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Vettel: Korea tyres are “very, very aggressive”

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In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel describes Pirelli’s tyre choice for Korea as “very, very aggressive”.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Korean GP – Conference 1 (FIA)

Sebastian Vettel: “I think, to some extent, we understand why tyre wear was more excessive than we thought, or we need to come here and confirm that I think we have another good chance in that regard, to understand more about tyres as the tyre approach for this weekend is very, very aggressive. So I?m not sure how many stops we will see but surely more than two, maybe even up to five.”

Watch Ayrton Senna at the 1991 Autosport Awards (Autosport)

Sauber: Suzuka updates (Scarbs F1)

“In detail the front wing sports a new profile and revised endplates. The leading edge forms a fairly flat profile and then lifts into an arc to meet the endplate. In a similar way that Red Bulls wing meets the FIA central section at 90-degrees. As such it aims to achieve the same function to create a strong vortex, in Sauber’s case to carry airflow out around the front tyre.”

Edd Straw via Twitter

Toro Rosso will stop using weight-saving aluminium wheel nuts after this race after the pit-stop error in Japan.”

Group Lotus Branches Out Into Karting

“Group Lotus has made an official entry into the CIK FIA World Karting Championship for 2012, as it looks to discover new driving talent.”

Mokpo vs Vegas ?ǣ A Tale of Two Races (F1 Vole Blog)

“I?d like Bernie [Ecclestone] to consider introducing a ??What if every round was like xxxxx? test when considering new races. Because if every round was like Korea ?ǣ F1 would be dead. On the other hand for IndyCar ?ǣ if every round was like Vegas, they?d be speeding up the comeback trail.”

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Comment of the day

Hamilton didn’t have a puncture in Japan but that doesn’t mean he didn’t lose tyre pressure, as Coefficient explains:

If the tyres fall off the cliff it means there is very little rubber left on the tyre. Therefore there isn?t enough rubber density to keep the heat in the tyre.

This then allows the gas in the tyre to shrink thus lowering the tyre pressures. The disparity in pressure from left to right can be explained by the track being half clockwise and half anti clockwise and as the lap was incomplete tyre wear was higher on one side than the other causing a more significant temp/pressure drop on one side.

From the forum

Site updates

Updated map showing the locations of all the races on the 2012 F1 calendar:

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Magnificent Geoffrey and Pablopete80!

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On this day in F1

Mika Hakkinen made his final F1 start ten years ago today in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Hakkinen finished fourth after letting team mate David Coulthard by into third place.

Jean Alesi also started his final race that day, but retired in a collision with Kimi Raikkonen on lap six.

The Prost team bowed out of Formula 1 as did Benetton – the latter team remaining in the guide of Renault.

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    1. Brilliant, looks like JB has this one in the bag! ;)

      No too good for Lewis Hamilton…

      1. with the weather like it is @calum, it might be pretty much a good weekend for Hamilton.

        The few laps he did, he looked the most happy with the car on track of all drivers that did get out.

    2. Mag’s always quick with a pun,
      his good heart and wit perpetually stun
      but he still puts plenty of passion in his posts,
      which is why he’s the one everyone loves the most

      The depth of his arguments never fail to impress,
      even if he is a fan of DRS.
      I’d love to watch a race with him
      but if he cheers Kobayashi I may need a gin.

      He may be a fish,
      but he’s still quite a dish,
      and it is my sincere wish
      that I get to give him a birthday kiss!

      so happy birthday Mr. President (of all F1 fans),
      our favourite Fanatic resident
      we all love you lots,
      and Damon even has the hots!

      1. Disregard that last stanza
        as to that I have no anza’!

        It’s scarcely conceivable
        For all of his wit,
        But Magffrey’s an animal
        And an F1F hit.

        His name is a mystery
        But don’t hold a grudge,
        Unless you share some history
        You’d do well to make him budge.

        A man I once met
        For not an hour, but a half,
        I said I’d not forget
        That he was great for a laugh.

        A seasoned veteran
        Of many Grands Prix,
        He’s seen Schumi, Frentzen,
        And he’s even met me.

        You’ll see everybody finds
        His essay-length comments on the plight of the sport,
        instill hope in the minds
        Of those who’d normally retort.

        I have little doubt
        That not a fanatic could compare,
        To the trademark shout:
        “Oh, all sorts of problems, there!”

        So to my friend Magffrey;
        Unless by pretty girls you enjoy being kissed
        I’d advise you to keep clear of dear Steph,
        Enjoy Free Practice, it’s not to be missed
        But above all, have a happy birthday, Geoff!

