Red Bull seal second constructors’ title win

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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Red Bull have retained the constructors’ championship title.

Victory for Sebastian Vettel in the Korean Grand Prix with Mark Webber third put Red Bull far enough ahead of McLaren to clinch the championship.

After collecting the race winners’ trophy on the podium Christian Horner said: “This trophy represents our second constructors’ title today.

“That’s a testimony to the hard work of the whole team, they can be very proud of what we’ve achieved today.”

They join the elite group of teams who have won more than one championship, becoming the eighth to do so:

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2011 Korean Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Red Bull seal second constructors’ title win”

    1. Absolutely peerless.

      Not since Ferrari in 2004 has the combo of a team and driver so out shined the field.

      A thoroughly deserved title.

      1. Their only weak link seems to be Webber this year. I hope he bounces back next. It was a tremendous effort from the team to sort out all of their reliability issues too and for Renault to fix the engines.

        1. I dont understand how people can say Webber has been the weak link this year. he has finished on the podium 9 times, had 5 fastest laps and only not finished 1 race. if this is weak i cant see it.
          yes he hasnt won a race, but with Vettel storming away the way he has done, the door hasnt been left wide open for anyone.

          1. I do.

            Vettel. Ten wins, four 2nds, a 3rd and a 4th. 349 points.
            Webber. Two 2nds, six 3rds, two 4ths and two 5ths. 209.

            The results are plain to see.

            1. but surely results such as those dont make him a weak link… with Vettel performing the way he has been, by these standards anyone would be a weak link.

    2. It was almost guaranteed Ferrari and Mclaren could not match consistency of Red Bull. Now remaining races would be pure racing though…

    3. Keith, thanks for the live commentary, I am in Fiji this month and there is no F1 coverage, paid or free to air, greedy Bernie to thank for that no doubt.

      1. You’re welcome, glad to help!

    4. Vettel is simply in a league of his own.

    5. what happened to “fast and fragile”? that team is running like a swiss watch

      1. Haha,

        COTD nomination for your humor sir.

      2. And the only Swiss team has not been as fast and has also had some moments when it was fragile (Monza springs to mind).

    6. I wonder if McLaren sacrificed a bit of Race pace to gain themselves an edge in Qualifying,Strategists for their Drivers to have good starts.

      Yet again another dominant performance from Vettel,He just keeps getting better every race doesnt he?Great defensive drive by Lewis as well as Mark,Best wheel to wheel action i’ve seen this season,This is what we love about F1;Classic & exciting racing from the best drivers on the planet.

      Looking forward to India,I think by just looking at the layout of the track,High speed/Long duration corners with Low speed cornering in the mix as well,Its looks like a McLaren & RB fight will be resumed

    7. Well, that was unexpected! Really it was nice to see the season in a nutshell in this race.

      Red Bull really are dominant as a team this year. Fastest, most reliable and better then their prime rivals in the pits.

    8. Should be another great FIA Gala for Red Bull this year!

      Throughly deserved, don’t know how many times I’ve said that!

    9. The best thing I’ve heard this weekend is Seb talking about the sport saying how much he loves it and that he could name every title winner and the year they won the WDC. That is terrific. There is nothing better than a driver who truly loves and cares for the sport. I think that’s part of why Karun is so popular (that and he’s a nice guy). We see the teams and drivers push the limits and sometimes go overboard and forget about the sport’s reputation all in the pursuit of winning and they seem to forget what it’s all about so the rare driver that comes along and lives and breathes F1 and not just the racing but the history is a wonderful thing.

      1. That is truly wonderful. I love the history of the sport and knowing that Vettel is so into it, just makes him that much more likeable.

        Nice guys can finish first it seems :)

    10. Maybe Ferrari and McLaren should start making fizzy drinks!

    11. themagicofspeed (@)
      16th October 2011, 23:03

      It is good for them, but other teams need to catch up, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes need to give RBR a serious headache from now on. Ferrari need to offer Newey a ridiculous amount of money to come to Maranello when his RBR contract is up, as much as it takes, and get him under contract for 9-10 years. Massa needs to go and return to karting, where he would be better suited. Schumacher needs to stop ******* about in a shed of a Merc and get his rear back in a Ferrari alongside Alonso. Lewis Hamilton needs to re-take his driving test (urgently), and Webber needs to get on with it and beat Vettel. Here’s hoping either the other top teams make decent cars from day one, or Red Bull produce a shocking car in 2012. It would breathe life back into a sport which is as dead as a rusty nail at the moment. BRING BACK THE CLOSE RACING!

    12. Massive congratulation to RBR for the glory & hope more to come in the future.

    13. Not bad for a “soft drinks” company…..

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