2011 Korean Grand Prix Thursday pictures

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Pictures from the final day of preparation before the start of the Korean Grand Prix weekend.

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Images ?? Korean GP/Sutton

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7 comments on “2011 Korean Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

  1. Looking forward to see Vergne’s on-track action pictures!

  2. Keith that’s not Rubens, that’s Timo Glock isn’t it?

  3. That Sauber pic has a little bit of Reservoir Dogs about it! Perez is too cool for school.

    1. “Lookin’ back on the track
      For a little green bag
      Got to find just in time
      That I’m losing my mind …”

      1. haha. Nice one PM!

  4. I do like seeing the huge logo on the tarmac, looks good!

  5. Oooh, loving that Renault’s nose. That’s gonna be my mobile’s wallpaper :)

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