        1. This a poem
          That Damon made me do
          So Happy Birthday Geoffrey
          ****, it doesn’t rhyme

          1. lol, but:

            This a poem
            That Damon made me do
            So Happy Birthday Geoffrey

            …Happy Birthday to you?

        2. So Damon and Steph have been clever clicks
          And written poems to show off their semantics
          But my skills are far less
          And I have to confess
          From me you’re just gonna get limericks.

          I speak for everyone when I say
          You deserve all your comments of the day
          A great community member
          I shall forever remember
          Your balance of serious and play

          I forgive you for hating Ferrari
          Cos I’ve heard you enjoy wearing a Sari
          But cos Kobayashi’s your man
          And you’ve been to Japan
          When I see you I’ll buy you Campari

          Though you organised the Collantine Cup
          You were only good enough for runner up
          But in the 24 Laps of Le Mans
          You stole my podium
          Though it was entirely down to luck

          Have a great day celebrating your birth
          Eat lots, and increase in girth
          I’m out of rhyming couplets
          And I’ve forgotten Iambic Pentameter
          Deal with it.

          Happy Birthday Mag!

          1. I’m not writting you a long poem,
            as did Damon, Steph and Dan,
            I just want to wish you a happy birthday,
            my fellow Sauber fan.

            You love Kamui Kobayashi,
            and surely Sergio Perez,
            you’re probably also fond of
            Esteban Gutierrez.

            You’re easily one of the best
            F1 fanatics around,
            a great amount of knowledge,
            your arguments always sound.

            I’m off to sleep now,
            as FP1 has just come to an end,
            wish you lots of health and happiness,
            and enjoy the race weekend!

            Happy birthday @magnificent-geoffrey, have a good one! :)

            1. once on #CC there was MAG
              his driving was a bit of a gag
              nearly won the DC
              was beaten by Smedley
              even though there wasn’t any lag!

              on F1F he’s rarely wrong
              he’s studied DRS for so long
              there we often fight
              for good and for right
              though we only wanted good racing all along!

              His favorite Driver is Kobayashi-San
              who often drives like he’s a stunt man!
              Mag cheers for him loud
              no matter what the crowd
              even though he’s as fast as a minivan!

              <3 you @magnificent-geoffrey, have the most awesome birthday!

            2. Today is the day you shined
              And left all the gloom behind
              The fourteenth of October
              is the day to remember
              and celebrate the magnificence
              of being in your mighty presence
              So Happy Birthday Magnificent!
              from your well wishing friend pearlescent!
              Forgive me it’s not as long as the rest
              But I do wish you my absolute best!

              Happy Birthday Mag Geoff! :-D

            3. I’m rubbish at rhymes so here’s a Haiku poem for you…

              The samurai fish
              Always raises a smile
              Mag Geoff

      2. Happy birthday Magnificent,
        let’s hope the Saubers are decent
        in Sunday morning’s race
        when we will see their pace.

        I hope you enjoy this day,
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        remember to also support
        Massa, the king of the sport!

        Happy birthday @Magnificent-Geoffrey! Sorry for the atrocious poem :P

        1. Here’s mine…

          There once was a fish called Geoff,
          The best f1f user, sorry Steph!
          A Sauber fan all the way,
          He was born in October, not May.

          I have to forgive him for his Nando hatred,
          And appreciate his Kamui bandana,
          Which certainly isn’t painted!
          Despite all this, let’s focus on his manner.

          Geoffrey, a cool name
          I get the impression he’s good at the f1 2010 game
          He’s always ready for F1,
          And his fave’ is from the land of the rising sun.

          I met him to watch Singapore,
          With Tom, Katy, Antony and no more
          Shouts as Lewis lost his wing,
          I just shouted “Get in!”

          So happy birthday to you,
          Everyone would join me, not just 2.
          Congrats mate, you’re brilliant,
          Scrap that, you’re Magnificent!

          1. Sorry mines late! Hope you had a great day @magnificent-geoffrey !

            Happy Birthday to Mr Mag Goeff
            Not sure if he’s a fish or a man
            But he’s most definitely a massive F1 fan.

            His opinions always seem level and fair
            He wears his Kamui bandana with plenty of flair

            His loyalty lies with the Sauber team
            And he’s occasionally appeared in my F1 dreams

            Currently studying for a Journalism Masters
            I’m positive it’ll be far from a disaster

            He’s so wise and ever so clever
            When will he support Ferrari, I’m guessing never!

            So a toast to you
            And enjoy your poems
            I see you have quite a few!

            1. Sorry it’s late, but happy birthday Mag, with a very happy pole for Lewis!!

              My poem attempt would be useless, ask @daykind!!

