Vergne not drawing conclusions after run

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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Jean-Eric Vergne, Toro Rosso, Korea, 2011

Jean-Eric Vergne said he wasn’t comparing his performance with other drivers after his first run in practice today.

Verge, who last drove for Toro Rosso in the young drivers’ test in Abu Dhabi, drove the STR6 for the first time in this morning’s first practice session.

He said: “I admit that I was not so happy when I opened the curtains this morning and saw the rain. I found this morning session quite difficult because of the very wet track conditions, although I am happy with what I have done, because I didn’t crash the car and I had some fun as well.

“It is difficult to judge how I did, because normally in a session like this, you get two runs with time in between to look at the data and see how to improve, but the weather meant that was not possible this morning. I had nothing to compare myself with and I definitely am not comparing my performance to any other drivers today.

“It was just a case of getting some experience and learning a bit more about how the team operates. Whatever the track conditions, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity, even if I did not get many laps completed. It means I will now be better prepared when I get back in the car for first practice at Abu Dhabi.”

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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    7 comments on “Vergne not drawing conclusions after run”

    1. Good job for not crashing, not even spinning, from Vergne. Sure enough he tip-toed the track where some of the guys spinning were pushing a bit more, but still.
      He will be glad there are other opportunities to come for driving that car!

      1. Just catching a replay of FP1, Chandok was also very very careful on track, and he’s driven the car on previous occasions, so you are very right: it could have been a more useful session for Vergne, but with the weather as it was, he made the most of it; and he might well get some more FP1 sessions this year.

      2. It’s understandable that the new boys won’t want to risk a crash in these conditions because it’ll cost them running time and annoy their teams.

        1. Some drivers may want to exceed their potential and crash, but Vergne has been also intelligent to decide to go step-by-step.

    2. Is it just me or does that shot of Venge look scarily like one of Webber?

      1. You’re right he does but only younger :P

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