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2011 Korean Grand Prix

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Start, Korea, 2011
Start, Korea, 2011

Who was the most impressive driver throughout the Korean Grand Prix weekend?

See below for my pick of the best drivers in the Korean Grand Prix.

Review each driver’s race weekend in detail below and vote for who you thought was the most impressive driver.

For your consideration

Here are some of the drivers who impressed me during the Korean Grand Prix weekend:

Sebastian Vettel – Notched up his tenth win of the year after breaking free of Hamilton on the first lap.

Lewis Hamilton – A welcome return to form, he was especially impressive in qualifying to put something other than a Red Bull on pole for the first time this year.

Jaime Alguersuari – Matched the best result of his race after chasing down the tyre-troubled Nico Rosberg.

Sebastien Buemi – Like his team mate, enjoyed a great race with the updated STR6, delayed only by being hit at the first corner.

Heikki Kovalainen – Finished ahead of both Saubers and was reeling Bruno Senna in at the end to boot.

Compare all the drivers

Review what happened to each driver over the race weekend and compare their performances with their team mates using the links below:

Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber
McLaren: Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton
Ferrari: Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa
Mercedes: Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher
Renault: Bruno Senna and Vitaly Petrov
Williams: Rubens Barrichello and Pastor Maldonado
Force India: Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta
Sauber: Kamui Kobayashi and Sergio Perez
Toro Rosso: Sebastien Buemi and Jaime Alguersuari
Lotus: Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen
HRT: Daniel Ricciardo and Vitantonio Liuzzi
Virgin: Timo Glock and Jerome d’Ambrosio

Vote for your driver of the weekend

Which driver impressed you the most throughout the Korean Grand Prix weekend? Cast your vote below and have your say in the comments.

Who was the best driver of the Korean Grand Prix weekend?

  • Jerome d'Ambrosio (0%)
  • Timo Glock (0%)
  • Vitantonio Liuzzi (0%)
  • Daniel Ricciardo (0%)
  • Jarno Trulli (0%)
  • Heikki Kovalainen (10%)
  • Jaime Alguersuari (23%)
  • Sebastien Buemi (0%)
  • Sergio Perez (0%)
  • Kamui Kobayashi (0%)
  • Paul di Resta (0%)
  • Adrian Sutil (0%)
  • Pastor Maldonado (0%)
  • Rubens Barrichello (0%)
  • Vitaly Petrov (0%)
  • Bruno Senna (0%)
  • Nico Rosberg (0%)
  • Michael Schumacher (1%)
  • Felipe Massa (0%)
  • Fernando Alonso (2%)
  • Jenson Button (1%)
  • Lewis Hamilton (36%)
  • Mark Webber (2%)
  • Sebastian Vettel (22%)

Total Voters: 489

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104 comments on “Vote for the Korean GP driver of the weekend”

  1. i must vote for Schumacher, he had a great race until that …. particular moment when Petrov tried to overtake Alonso

    1. As a big Schumacher fan I applaud your choice – but have to disagree this time! He had a poor qualifying, and, although I think he would have finished around about where Alguersuari and Rosberg did, I don’t think that’s worthy of the DotW award!

      1. but he had problems with car, complaining about vibrations. in race he had great start – gain 2 positions, then overtook di resta i think. close on petrov and past him and alonso in the pits, tried to past perez but then race was over

    2. I am also a great MSC fan but this time Lewis absolutely deserves my vote!.

      Anyway, Michael is driving very well, I hope we will have another chance to vote him as a driver of the weekend! :)

  2. Hard to choose. Vettel did everything he needed to to win. He dominated. Hamilton let Vettel through too easily but clearly didn’t have the car to compete for the win, and defended brilliantly against Webber. Alguersuari was impressive too. I’m undecided so far.

    1. I picked Alguersuari because Vettel wasn’t on pole and Hamilton didn’t win. Both had incredible weekends, Lewis especially conidering his last races, but Jaime’s result is impressive.

