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Live: 2011 Korean Grand Prix qualifying

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Follow the 2011 Korean Grand Prix qualifying session on F1 Fanatic Live.

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2011 Korean Grand Prix

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9 comments on “Live: 2011 Korean Grand Prix qualifying”

  1. I’d like to see Lewis on pole for this one – just to keep him away from Massa in the race. Seen enough of that duel for 2 seasons already!

  2. It’s clear that the Koreans really love their formula 1…

    1. @stevie

      Are you being sarcastic? I live here, and most everyone I know doesn’t even know the race is this weekend…

      Is it raining down there? We were going to have a sports festival at the park for our school today, but we brought it inside. Good thing, too. It was pouring around 11AM this morning!

      1. Well it’s a good thing they host races in countries like Korea where they’re really enthusiastic about formula 1.

        1. You still haven’t told me if you are being sarcastic or not. I couldn’t go to the race because of work…
          Now we are having a thunderstorm (7:50PM KST). It hasn’t rained like this in a long time. :^(

          1. It’s now clear as a bell and the stars are shining-midnight KST.

  3. Ha…, though I know U haters will still spew negativity! Enjoy!

    1. @Malibu_GP
      I’ve lived here a long time, and I was serious when I asked stevie if he was being sarcastic.
      The absolute dearth of promotion of the race here in Korea has been shocking. You’d think after last year they would have learned their lesson.
      Guess waht? It’s raining cats and dogs here right now in Incheon. I hope it stays dry down at the race, ’cause it hasn’t rained this hard here in a long time.

      BTW-I’m from Pt. Dume.

      1. Two hours later, watched qualifying, and was impressed. A lot more people than I expected. Oh yeah, it’s now clear as a bell outside… Big moon and the stars are shining.
        Go figure…

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