2011 Korean Grand Prix: complete race weekend review

2011 Korean Grand Prix

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Find all the F1 Fanatic Korean Grand Prix coverage in one place below.

From Friday practice to the post-race review plus all the pictures and analysis.

Race results and reaction

2011 Korean Grand Prix review – Vettel makes amends for 2010 with Korea win

Webber: "We did worst thing at second pit stop" – Pitting with Hamilton may have cost Webber second

Petrov handed grid penalty for Schumacher collision – Renault driver to be relegated five places in India

Hamilton: "A good weekend compared to what I’ve had" – Hamilton relieved to end podium drought

Vettel pays tribute to Renault after Korea win – “I think as a team we’ve shown a lot of morale after last year, when we had the engine failure here.”

Red Bull seal second constructors’ title win – Red Bull become eighth team to win more than one constructors’ championship

2011 Korean Grand Prix result – Full classification

Championship points – Updated points tables and interactive charts following the Korean Grand Prix

Your views

Vote for the Korean GP driver of the weekend – Pick the driver who impressed you the most

Rate the race: 2011 Korean Grand Prix – Your verdict on the Grand Prix

Korean Grand Prix analysis

2011 Korean Grand Prix stats and facts – The daunting figures of Vettel’s incredible season

Red Bull team review – Team clinch title despite missed one-two
McLaren team review – The old Hamilton reappears
Ferrari team review – Alonso "gives up" on pursuit of Button
Mercedes team review – Unlucky weekend for Schumacher
Renault team review – No points for third time in six races
Williams team review – Barrichello passes Senna on way to 12th
Force India team review – Drivers defenceless against DRS attackers
Sauber team review – No points after tyre troubles
Toro Rosso team review – Alguersuari shines in team’s best result for 50 races
Lotus team review – Kovalainen beats the Saubers
HRT team review – Ricciardo leads D’Ambrosio home
Virgin team review – Lonely race for Glock

Race data


2011 Korean Grand Prix qualifying review – Hamilton ends Red Bull’s pole position domination

Alonso not happy to be sixth with new wing – “Obviously we were not quick enough today with dry conditions.”

Vettel says he expected McLaren to be quicker – “I think McLaren looked very competitive yesterday.”

Hamilton: "Tomorrow’s the day that counts" – Hamilton kept his emotions in check after taking pole position.

2011 Korean Grand Prix qualifying analysis – McLaren missed out on one-two in final sector

2011 Korean Grand Prix pre-race analysis – Red Bull eye alternative strategy to fight McLaren

2011 Korean Grand Prix grid – First non-Red Bull pole sitter of 2011.


2011 Korean Grand Prix practice three report – Button keeps McLaren on top in Korea

2011 Korean Grand Prix practice analysis – Lack of dry running leaves drivers in the dark

2011 Korean Grand Prix practice two report – Hamilton leads McLaren one-two in damp second practice

2011 Korean Grand Prix first practice report – Schumacher heads times after rain-hit first session

Ferrari drivers want pit lane exit improvements – The pit lane exit was criticised after Rosberg and Alguersuari collided.

Vergne not drawing conclusions after run – Jean-Eric Vergne drove in an F1 race session for the first time.

Hamilton: "I put it down to myself" – Hamilton reflects on a tough season.

Alonso "extremely happy" with Massa as team mate – “I am constantly learning from Felipe in these two years and I am extremely happy.”

Season statistics

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Driver form guides

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4 comments on “2011 Korean Grand Prix: complete race weekend review”

  1. Due to various commitments I was unable to see the entire Grand Prix until this afternoon, admitting to feeling a bit overwhelmed by the Dan Wheldon situation. I was home in time to see the whole thing unfold and have felt a bit wrung out over how it seems to have affected so many. Thanks for what you brought to our sport and for what you have given to make racing safer in the future….R I P….
    Korean Grand Prix was pretty good. I am even more impressed with Vettel and his desire to give it all was apparent in the final laps when it was suggested that he maybe slow somewhat and save his equipment. Didn’t he drive even harder after that?? Hamilton and Webber had a good event, both pushing each other to the maximum. Seems like something is up with Lewis, something is affecting him not so much in the car but out of it. Wonder where it will end ?? I think he is looking at other possibilities even though most contracts are in place I get the feeling he is on the move. But to where?? Ferrari or Red Bull?? Massa or Webber could be bought out. The track looked pretty good with a few noticeable changes yet still appears unfinished in others. I think the pit exit needs a major redesign as it had been suggested. I would go over the track and onto the back straightaway after the pits. Build a ramp and add to the excitement. Make it different, why not?? Some grandstands looked sort of full, many weren’t and a few had no one in them. A sign of the times or the nature of this race and why this track in this country ?? It must be all about money yet in the back of my mind is Turkey and the promise that it once had. I wonder about the longevity of this event, I hope they have bigger crowds next year, maybe a new date when it rains less…

    1. Vettel finished with a 10/11 second lead which was one of his highest of the year, so you were right :D

    2. The 2012 race in going to be in March, but if they don’t lower the fee-which seems to be one of the highest anyone is paying, I can see them throwing in the towel.
      People/companies here don’t really understand contract law and how foreigners work. Uncle Bernie will take them to the cleaners in court if they break the agreement, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t believe that he would. Hopefully Bernie will drop the hosting fee. That would be best for all.
      Does anyone know where to find the hosting fees that each facility pays?

  2. Thanks again Keith. Really liking the DOTW comments article.

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