  3. This is another one of those tricky ones. I have narrowed it down to three, Alguersuari, Vettel and Hamilton.

    Alguersuari had another brilliant race. I now completely refuse to accept any suggestion that his place in a racing seat is under threat. He’s proved multiple times this year that he has the ability and the racecraft to stay in Formula 1 on merit. Last weekend was another example.

    Sebastian Vettel had another Sebastian Vettel-like weekend. He took another dominant victory having skilfully worked his way past Hamilton on the opening lap. There isn’t really anything else to say, really.

    But I think I’m going to have to give this one to Lewis Hamilton. There is something seriously not right with the lad at the moment and even after all of the criticism, all of the pressure and all of the contact, he produced a brilliant qualifying lap to take McLaren’s first pole of the season and while I’m sure he was hoping for more, he proved that he hasn’t lost any of his truly exceptional racing potential on Sunday. The way he managed to keep Webber behind him on merit despite all of the odds being stacked against him was very impressive. I’m sure 2012 can’t come soon enough for Lewis so I imagine these final, pressure-free races are going to do wonders for his confidence that I am sure has been rocked over the past few months. If he keeps producing these sorts of drives for the final few races, the real Lewis Hamilton will be back for 2012 – and I would be very afraid if I was one of the top guys.

    1. And I’ve even forgotten about Lewis’ understeer problem he was nursing all race. I knew there was something else about his drive that made me want to give him DOTW.

    2. @magnificent-geoffrey I went with Alguersuari, got him one vote in front of Vettel as well! (Sad how I feel proud of that one, eh)

    3. I really don’t think HAM is all that good but this weekend he proved that he deserves his seat. Excellent defence against WEB, great qualifying, intelligent management of his cars deficiencies. I hate to say it but he deserved second place but top place in this poll.

      1. Ross Brawn would differ with you regarding how good Lewis is, when he compared Hamilton’s drive during the 2008 German GP, as equal to some of Michael’s best.

    4. Agree with you on all 3 drivers, Lewis wins it for me as well.

    5. I’m very late in voting for this one, and a lot of the reason is due to the fact it was so hard to choose this time! I went with Hamilton, simply because he showed enough raw speed to beat Red Bull. Pity he couldn’t do it on the Sunday, but he was still mighty impressive.

  4. Between Alguesuari and Kovalainen, but Alguesuari’s result was just stunning. Well done to both of them.

    1. I had the same decision to make. I added Hamilton to my evaluation. I eventually went for Alguersuari though as he didn’t put a foot wrong and proved he used his head regarding the weighing up of where to pass on the last lap – he used all his KERS in one burst, along with DRS, and it payed off, massively!

    2. I often vote Hamilton, gotta soft spot for the lad, he’s my guy.

      HOWEVER, Heikki is just such a dude, talk about fixing your rep, whenever there’s a chance for the new teams, it is always, without fail, him. An his car must be a proper handful to drive, and he’s a lovley guy. I would love to see him scoring some points.

  5. Hamilton for me, there was a lot of negativity surrounding him after his poor (by his standards) performance in Japan, but he was strong through all the practice sessions and qualifying, then the only mistake he made in the race was letting Vettel past on lap 1.

    Add to that his understeer problems (Ted Kravitz said it was marbles stuck in his front wing, so not a setup issue), and it was a very impressive performance compared to his team-mate, who has been on top form recently.

    1. why are so many people saying he let seb through or he made a mistake…its called slipstream and it was always inevitable

      its just a pitty he couldn’t come back on him…I was hopeing jenson would have put some pressure on webber and give lewis a break for a while…but clearly not!

      what was a surprise to me is how quick the performance gap between lewis’s supers and webbers softs evened out (althoug lewis did have FDF problems)

      1. Because he should ideally have forced him to the outside rather than allowing him down the inside, that way he could still defend in the braking zone.

        1. +1 agreed. I think he should definitely have closed the inside completely and force Vettel to try go round the outside. And then do a hang out on him, leaving him out in the cold.

  6. Not easy to choose, it was between Kovalainen, Alguersuari and Vettel for me but I went with Heikki. He did a great qualifying lap, and fought hard during the race. Where he gets the motivation is beyond me, but he looks to always be trying his hardest to drag that Lotus up the field. Vettel had another near flawless race and Alguersuari continues to impress but this week I’m going to acknowledge Heikki’s efforts!

