2011 Japanese Grand Prix TV Times

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, McLaren, Suzuka, 2010

F1 Fanatic Live will be running during the entire Japanese Grand Prix weekend so look out for the live page on the site during every session.

Here are the details of the BBC’s live video coverage of the Japanese Grand Prix here in the UK:

Friday 7th October 2011

Japanese Grand Prix Free practice 1: 1:55 – 3:35am (BBC Red Button and online)

Japanese Grand Prix Free practice 2: 5:55 – 7:35am (BBC Red Button and online)

Saturday 8th October 2011

Japanese Grand Prix Free practice 3: 2:55 – 4:05am (BBC Red Button and online)

Japanese Grand Prix Qualifying: 5:00 – 7:30am (BBC1, Red Button and online)
Qualifying starts at 6:00am

Sunday 9th October 2011

Japanese Grand Prix: 6:00 – 9:15am (BBC1, Red Button and online)
Race starts at 7:00am

Please share details of the F1 coverage in your area below.

Find times for every F1 session this year with the F1 Fanatic Google Calendar.

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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    32 comments on “2011 Japanese Grand Prix TV Times”

    1. Ahhh well, back to recording the sessions and watching them when I get home from work… :(

      1. I’m sorry work has gotten in the way! There’s something lovely and romantic about getting up early just to watch this beautiful sport that’s why I loved Aus opening the season.

        1. I also love waking up sooner that everybody just to watch F1, but I’ll have to pass on FP1 and FP2 at least, because of school. I’m going to watch qualifying and the race, for sure, and man, I love watching the Japanese GP.

    2. Half of me wants to die when I see these TV times as I love sleep more than Mr. Raikkonen but the other half loves them as it may be cheesy but watching the sun rise with F1 on at a classic race track is just perfection. I’m lucky though in the UK. I get the odd race that’s early so the novelty hasn’t worn off but for the fanatics who always have to get up at ungodly hours I just don’t know how they do it!

      1. It’s fun! This race weekend for you Brits is basically the equivalent of what Brazil and Canada are for me and all other Australians. I must admit, it is quite a fun novelty. I can’t wait to see you all on the live blogs in a sleepy state!

        1. I’ll bring the match-sticks for us to prop our eyes open! @Steph @DamonSmedley

          1. @AndrewTanner a large mug of coffee would be great too thanks :P

            1. @Steph Are you going to bed before FP1? I’m pulling an all-nighter for RRR, so it may work out that I’m as tired as everyone else!

            2. @DamonSmedley I’ll be going to bed before it and probably between sessions too. Good luck with your racing!

      2. Well @steph, in Italy all sessions are one hour later! I find them always suitable, and I’d watch F1 even if they weren’t, be sure of that! :D

    3. I already don’t get enough sleep, this weekend is not going to help matters :| Oh well, up at 6 it is

      1. Sorry to read that @disjunto but at least F1 is one of the better reasons to be awake at such early hours!

    4. I’ve got a great Sunday lined up! Get up nice and early to watch the Grand Prix – then straight off to Silverstone to watch the finale of the Formula 3 series. I’m rather excited as you can imagine!

      1. Sounds great @BedNeedham ! Tell us all about the trip on the forum if you like :) I would say I hope the weather stays nice for you but if it does rain you should see plenty of action at Silverstone ;)

        1. Thanks Steph! No doubt I will – i’m fine with rain or shine! With better weather comes better atmosphere and a nice tan (!) and with rain, as you say, there may well be more on track action. I’m really looking forward to it either way!

    5. With this and the RWC, it’s great to get up at ludicrous o’clock and be able to watch F1, followed by Rugby. Can’t wait for 1st practice tomorrow morning.

      1. You’ve got a good weekend of sport lined up then :)

    6. Race starts 7am, i start work at 7am.

      Ah well, i will be avoiding this site, twitter, facebook, the internet most of sunday, iplayer it is :(

    7. I always loved the feeling of early-morning F1 races. Throughout the whole weekend.
      This year I’ll probably watch the whole weekend again, it’s been a while since i’ve been able to do it. It’s the right year to regain the chance, I always felt “right” for the championship to wrap in Suzuka. Maybe that’s because that was the always the case in my first season as a fanatic =P

    8. Race is at 2 AM est… looking forward to it.

    9. For me, here on the east coast of the US, the European races are the best. Not only the classic venues, but I love the early morning start times with the races generally going off at 8 AM. This leaves me the rest of my Sunday to go for a nice motorcycle ride. The 2 AM start in Japan is a bit tough to take, but I’ll be watching!

      1. Linn in NJ USA
        6th October 2011, 16:39

        We will be watching with you in spirit shooner. We make it a fun event by having a big breakfast while watching the race. Sometimes we go to bed early on Saturday, and other time we just stay up all night. It’s fun.

    10. If i get up for FP1/2 I will be dead at uni on Friday….do you think my tutor will mind if i have a nap during his lecture? lol

      1. @emmadouglas91 Borrow these from Adrian Sutil

          1. fantastic idea!

    11. Ooo lovely early starts. I missed Suzuka last year as I was on a work-trip that day so needed plenty of sleep.

      As much as i’ll try and organise myself i’ll inevitably go to bed late and forgot to adjust the central heating so i’m not rattling my teeth when I wake up.

    12. Still have great memories of getting up to watch Hill win at a rain drenched Suzuka in ’94.

      Still love these early starts – that feeling like no one else is watching the tv except fanatics like you :)

    13. Can’t beat getting up nice and early for these asian races!!

      It’s just not the same watching a re-run later on, and that’s even if I manage to avoid hearing the result!

    14. 2am start time… Going to be a long night!

    15. I overlooked the race start time- i’m going to have to avoid the result untill the afternoon

    16. Gday Australian F1 fans!
      What a weekend for us! V8s from Bathurst from 10:30 until Race starts at 5pm.
      As usual, one hour of scintilating Greg Rust repartee preceeds the race at 5PM on ONE HD (Sydney Times).

      Good Luck to all you fans living on GMT, Coffee be your friend!

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