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2011 Korean GP team review

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Timo Glock spent the race watching the Lotuses drive away from him.

Timo GlockJerome D’Ambrosio
Qualifying position2122
Qualifying time comparison (Q1)1’42.091 (-1.392)1’43.483
Race position1820
Pit stops22

Virgin drivers’ lap times throughout the race (in seconds):

Timo Glock120.432111.018110.798109.644109.248109.263109.15108.867108.803108.837110.011109.668109.058110.01109.072130.013153.146120.969111.942146.627110.024107.654107.545107.493107.2107.903108.107107.561107.267108.876108.001107.53107.037106.735106.347106.268106.562106.353107.251106.196111.105123.911105.538105.548107.123104.755104.81104.843108.447105.955104.719104.661104.536104.622
Jerome dAmbrosio122.076111.635110.909110.643110.433110.039110.318109.518109.778109.593110.137109.506109.483109.606109.444128.943159.961117.013111.142137.454109.96108.012107.83108.096108.155108.187109.483108.309110.651108.051108.146107.468106.872106.878106.871106.498106.473111.246125.885105.621105.58107.958105.677105.646106.935105.882106.09105.191105.145105.398104.897104.878104.746106.063

Timo Glock

Timo Glock, Virgin, Korea, 2011
Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 22.533s
Pit stop 2Super soft 22.481s

Glock was unable to do anything about the Lotuses, which drove away from him during the race.

After the safety car period he briefly came under pressure from Daniel Ricciardo, but finished almost ten seconds ahead of the HRT.

Timo Glock 2011 form guide

Jerome d’Ambrosio

Start tyreSoft
Pit stop 1Soft 26.905s
Pit stop 2Super soft 22.412s

D’Ambrosio had a tough qualifying session, lapping 1.4s slower than his team mate: “It wasn’t a good day for me. The pace is not there and it’s been like that all weekend.”

He dropped behind Ricciardo at the start, briefly got back ahead of the HRT after the restart, then slipped behind him again.

Jerome d’Ambrosio 2011 form guide

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    4 comments on “Virgin: Lonely race for Glock”

    1. Not much to say about this, pretty uneventful!

    2. I really hope next years Virgin will be better, Glock is a solid performer and I really like him (met him once where I live, he has a house here even though he pretends to live in Switzerland for tsx reasons).
      I think d’Ambrosio is doing fine compared to Glock but still I’d like to see Wickens in that car next year just to find out if he is as good as it looks and a small team os always a place to start a career and learn a lot, especially from a driver as experienced as Glock.

      1. @bananarama Given that they give Nick Wirth the boot along with his pure-CFD approach they should be better placed for next year when they can get the new chassis in a wind tunnel. I don’t expect them to be challenging Lotus, however.

      2. I hope they are really putting a lot of work into next years car. This year they might be best off just training manufacturing, data analyses and team procedures including pitstops, as there’s not much scope to improve to a better position.

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