  7. Kovalainen was awesome once again but he knows how much I love him anyway, I don’t need to vote for him to prove that.

    Alguersuari had a great race, too. However, I am not sure how much of his success comes because of the improved Toro Ross car and the high speed.

    I had to make the choice between Hamilton and Vettel. I think they both were brilliant but I think Hamilton had more weight on his shoulders. Vettel had already clinched the 2nd title before the race, there wasn’t much pressure on him, while Hamilton must have felt uncomfortable after all the misery in the previous races. He delivered, he didn’t break under the pressure and his drive was really worthy of a world champion. So my DotW is Lewis.

  8. I’ve gone for Jaime. Had an awesome result after starting inside the top 17.

  9. I chose Hamilton because he was impressive all weekend and the first driver this year to knock redbull off pole. Despite his understeer issue, he was able keep webber behind him for long time with some impressive defending.

  10. I voted for Heikki, although as you don’t see much of them back there, in truth I could have voted for Alguersuari just as easily. Vettel wasn’t on pole so not good enough to meet my voting standards!!! ;)

    A word for Hamilton though, kept Webber at bay nicely in a car that clearly should have been 3rd in the race.

  11. DOTW by definition should be Lewis Hamilton, quick all weekend, great pole lap and fantastic drive to second in a slower car than Webber, no question for me. Loved the fight between LH and MW especially on lap 34 (or whenever it was) when they battled in the middle sector!

    Other mentions, Vettel dominated the race and his pass on Hamilton was decisive, how he has improved this year. Alguersuari finishing 7th and beating Rosberg on the last lap was impressive, as was Hekki’s performance, beating the Saubers on merit and being close to Senna’s Renault. He really seems to relish the Team Lotus challenge.

    1. and of course the media pressure on LH is huge now, he managed to shut that out yesterday

  12. I miss a button to vote for Dan Wheldon here :-( Would have given it to him this weekend.

    1. Took the words right out my mouth.

    2. @BasCB @Icthyes Lovely words :)

    3. With the up most respect for him, the loss of his friends and family, and to the sporting word…

      He wasn’t a driver in the Korean GP, so that would make no sense.

  13. It may obviously sound biased but its has to be Lewis,Once again proved his Doubters wrong;Quick in Practice & summed it up with a Stunning Pole Position,Yes this weekend has been overshadowed by the Tragic incident of Dan Wheldon(Rest in Peace) & the fact that Lewis finished 10Secs behind Vettel,who passed Lewis at the start.

    Ignoring the latter,Lewis had a great weekend & defended superbly against a determined & feisty Mark Webber for over15 Laps in a slightly inferior car.However,dont rule out Seb who dominated the race & did what he had to do at the start & maybe the reason that Lewis was a good 4 Seconds behind Seb before the end of the 1st stint & therefore was not in a position to do the ‘undercut’ enabled RB to alter their planned strategy(Option,Prime,Prime).

    1. I don’t think choosing Hamilton this weekend sounds biased at all. He had a great weekend, a brilliant pole and drove an awesome race with an underperforming car to finish second.

      As for once again proving his doubters wrong, only until the next time he proves them right :-). Every driver gets slagged on the grid and often goes from zero to hero and back again. Hamilton isn’t even the most criticized driver on the grid, and most of the criticism is grounded in the given fact that Hamilton is one of the top 3 drivers (with Alonso and Vettel) that are in a league of their own, and this year the reason he’s not there is mostly through his own mistakes.

      The criticism I’ve seen is that he hasn’t, until recently, been owning up to the mistakes that he’s making. Outside of that the major discussions around Lewis either are about why he’s not performing well (and unlike Massa, none of the reasons include that he just can’t cut it) and what he needs to do to get back on form.

      Of course, there’s much more back and forth, etc. going on between staunch Hamilton supporters who seem to defend everything he does and those who are really criticizing his supporters (and not Hamilton) for defending everything he does. But these are really different things.