    3. Happy Birthday Geoff!

      In the round-up: Sebastian Vettel describes Pirelli’s tyre choice for Korea as “very, very aggressive”.

      Good. I was expecting a bit more from Suzuka to be honest, Korea’s layout doesn’t offer much excitement so let’s hope the tyres will.

    4. Calling the Pirelli tires “aggressive” and thinking that they might need to be changed five times or more says something about the current state of tire technology and is growing on the wrong branch of technology.

      I find it hard to believe that these tires are what Formula One really wants…how is it possible that drivers are willing to race on such short lived rubber?? Maybe real good at first but certainly will at somepoint become risky to manage.

      I challenge the Pirelli Company to explain why this type of product is considered acceptable?? You guys are flirting with diaster.

      1. Paul Hembery said they were going to be “adventurous” with the tyres at Korea to test things for next year because of the driver championship being wrapped up.

        Pirelli are just doing what the teams asked them and there are no safety issues just because they wear out quick.

        1. Are you kidding me???? No safety issues from driving on worn out tires…Explain yourself…

          1. No safety issues from driving on worn out tires…Explain yourself…

            Then you pit and put on fresh tyres.

            If a tyre suddenly fails, that’s a safety matter (think Indianapolis 2005). But if it just wears out then it’s down to the driver to figure that out and get in the pits.

      2. It was deliberately designed to wear, as asked for by F1. Want to point fingers, blame someone else than Pirelli, who just done what they were asked to do.

    5. Happy Birthday Mr Magnificent

      1. I’ll tack on to Ratboy here since I’m horrible at poetry…
        Happy Birthday Magnificent one!

        1. I do the same, the same counts for me to the letter,
          that my poetry is no better!

          So have a Magnificent Birthday Geoffrey!

          And i hope Pablopete80 will enjoy his Birthday as much.

          1. Same here. So, have a great birthday @magnificent-geoffrey and @pablopete80!

            Oh, very nice Korea special avatar there @magnificent-geoffrey, cool, but don’t get eaten up by the track, we’d miss you a lot.

      2. Happy Birthday Maggy!! ;)

    6. the latter team remaining in the guide of Renault.


      The Korean round of the series has every ingredient of ‘bad F1′ writ large:

      It’s remote – on reclaimed land in a distant and industrial outpost of South Korea that even most Koreans care little for.

      It’s vaguely pointless – the circuit is purpose-built in the middle of mudflats, which should by now be a thriving little city of enterprise and excitement – but of course it’s not – it’s just a sort of barren cathedral to the folly of trusting Bernie Ecclestone’s sales pitch.

      tough to argue with that

    7. happy birthday geoff and pablopete!

    8. I always thought that crash between Alesi and Raikkonen to be quite apt, it was like a clash of generations, with two absolute legends. One right at the beginning of their career, the other at the final hurdle.

      1. Not wishing to take away any of the poetic sensibility of your comment, but I think the crash was caused by suspension failure on Raikkonen’s Sauber not because the two were going at it hammer and tongs…

        1. Exactly, that’s why it was so tragic for Jean. :(

    9. There’s a Magnificent fish named Geoffrey
      Who writes poetry in verse far from free
      You were born on this day
      In a time far away
      F1 Fanatics all rise to Salute Thee!

      1. That’s brilliant!

        A very happy birthday @magnificent-geoffrey !!!

    10. Happy Birthday to both Magnificent Geoffrey and Pablopete80.

    11. Just have been reading the press conference Keith posted. A lot of interesting stuff in there. One thing standing out for me, as it gives a really nice insight in one of the drivers is this part:

      Q: (Alan Baldwin – Reuters) Sergio, I think you played a bit of a practical joke on your team over the last few laps at Suzuka; I wonder if you could just explain what happened and how they reacted to it?
      SP: They were very excited that we were getting into the points. We had a problem, we had some vibrations and in the last part of the track, the last corner, I told them that I was losing power and they were quite afraid about it and when I crossed the line, it was a just a few seconds after they realised that it was just a joke.

      1. @bascb

        I did mention that in the Sauber team review for Japan:

        Sauber: Poorly Perez reaches the points

        1. @keithcollantine Ah, yes. I must have missed the fact it was a joke in that line!

          1. He’s lucky they didn’t change some settings on the car that would slow him down! It’s funny with hindsight, but the team could have taken it seriously and ended up ruining his race.

    12. Happy birthday @magnificent-geoffrey ! I won’t embarrass myself with a poem but I hope you’re having a great day and here’s to Sauber having a good weekend!

      That’s a great COTD from @Coefficient Another thing to factor in about tyres.

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