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2011 Korean Grand Prix championship points

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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Drivers’ championship

Position Driver Points
1 Sebastian Vettel 349
2 Jenson Button 222
3 Fernando Alonso 212
4 Mark Webber 209
5 Lewis Hamilton 196
6 Felipe Massa 98
7 Nico Rosberg 67
8 Michael Schumacher 60
9 Vitaly Petrov 36
10 Nick Heidfeld 34
11 Adrian Sutil 28
12 Kamui Kobayashi 27
13 Jaime Alguersuari 22
14 Paul di Resta 21
15 Sebastien Buemi 15
16 Sergio Perez 13
17 Rubens Barrichello 4
18 Bruno Senna 2
19 Pastor Maldonado 1
20 Pedro de la Rosa 0
21 Jarno Trulli 0
22 Heikki Kovalainen 0
23 Vitantonio Liuzzi 0
24 Jerome d’Ambrosio 0
25 Timo Glock 0
26 Narain Karthikeyan 0
27 Daniel Ricciardo 0
28 Karun Chandhok 0

Constructors’ championship

Position Team Points
1 Red Bull 558
2 McLaren 418
3 Ferrari 310
4 Mercedes 127
5 Renault 72
6 Force India 49
7 Sauber 40
8 Toro Rosso 37
9 Williams 5
10 Lotus 0
11 HRT 0
12 Virgin 0

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2011 Korean Grand Prix

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26 comments on “2011 Korean Grand Prix championship points”

  1. The battle for 2nd is amazing, I seriously hope Webber can do it!

    1. Side-by-side battle and DRS counter attack were amazing

    2. Dont Talk to me while I am driving…… that says all from lewis…. He is one amazing driver.

      1. Ted Kravitz later corrected that to have been … don’t talk to me when I am braking … otherwise you are right @tmax

      2. Kimi Raikkonen had kind of that situation as well
        “Don’t talk to me in the middle of a corner”
        And maybe did other drivers.

        1. Alonso said he “didn’t want to know” how fast other drivers were reaching him in Australia 2010.

    3. 2nd to 5th finished in the perfect order to help bunch up the championship standings.

  2. Vettel may finish this season with 100 points more than he finished last season with! That is astonishing!

  3. The thing that scares me about Red Bull is that every year they’ve grow significantly better. At this rate they’ll probably wrap up next year’s title in June.

    1. No way!!

    2. If you believe german media you can already predict the champion after the first race. Just like the Bundesliga (after the first matches they knew Dortmund would dominate, now Bayern destroys everyone…). And a race after the first lap. So if you go by them you only need to do one lap per season to know who will be champion. Talk about efficiency, they wouldn’t need to fly everywhere and develop all season etc.

    3. I am keeping hope bc. this year McLaren seem to be able to at least keep up and maybe even gaining a bit over the season: if they can evolve this car, next year might start on more even foot. And who knows, maybe this time Ferrari really learned they need to approach their car more aggressive and start 2012 with an actual competitive car too. I think Merc. will be closer though, ready to take points away behind Vettel :-p

  4. For the upcoming stats and facts article,

    I just did the math; Hamilton and Button have each scored exactly 436 points since their partnership at McLaren began and have each scored 5 race wins.

    Button however has 16 podiums to Hamilton’s 14.

    Yes Lewis has been struggling lately, but over the past two season they have been about as close to one another as you can get!!

    1. Now that is one to keep in mind for the nice facts for this race!

      1. Thanks!

      2. Brilliant @AdamTate ! :) Thanks for that. It’s really interesting. So even though JB’s had a great two years and Lewis has had one good and one rotten he’s not doing too shabbily.

        1. Thanks @Steph! And you are most welcome!

        2. Great 2 years for JB? Pretty sure he was the first to drop out of title contention last year(same Korea) and hence completing a ‘not-so-good’ year for Jenson

          1. I meant more that there is this feeling surrounding Jense that since he’s gone into Mclaren he’s had a great time. Everyone thought Ham would eat him for breakfast but it hasn’t happened and since then his stock has shot up.

  5. Petrov has given Rosberg a bit more breathing space and Button is pulling out a Vettel-esque lead over Hamilton. He could now afford himself a DNF and still lead him.

    1. That said, I hazard a guess that’s been the case for a while now!

      1. sid_prasher (@)
        16th October 2011, 10:19

        would have been more correct before this race – Hamilton just pulled back 8 points…

        1. @sid_prasher Clearly i’ve not been paying enough attention!

        2. 6 points..

  6. Do you mean 6 points?

  7. Just 26 points separates BUT,ALO,WEB & HAM.

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