  14. I have to say Alguersuari, he had a fantastic race, and really deserved that points finish.

    I don’t see why Lewis Hamilton would get it because, yes, he was quick in Quali, but his whole attitude toward the weekend was terrible, and he wasn’t as good as Vettel on race day.

    1. He didn’t have as good a car come race day.

      Voted Alguersari too. However, Buemi’s result may show that it was partly due to a revived Toro rosso. But which driver can really shine in an unfit car?

    2. The vote is for DRIVER of the weekend, not PR man of the weekend.

  15. My 3 favourite drivers could well be the top 3 in DOTW this week.

    For me it was Alguersuari, no question. He Qualified well, just missing out on Q3 and his race was superb.

    At some points he was running as high as 3rd and ended up ‘best of the rest’ only being beaten by the Red Bull’s, Ferrari’s and McLaren’s.

    From the guy who was “too young to drive” and “only in F1 because of sponsorship” he really is having a great season.

    1. I had to go for Vettel this time for that superb pass at the start, the way he pulled away with clynical precision before the DRS was activated, how he controlled the race from there, and winning not from pole. That said, I was very close to going for Jaime. One of if not his best performances to date. I can’t help but think he’s going to be the driver to retain his seat at STR next year, unless for some reason they’re both ejected in favor of Ricciardo and Vergne.

  16. Great drive from Lewis when you see how easy overtaking (relativly) was ,with slipstreaming ,kers and DRS. combined, I was just amazed he managed to keep Mark behind him. Lucky with the muffed pit stop timing by RB. but really he did look like a sitting duck I can’t think any other driver could have done better . Hopefully this will end the negative mutterings and get him back were we want him. My vote goes to Lewis.

  17. Kovalainen simply fantastic to beat two suabers driving in such a poorer car. Shame he seems to be wasting his career at the back (at the moment).

    1. @mike-the-bike-schumacher I really respect him, Glock and Trulli for doing what they did with the new teams. Sure, you could argue that they didn’t exactly have a wealth of options to choose from but they took a step back from the top to build something new when they could have quite easily thrown in the towel to save face.

  18. What impressed me about Vettel is that – just like in Monza – he had one driver to overtake, and he did it right away.

    Part of why he’s spent the whole season at the front is when he does need to make a place up, he always seems to find a gap or draw an error.

  19. I voted for Vettel, but now I want to vote for Hamilton. His pole lap was great, and he did a fantastic job finishing ahead of Mark Webber.

  20. Hamilton for me. His defence against Webber was a joy to behold. It was great that he controlled his evident off-track unhappiness and channelled it so positively.

  21. Alguersuari. I really do like the kid and he had such a good race. It looks pretty close at the moment but it seems Hamilton is going to nab this one. Not sure why, sure he did a good job defending from Webber but that’s about it.

    Honourable mention to Vettel too, for making that crucial opening lap pass and still pulling out enough of a lead to crush Hamilton’s chance of getting the luxury of DRS.

  22. Difficult to say
    Hamilton did a great qualy and great race as did Vettel (one had the better car in qualy, the other in the race)
    Alguersuari just missed Q3 and made use of a SC and good pace from Toro Rosso to get a great 7th
    Kovalainen for his self confessed great qualy lap and coming very solidly amongst the midfield.
    I voted Alguersuari

  23. Vettel.

    If you look at the reasoning behind Button winning DotW last time out I can’t see how someone can say it’s someone other than Vettel.

    Missed pole, check.
    Fairly easy victory, check.

    The only thing Button didn’t do was overtake someone for the victory and dominate the race.
    Perhaps that is why Button got 400 votes and Vettel is being outscored by Hamilton…

    1. I don’t think people vote on this entirely by logic. :)

      It’s not just driver of the race, by the way, getting the first pole in a car other than a Red Bull since Abu Dhabi last season has got to count for something.

