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Live: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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7 comments on “Live: 2011 Japanese Grand Prix”

  1. 600 ml of black coffee and can’t take it any more….

    TSN coverage starts 5 minutes prior to the race (1.55 am)… how is the weather guys?

  2. Ah getting up early for the race at Suzuka, it just feels right!
    It feels so much better getting up for this one compared to the newer tracks with no hearth and F1 history.

  3. What an aggressive start from Vettel. Hamilton needs a podium finish for his own sanity!

    1. Getting a bit fed up with Vettel cutting up others at the start, he does it almost every race. Replay shows he looks in the mirror, realises Button was there and THEN starts turning into him.

      There is no doubt Vettel is an amazing talent, but that kind of move is going to cause an accident one day, can it not be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later?

      1. They were letting Schumacher do it over a decade ago, can’t see them stopping Vettel tomorrow, or any of the other drivers who have done it.

  4. Ham. Mas. Theyre on again!

    1. There is definitely a magnet holding them together :-)

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