (and I hope he does) I fully expect he’ll be alongside Petrov, due to marketing oppotunities in Russia (another commenter made this point here recently).

        Still, Senna’s showing well enough that I think we won’t have seen the last of him when this year is out. Renault will probably keep him on as a reserve, and if they don’t another team might well sign him up, much like how Hülkenberg ended up with Force India.

        1. It has already been said that Senna brings better marketing money/opportunities from Brazil thanks Petrov in Russia.

          F1 is a bigger thing and more Brazilian companies want to support Senna in F1 than Russian companies wanting to support petrov in F1.

          neither F1 nor Petrov are famous in Russia. The name Senna and F1 and very well known in Brazil.

    6. GO SENNNA!!!

    7. I think Senna has now shown that he is as good as the car is. Better ride , better results. If Kubica returns and Petrov remains, then Senna will have to roll the dice with another team. That move could undo what he has accomplished recently. The demand for his service could take on a very interesting future if he can get some points and make the most out of this opportunity.

    8. I feel FI will move ahead of them, FI’s upgrades have given them more than any other team in the midfield & i suspect that they will bring a bigger upgrade for Indian GP to impress the home crowd. FI team seems to be motivated & given their budget, coming 5th will be a huge achievement.

      1. heard that singapore upgrades was the last big upgrade for FI, so if the upgrades perform well for renault, sure they can keep FI at bay.

    9. Forgive my cynicism but they can’t really have a much worse weekend in Japan!

      It’s weird really. You always take about cars not suiting particular tracks, fair enough, so you expect to lose a couple of places on the grid. But scraping into Q2 for just one of the cars is downright dreadful!

    10. agreed you have a valid point there,so in that case its all about how well renault keep their promise next race, if not then FI will overtake them points.

      1. There are 4 drivers now chasing the two seats at Renault, Grosjean also linked to that team. It will be sad for Kubica because frankly I dont think this team is on their way to the front of the grid in the short term. They have lost a number of good personnel this year.

        They are surely to do better than they did in Singapore, I see them right on the pace of Force India in the rest of the races. But any higher is just a dream.

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