      1. So Red Bull drivers don’t count.
        Then why are Vettel and Webber in the poll?

        Furthermore, I understand it’s not just about raceday but that didn’t seem to matter to a lot of voters after Japan.
        Button lost pole to a slower car and then narrowly won the race with quicker pit stops and trying to hold off Alonso in the third fastest car on the grid.
        To about 400 voters that was ‘brilliant’ and ‘dominant’.

        Now Vettel lost pole to Hamilton in a quicker car but still beat Button in the other quicker car to 2nd on the grid (Just like he did in Japan).
        Vettel then overtook Hamilton without DRS and actually did dominate the race. I don’t see anyone saying he was ‘brilliant’ or ‘dominant’ now…
        In stead most votes are going to Hamilton because they ´enjoyed seeing him at the front again´….

        This should be a poll about who did the best job all weekend. Not who deserves the most sympathy…

        BTW, I think you meant Brazil in that last sentence.

        1. @f1fanNl , it’s not the most successful car and driver combo we are voting for, it’s the DRIVER and what he does with the car he has, otherwise the whole exercise would be pointless as the race winner would always be DOTW. Glad to hear you voted for Button last week.

          1. which explains why Button got 400 votes last race in which Alonso, Perez and Schumacher did a far more impressive job…

    2. @F1fanNL
      Agreed here. If I could vote on my iPhone, I would’ve chosen Vettel

    3. Maybe we should have a DotWwinV award (driver of the weekend who is not Vettel).

      1. Exactly, just like Brundle and Coulthard do after each race.

        1. Well oberved old bean.

        2. Observed that is – hate these fiddly ipad things

    4. It’s an opinion poll. People vote how they feel.

      As for Vettel and RBR, I think most people feel that Vettel is driving by far the fastest car on the grid and while he has made effective use of it, I imagine many drivers behind him could do equally as well in it.

      As for Button last weekend, he won from a similar position as Vettel this weekend but had far more work to do as Vettel nearly ran him of the track and he did it admirably.

      I don’t think the results of this poll count for anything at all. I wouldn’t get upset by it. Resuls on the track are what count.

  24. Looks like Hamilton picked up some good tips from Schumacher in Monza, he defended brilliantly in a car that was clearly slower than the RB in race trim, it was great to watch. The rest of the weekend was easily his too.

    Alguersuari was my second pick. Solid qualifying, might not have gotten into Q3, but delivered in the race. I really didn’t like him last two seasons, but he’s been driving well. I like how Toro Rosso invests in drivers and sticks with them if they still see potential. Unlike Williams (if only they had Hulkenberg instead of Maldonado) and especially Renault.

    Vettel drove flawlessly again, the extreme aggression in the first lap and what seemed like the most emotional post-race celebration yet.

    Was a tough call, really liked this race. Great quali, great win.

  25. Was down to Vettel or Hamilton for me in the end, and I went for the German. Lewis was great in putting his care in the right place constantly when Webber was on his tail, but the vote goes to Seb for getting his overtake in early and driving faultless to the flag.

  26. Michael Schumacher; true to form he made up 2 spots before the end of the first lap and after the 1st pit stop he got in front of Alonso…boring race after he got taken out and the only exciting person to watch was Weber.

  27. Gave it to Lewis but wanted to vote Heikki

  28. Hamilton- simply for keeping Webber behind for so long.

  29. Hamilton for sure as we saw lots of maturity from this guy in this race.He raced well with Webber respecting him.I hope we see this Hamilton in F1 for a long time.

  30. Hard Choice between Alguersuari and Vettel.

    When was the last time Vettel had won a race not from pole? Sometime this year i think??? nonetheless great drive by Sebastian.

    I voted Alguersuari though, Great race, definitely beat Buemi this weekend, albeit only slightly, and great overtake on Rosberg on the Last Lap :)

    Hope to be Seeing Alguersuari with a Red Bull Drive next year or 2013 if Webber has already signed his contract :)

  31. For me Hamilton was the driver of the day… on Saturday, but Sebastian did an impressive job on Sunday. He is starting to demonstrate me RBR success is not only the car, but the driver also. The way he managed all race after this impressive start (from a very dirty side in Korea) showed me the excellent driver he is.

