2011 F1 video review is in HD but will miss Christmas market

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The official 2011 F1 season review video will be available in high-definition format for the first time.

The 2011 review will be available in HD on Blu-Ray. There will also be a DVD release.

However the title is currently expected to ship on December 26th, meaning it will miss the all-important Christmas sales rush.

You can pre-order the DVD via Amazon using the link below (the Blu-Ray version is not currently listed):

Buy / pre-order the 2011 F1 season review on Blu-ray

Buy / pre-order the 2011 F1 season review on DVD

Update: The review will be called “He’s done it again”

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28 comments on “2011 F1 video review is in HD but will miss Christmas market”

  1. it’s a shame that not every camera is HD on the track. For example you could see the difference between Hungaroring and Suzuka. On this 1 track there where less HD cameras than on ther other one

    1. now, that would be really interesting!

    2. Actually every trackside camera is now HD, Only cameras not HD are the In-Car units.

      FOM are using Grass Valley LDK 8000 cameras this year, These are about the best live broadcast quality HD cameras currently avaliable.
      FOM are responsibe for the broadcasts at all races apart from Monaco & Suzuka & they are using the same equipment at every race they cover.

      1. that expalins whys Suzuka video quality wasn’t the best… hah

        1. FujiTV were the host broadcaster at Suzuka & all there cameras were HD, They have actually been producing a HD broadcast at Suzuka for a couple years now which has only been avaliable within Japan.

          The image quality at Suzuka was lower than usual because of the way FujiTV send out the world-feed broadcast.

          1. thanks for the heads up! seems you know a little about the industry!

      2. @GT_Racer Wow. Thank you so much. I’m massively interested in FOM and the entire broadcasting/behind the scenes are of F1 and I’d love to know where you learnt this information! I’ve been asking around for many years and in many different places, but I only ever get turned down because FOM are so secretive.

  2. That’s a funny coincidence, I’m sure the year that the season reviews were made available on DVD for the first time they also missed the Christmas window and came out in the New Year.

    You can’t really blame the producers though, with the season ending so late it’s difficult for them to get it out on time.

    So glad it’s finally coming in HD though, to release just in SD this year would’ve been slightly farcical. Just need them to start releasing the back catalogue and maybe some special titles…

  3. One would think Bernie likes to get a few bucks in for selling the season review. But sending it off only right after Christmas has never been the best marketing strategy.

    1. Yeah, it seems like a very strange time to do it.

  4. Oh yeah!! Blu-ray!! I have to give myself them as a new year present!

  5. The big question: do I wait for the US version to come out or do I pre-order this now?

    Decisions, decisions.

  6. Doesn’t really matter to me, i’m too old for Christmas presents :(

    1. No-one is ever too old for Christmas!

      1. +100000000000000000000

    2. Cheer up – merry Christmas! :D

    3. If you give me a Ferrari for Christmas present i wouldnt be too old ;p

  7. Why is the fastest sport in the world so slow when it comes to anything related to consumer technology?!?!

    1. Won’t be anything to do with FOM/F1, They will have the review completed a week or 2 after the final race. Its then down to the distributer to produce the disc’s & ship the units & its this which takes time.

  8. Ouch..
    I would like it on DVD because then I can watch it on my computer anywhere. But you just can’t deny how great F1 looks in HD.
    I guess I will have get both then.

    1. Sometimes, the Blu-Ray edition comes with a DVD and/or a soft copy of the content. That’s what they did for Senna (amongst many other movies), so it’s something we may see here too.

  9. Unless Clives James is narrating, it won’t be worth buying.

    1. I can hear it now:

      “For the 2011 Season review, the first in HD, FOM made the terrible mistake of asking McLaren for strategy advice on how to launch the new product.”

    2. Will Buxton confirmed on Twitter last week that like last year’s review he & Ben Edwards will be doing the voice overs for this year’s review.

  10. Guess I’ll have to think of something else as a christmas present for my dad then, bugger.

  11. who cares if it misses the christmas hype. whats wrong with buying the review a few days later? it might be a strange strategy for those who are selling it, but for the F1 fan it doesn’t matter if its christmas or not.

    for me its christmas every race weekend. so i have 19 of them per year.

  12. Shame the DVD review does not have all the bonus features you get with the Blu-ray edition, I guess the DVD’s had no room left for any more video. Ah well more race highlights video the better really.

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