Unhappy Hamilton and muted crowd in fans’ Korean GP videos

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Red Bull fans' banners in Korea

Fans’ videos from the Korean Grand Prix weekend captured an unhappy Lewis Hamilton on pole position.

And at the end of the race, few in the crowd seemed to notice or care that Sebastian Vettel had just crossed the line to win – there was little applause at all.

But while the scarcity of videos from practice shows the crowd was thin on Friday, clearly a lot more people showed up on Sunday.

Here’s a selection of fans’ videos from the Korean Grand Prix weekend.


It was a wet start to the weekend:

Here are two British fans who made it all the way to Mokpo:


This shot from turn 11 does an excellent job of showing what a racket the blown diffusers make:

Qualifying is over and Lewis Hamilton is on pole position but you wouldn’t know it from looking at him – the camera-wielding fan wisely gets out of the way:


The grid clears ahead of the start:

A view of the start of the race:

The field rounds turn two, Heikki Kovalainen finds a few places after taking to the run-off:


A good view of several corners from turn eight:

A great shot of the Mercedes pit crew at work servicing Nico Rosberg’s car:

This edit of one fan’s videos including some footage of the finish, where it seems few in the crowd were moved to applaud Sebastian Vettel’s tenth race victory:

Schumacher’s bent Mercedes on a flatbed after the race

Hit the forum for more fans’ videos from the Korean Grand Prix:

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    17 comments on “Unhappy Hamilton and muted crowd in fans’ Korean GP videos”

    1. Im going to be honest here,In the 3rd video i was scared Lewis was gonna do something to the camera.

      1. Something like this Montoya looses it with camera man haha

        How slow were the HRT’s at getting away at the start. It’s nearly like they were told don’t get involved at the start with any other cars.

        1. Ah well, gives me the opportunity to break out this classic:


          1. @james_mc Thanks for posting that! I’d not seen it, and it’s brilliant!

      2. I said at the time that Lewis seemed to have jilted look on his face, now hearing story’s that he’s split with Nicole.

        Perhaps we’ll see some proper racing from him now? I hope so!

        1. If he has split, he might feel he has nothing to lose and he may want to put his anger in his driving, but in the long term if he doesn’t get past it it might hurt.

    2. It doesn’t look that there was that much excitement in the crowd or much of an atmosphere. Perhaps this will develop in time as Korea gets more interested in the sport, or perhaps Koreans are generally not as emotionally-charged as other nations, lets’ say for example, the Italians.

      And while Hamilton looked grumpy, Jenson didn’t look much happier! And again, in that clip, it looked more like a film set than post-qualifying…

    3. Cant blame Hamilton for being ticked off with himself. He has never been beaten by a teammate, and this year, it looks like he will. The worst part is there is nothing wrong with getting beaten by a driver of Alonso’s calibre, but to get beaten by Button, is something that will haunt him forever.

      1. Seriously? How much does Button have to prove, before you people stop giving him this second class title. Jenson is a great driver, and is a first class driver.

        He proved that by becoming Champion in 2009, he proved it by only being beaten by Hamilton by a few points in 2010 (most of the deficit due to someone leaving something in the car in Monaco, and Seb hitting him in Spa) and now beating him in points and overall results in 2011. So, please, stop saying that Jenson is not as good as Hamilton, Alonso and Vettel, because he’s clearly at least just as good.

    4. Thankfully 2012 rules will ban this wasteful trick and save us from this disgusting noise that the blow diffusers make

      1. @lubhz You mean the crackling noise? It’s fantastic! Wasteful? Quite the opposite! Using exhaust gases to improve performance is nothing new, turbochargers for example.

    5. Fan videos are the best, really capture the sound like you’re there, unlike the awful FOM cameras.

    6. Blown diffusers really make that sort of noise? Never noticed it on television..

    7. Really nice videos. Shame there were not more people to see it. If Korea really has 120.000 capacity, no way were these 2/3 filled to get over 80.000 visitors in the grandstands on raceday, like the promotors claimed there were.

      But the track itself is fine to me.

    8. I’m actually surprised Kovalainen didn’t get penalised from that, it was blatantly obvious at the time of watching the race that he gained advantage.

    9. Great videos, particularly of the drivers after qualifying. Hamilton certainly wasn’t going to yield in that situation, was he?

    10. Great stuff. Really enjoying this feature Keith. :)

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