  32. Just wanted to lol at the one guy who voted for Petrov xP

  33. Thinking thru the race, I had to give it to Vettel, no matter how much I didn’t want him to win.

    He made the most of his car from the start and continued to stretch his lead regardless of what was happening behind. He maintained focus throughout pitstops and tyre changes – passing who he needed to and keeping the necessary pace until the checkered.

    That said, I really wish Louis could have won. :P

  34. I voted for Alguersuari. Did a decent job in qualification, and drove a stunning race. Best of the rest in a car that 6 years ago was a Minardi glued to the back rows. It really shows how the small teams (STR and Fi) are making progress.

  35. Easily the second best driver on the field this weekend, but because he took the car and felt like he had it controlled for the first time since Germany (maybe Hungary?) It has to be Hamilton for me.. A superb Quali lap, finally knocking the Red Bulls off, backed up by a good, clean, consistent race…

    I’m just amazed not as many people share my views when you look at the results!

  36. For me Sebastian Vettel the reason being he showed all weekend that he did just what he needed to do. Red Bull took the decision to “compromise” qualifying by concentrating on the race. If that is Red Bull compromising then McLaren and Ferrari should be really worried for next year.

    Vettel showed his racing ability in the first lap and made it stick. He was over a second ahead of Hamilton after the first lap.

  37. 3. At least McL didn’t win, and definitively lost the WCC. Could have been a 5 if both Webber and Alonso had left behind the McLs.

    1. (post meant for Rate the Race, not DOTW)
      *lefts the McLs behind

  38. Alonso. Rock-solid performance in a clearly inferior car.
    Worst part: Got blocked at the start by Webber, when he was going faster and looked like he could recover a few positions.
    Best part: Succesfully and masterfully played chicken with Petrov and won. And oh-so-closely avoided a ballistic Petrov after the crash by a deft course correction, some reflexes there.

  39. I’m just curious how you can start on pole and come second and still recieve accolade. If that had been his team mate, the haters would have been laughing for months.

    1. Let’s not forget he was second place by 10 seconds or more even after SC wiped out the previous 10 second gap. You can’t get a DotW for that.

      1. Better yet, if it was Vettel who started on pole and finished second everybody would have said he can’t drive for **** and can only win in a far superior car.

        And if Hamilton started second, took first on the first lap and then drove to the finish faultlessly he would have gotten 400+ votes for sure…

        But most voters here aren’t biased…

        Now Hamilton is winning DotW with Alguersuari, Buemi, Vettel and Kovalainen getting more out of the car than Hamilton did… That says it all doesn’t it.

        1. Well, it’s not as bad as Hamilton getting the vote at Spain. Or worse, Button getting the vote over Alonso and Vettel at Monaco.

        2. But, let’s not fret over an opinion poll. The only numbers that matter is the championship points table.

      2. Possibly sounding biased being a Hamilton/McLaren fan but to only be 10 seconds behind Vettel after the 30+ lap battle with Webber is pretty good.

        The speed at which people lose position when defending is normally a lot higher.

        This could be due to Vettel slowing down and cruising but Lewis showed his class this weekend… Vettel just eeked the extra performance that his car has had all year long – proven by the fact that Webber (who has been slower all year) was also clearly faster than Lewis in Korea

  40. Vettel. Lewis was great but Vettel was smart during quali and did everything right during the race. It was a really close call for me between the two but given how close quali was and then how much Seb flew during the race it just had to be him for me.

  41. also, I’m going to sound biased but Hamilton is getting DotW mostly for his textbook defensive driving to hold off a faster Webber for 30+ laps.
    I didn’t see Vettel getting it for holding off a faster Alonso and Button for an equally uncomfortable number of laps on a track where the slightest lock up would be the end. (OK its harder to pass there than Korea but…)

    1. (OK its harder to pass there than Korea but…)

      True, but Webber was what? Half a second quicker per lap or something.
      Vettel was well over a full second a lap slower, on tyres that would have been more grippy had they been made from cheese.
      I agree with you that it does seem weird.
      I think Hamilton is a very deserving candidate for DOTW here, and I understand why he is leading the poll, but I find it very hard to fathom why Button was voted DOTW in Monaco…

      1. Clearly most voters just won’t and will not vote for Vettel, no matter what he does…

        1. Nor Webber

          1. Yeah, Red Bull drivers don’t count because their car is “so much faster” (slower in Japan during the entire weekend, slower in quali here) than any other car.

