Kobayashi greets the fans, Vettel does doughnuts: Suzuka videos

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Kamui Kobayashi celebrated with his fans at Suzuka

Sebastian Vettel’s post-race doughnuts in Japan was just one of the unseen highlights of the race weekend.

During the drivers’ parade Kamui Kobayashi hopped out of his car and greeted his fans at turn two.

Here’s a selection of fans’ videos from the Japanese Grand Prix.


A marvellous impression of speed as the cars tackle 130R.

Outside the track, Vettel is spotted by fans and tosses a pen back to one of them, presumably after signing something for them.


Lots of support for home hero Kamui Kobayashi as he starts his last lap in Q2. Listen to the din from his exhaust as he enters turn two:

Much applause as he secures a place in the top ten:


Kobayashi acknowledges the crowd during the drivers’ parade, stopping his car and going over to them:

Moments away from the start of the race, pole sitter Vettel and fellow front row starter Jenson Button are seen next to their cars:

The drivers set off on the formation lap, seen here from turn two:

A brilliant vantage point to watch the spectacle and hear the cacophony of noise at a Grand Prix start:

After the race Vettel celebrated his second world championship victory with a few cheeky doughnuts. Incredibly, this was missed by the television director, and so far has only been seen in videos shot by fans.

Here’s the best footage of it I’ve found so far:

See more fans’ videos from the Japanese Grand Prix in the forum:

And share any fans’ videos you’ve seen or filmed yourself at the Korean Grand Prix:

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    18 comments on “Kobayashi greets the fans, Vettel does doughnuts: Suzuka videos”

    1. Check out Di Resta’s start on the second last vid… up 4 places in to the first corner. He must be one of the biggest winners over first laps this year. Do you keep a record of this statistic, Keith?

      1. James Allen provides these stats in his preview analysis of each race. Sadly he didn’t do one for Korea, so here are his stats up to before Japan:


      2. nice spot laird18

      3. Do you keep a record of this statistic, Keith?

        I was but I didn’t have it on the site. Have changed that now, you can find it here and it will be updated after every race:

        Position change on lap one

        All the stats can be found under the F1 2011 menu at the top and also via the Resources menu.

        1. That’s great. Thank you

    2. There may be an anti-hooning law stopping broadcast of winning antics in a car deemed not safe for copy-cat antics by viewers. Burnouts after a race inline with clumps of correctly coloured supporters etc. is common, just not ‘as seen on TV’

      There are some strange broadcast rules out there, if the feed has to be suitable for all target audiences in all regions – something as dumb as this is more than possible. (Remember F1 does not start to a Green light anymore as not to promote street racing, amongst other things)

      We can but hope someone at RedBull is onto this and instructs the drivers to bring it out with a longer pause and have more than one car involved next race.

      Alex Zanardi made sure every win was part of the sports-round-up on domestic news feeds. Well done Alex!

      1. Actually, from what I understand, the lack of green lights has more to do with the fact that the drivers were reacting to the red lights going out instead of the green lights coming on. So, might as well get rid of the superfluous.

    3. I love these videos! they show the best parts of the race from the best angles… the run into eau rouge at spa and the start of a grand prix from right along side! they show the performance of these cars despite it being digitally reconstructed! Love em!

      Thanks again to everybody contributing to these! Fantastic!

    4. Greate videos…
      I would have liked to speake Japanese to understand everything.

      It is great when fans post their own footages: you really feel like being there, not only watching on TV, and noise is much more attractive!

    5. By the way, Japaneses are incredible. There is a guy that is wathing a GP from the main stand, and in the meanwhile is shooting a great video, and in the meanwhile is wathing the race on an incredible screen, where he is able to visualize or the information, all the details, all the camera cars…

      Too much staff for me. I mean, just watch and listen youself!!!


    6. I just love these videos, Keith. It’s one of the things I’m starting to look forward to after a race.

      Thanks! Please keep ’em coming!

    7. That 130R video makes me seriously wish I could go someday. The vantage looks just tremendous.

    8. Great videos!

    9. Incredible stuff. This just reminds me how awesome it is to be there in person. So far i’ve had the please of Silverstone and Monza.

      That exhaust on the Sauber sounds mean as hell. Just as mean as the R31 around Lesmo 1 & 2.

      1. Yes, the atmosphere of the race is much deeper than that we see in TV.

    10. Some great videos, particularly the start.

      “a few cheeky doughnuts. Incredibly, this was missed by the television director”

      Different times doughnuts happen and they will never be shown on TV. Maybe it is because they aren’t supposed to be doing them the director is told not to show it but for the sake of the fans at the track the FIA turn a blind eye.

      Though if the director wasn’t told not to show it you can be pretty sure he would miss it anyway!

    11. The videos shot from the grandstand at turn 1 are simply awesome : you realle want to sit there!

    12. What a wonderful sound that is in the first video… And wow, those FanVision devices look amazing! Why we’re not able to toggle through the onboards from home or on the internet (even if we had to pay a small subscription fee), I don’t know. It would really improve the viewing experience if we could follow our favourite drivers or search for battles further down the field.

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