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2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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Start, Suzuka, 2011

The 2011 drivers’ championship-deciding race did not produce the surprise we saw last year.

Sebastian Vettel clinched his second drivers’ crown with ease at Suzuka.

Nonetheless the race wasn’t without its moments and was rated a respectable 7.5, the ninth-highest score of the season. Here’s what F1 Fanatic readers had to say about it.

David A focused on those drivers that impressed him most:

It was Jenson Button’s best overall weekend this season, pretty much flawless today and only denied a first McLaren pole by qualifying-king Vettel. Alonso superbly fought to the end, proving like Vettel, why he’s such a worthy double champion.

The two Mercedes and Sergio Perez were the other stand-outs. Michael Schumacher beat Felipe Massa’s Ferrari, when seventh should have been the best possible result. Nico Rosberg took a well deserved point from 23rd, while Perez got his head down and got a great result despite the attention on his team mate.

Honourable mention to Adrian Sutil for his overtakes, almost made me wish the points went down to 11th!
David A

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Josh however, was disappointed to see the race-winning move made in the pit-lane:

Jenson got ahead through the stops and so he passes Vettel in the pits. He wins. How on earth is that exciting?

Electrolite praised Button’s impressive improvements:

2011 has been the year, if any, where Button has proved he has the raw pace as well as the mind and measure. He’s become a very, very complete driver.

JerseyF1 was pleased with stewards’ restrained decisions:

I think that the stewarding was good – generally the stewards this year seem to be too happy to give out penalties and fail to understand that sometimes in F1 cars are going to come together, drivers make mistakes, and drivers don’t want to lose places.

I think a more hands off approach that lets the drivers get on with it is the best way.

It doesn’t matter how good the race is if it’s not shown on screen. Some felt that the Japanese director could have done a better job:

Good race but I gave it a 6 for the dreadful TV production. Missed 60% of the action..

It wasn’t one of those all time great races, and I’m inclined to blame the Japanese TV director for that to an extent.
Sundar F1

The safety car came out during the middle of the race and James_mc felt it was unnecessary on this occasion:

The best races are the ones which you don’t want to end and I certainly felt that today. Even though it didn’t have a significant negative impact on the race, I felt the safety car was a bit unnecessary and smelled strongly of “improving the show”.

There were conflicting opinions regarding the remaining races of the season. While some looked forward to exciting racing, others will miss the tension provided by the championship race:

Fair play and congratulations to Vettel on winning the championship, at least we don’t have to sit through the feigned tension now and we can just watch some nice exhibition races.

The race itself was very good – but part of the enjoyment factor of a race is what is riding on it, and how the events in a race have consequences in the championship.

However it was never in doubt in my mind that Vettel was going to come out world champion today. For which he thoroughly deserves.

How do think the Japanese Grand Prix compared to other races this season? Have your say in the comments.

Remember you still leave your ratings and comment on the Korean Grand Prix here.

2011 Japanese Grand Prix

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    21 comments on “Rate the race result: 2011 Japanese GP”

    1. Finally, a non-Vettel win that was rated lower than atleast one Vettel win.

      1. amazing isn’t it?

    2. I enjoyed Suzuka. One thing, I think Malaysia and Belgium are too high up the list.

      1. @daykind I disagree, I think Belgium was a good race & do deserve to be ahead of UK (SORRY) but that’s what I feel.

        1. @wasiF1 I don’t think much happened in Spa really. Once Vettel got past Rosberg, that was it. There was action with Hamilton crashing, Button’s recovery, and Webber and Nando’s fight, but I don;t remember it as a stunner. My list is CHI-MON-GBR-CAN-GER-HUN-JAP-ITA-BEL-SPA-AUS-KOR-MAL-SIN-TUR-EUR

          1. Malaysia was fantastic and one of my favourite races of the season. Spa wasn’t amazing, but Sepang most certainly was. I think everyone forgets about Malaysia because of the Grand Prix that was held the next weekend…

          2. Monaco should have been higher, so on that account, I agree.

            1. @DavidA Yeah Monaco was fantastic, shame on that restart, otherwise it would’ve been much higher on that list

    3. Monaco is way too low. It was a fantastic race, with top three so close to each other, it was one of the best battles I’ve ever seen, even if they didn’t overtake.

      1. @Enigma I honestly think Monaco deserve to be alongside UK if not we had that SC situation in the end of the race.

        1. @wasif1 Or maybe even without it. At least I liked the race more.

          The British GP is overrated, in my view. I think it was similarly good to the Spanish GP, and they’re rated very differently.

          1. @Enigma I agree but as there were many people from here who went there I am not surprised.My top 3 Canada China & Belgium.

        2. Monaco was better than UK this year. I think people just disliked the fact the collision towards the end of the race ceased what would have been an amazing battle away from us.

      2. Its because Vettel won ;)

      3. There was a lot of bitter voting on Monaco, as people were frustrated Vettel got a free change of tyres. I must admit, I was one of them! After that, the last 10 laps were meaningless for the lead.

      4. It was a nice battle on three different strategies, and the final sc period robbed us of a battle but the previous laps had been great.

    4. I have a couple of questions – which was the best race Vettel won and the worst he didn’t, this year? Monaco and Suzuka for me.

      1. Best one he won was Spa for me. monaco a close 2nd
        Worst race he didn’t, either Silverstone or Suzuka, probably Suzuka (at least there was passing among the top guys at Silverstone)

      2. From the statistics here it would be Malaysia and Suzuka.


    6. Electrolite praised Button’s impressive
      improvements: 2011 has been the year, if any, where Button has
      proved he has the raw pace as well as the mind and
      measure. He’s become a very, very complete driver.

      I agree Button has improved but is that improvement based on the fact that his team mate, Hamilton, had been handicapped repeatedly by faulty race strategies, poor car setups, messed up qualifying opportunities all by the same team that also serves Button.

      Jenson appears to have out qualified Hamilton several times this season, but more often Hamilton didn’t get the opportunity to complete a second run. Either his car wasn’t sent out at all or he was sent out too late and straight into traffic.

      While the statistics will show Button appearing to out perform his team mate, the facts tell a whole different story.
      The Irony is that Jenson’s gain is an overall team loss. Mclaren took themselves out of the race for the constructors championship by not ensuring they had both cars operating competitively.
      If Withmarsh believes Button will win him a driver’s championship, he had better ensure he gives him a car half a second faster than everyone else, or be satisfied with his endless ramble about FOTA.

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