            For them to become DotW they probably have to finish the race in reverse,.. On the podium,… Blindfolded,…. With only hand on the wheel….

            In the rain…

      1. I would love to see… Vettel, Webber, Alonso, Hamilton and Button do a GP distance at Spa in an HRT all the same car and see what happens

        Would be a true test of who is the better driver, I wonder how much HRT would bill them for the seat

  42. Lewis……his performance should dispel to any reasonable person, that tire management really isn’t a huge problem for him, in which he receives constant unjustifable criticism.l

  43. I chose Vettel over Hamilton, just because of the race result. Apart from that, I would have to pick both.

  44. I put in my vote for Kovalainen. I think we all suffer (myself included) of the the winner was the best drive syndrome. Kovalainen certainly made the best out of the Lotus. Other than Kovalainen I would have to say Hamilton did quite well. He certainly has been driving rather terribly recently for whatever reason and it was good to see the Hamilton of old.

  45. I voted for Alguersuari.
    What a great final stint against Rosberg he drove.
    Had to give his car to Vergne on Friday, but out-qualified his team-mate on Saturday and then drove a faultless race, only to be beaten by the mighty Red Bulls, McLarens and Ferrari’s.
    He showed great maturity in his fight with Rosberg and it paid off on the final lap.

    Kovalainen would be my second pick. Beating those Saubers, wow.

    I’ve got mixed feelings about Lewis. He was superb on Saturday, and it was great to see him put in a solid performance again. But even though his defense against Webber was top notch, he still started on pole only to be beaten to the line by over 10 seconds, including a mid-race SC. Webber should and would’ve taken 2nd if RB would’ve planned his pitstop on a different lap. Also, Button clearly had a bad race, but finished only a few seconds behind him. So, good drive, but I feel other drivers did more to deserve the DotW.

    1. Well said. Both Mclarens dropped places to the Red Bulls and their car was obviously the better this weekend, last too IMO.

      Ultimately Lewis lost out and finished 2nd to his pole start. That’s going backwards in anyones book and he was fortunate that Webber pitted at the same time otherwise he’d have been toast.

  46. This weekend it has to go to Lewis Hamilton. He was supreme all weekend and was unlucky to lose out to Vettel on the Sunday. Hopefully next years McLaren will be fast from the onset and allow Lewis & Jenson to challenge Vettel from the start.

    1. Unlucky to lose to Vettel? After lap 1 Vettel took a 12 second lead on him, safety car brought that back to zero, then Vettel took another 10 seconds off him. Or was it the other way around – either way it looks to me like Vettel took 22 seconds off Hamilton. And he was never once seriously challenged by Hamilton. That’s not unlucky, that’s a good, ole time ass whompin!

      1. It’s the car smarty pants. No driver is 1 second a lap faster than three world champions.

        1. With 50+ laps, 22 seconds is not 1 second a lap. However, IMO Vettel did have to make the difference between winning and losing again to the very competitive Mclarens.

      2. Point made but hell will freeze over the day I vote for Vettel ;) – fortunately this weekend I genuinely think Lewis did the best job. However if Mr Vettel wants me to like him (which to be honest I do want to like him) he needs to stop waving the finger ;) I don’t like bad winners. Fair enough if you show the finger to the team but stop doing it to the camera :)
        I hope the next race in India is won by the McLarens or even a Ferrari win would be nice :)

  47. Can you please start calling it “Lord of the Race” Just to amuse me whilst reading the comments?

  48. The drivers that stood out for me were Alguersuari, Kovalainen and to a lesser degree Riccirado.

    In the end I voted for Kovalainen.


    I’d think he would question himself after how he made a fist of ’07. There’s also a question of how he is being bettered by someone who came into “his” team.

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