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F1 teams have been exploring their new surroundings at the Buddh International Circuit. Practice for the first Indian Grand Prix begins tomorrow.

Here are the first pictures from India’s first Formula 1 track.

More images will be added here.

F1 pictures

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Images ?? Ferrari spa/Ercole Colombo, Renault/LAT, Williams/LAT, McLaren, Getty Images/Red Bull, Force India/Sutton, Sauber F1 Team, Team Lotus, Virgin Racing, Motioncompany, Pirelli

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41 comments on “2011 Indian Grand Prix Thursday pictures”

  1. Sahara Force India! Hope they put on a good show. I love those colourful grandstands. Probably we won’t see them empty on Sunday.

    1. Hard to tell if anyone is in the stands, is anyone??

      1. Sahara sponser the indian cricket team, so I’d definatley assume their here for India, the Indian market and thats it. Probably just a one race thing.

        1. didn’t they bought a share of the team recently??

          1. Ooops, ding dong, s’what I get for getting lax.

  2. Nice to see someone at Renault has a sense of humour …

  3. Ugly new artwork on the front of the Force Indias – are they actually going to run like that?

    1. @KeithCollantine I wouldn’t be surprised if they did. It’s likely too that Renault are going to run with their new “sponsor”. :)

    2. I actually like it, obviously a matter of taste :)

    3. Fun fact, @keithcollantine – despite saying “Ra.One”, the character is not actually Ra.One. He is, in fact, G.One, the main character in a film called RA.ONE. Confused yet? It gets worse – to make things more (needlessly, I assume) complicated, most of the characters in the film are played by the same actors, or by multiple actors. It’s the most expensive Bollywood film ever made; no doubt most of the budget went towards people being thrown through car windshields; if the Indian action genre has taught us anything, it’s that being thrown through a car windshield is a fate worse than death. And also that it is possible to power-slide a horse under an articulated lorry (long story).

      1. Don’t forget that the Indian film industry hs also taught us that you teleport from Mumbai to the Swiss Alps while singing to your one true love you are guaranteed to win her over, regardless of what the evil Maharajah has to say.

        God, I love Bollywood!

        1. Ha ha … LoL yeah.. I’m from India and I still find it amusing and embarrassing whenever I see things like that in movies! :-)

      2. @PrisonerMonkeys Sums up what I love about Bollywood.

      3. @prisoner-monkeys Power-sliding a horse? You can’t explain that. :D

      4. sid_prasher (@)
        27th October 2011, 20:52

        @prisoner-monkeys: How in the world are you aware of it in Australia??? :) I am not sure whether to be impressed or embarrassed.

        For others its a sequence in a southern Indian flick where the actor on a horse is moving too fast to stop when a large truck suddenly comes in front of him – so he simply slides underneath it :)

        1. @sid_prasher – I Googled it.

      5. @Prisoner-Monkeys You CANNOT leave me guessing with the horse power sliding under a lorry incident. Spill the beans, PM ;D

      6. And also that it is possible to power-slide a horse under an articulated lorry (long story).

        Okay PM, you managed to turn the film into a must-see! :)

        1. @andrew-tanner, @damion-shadows, @david-br

          This is how you power-slide a horse:


          1. This is exactly how I got from my hotel to Delhi airport.

          2. So much flying through the air! And those poor horses… :(

    4. That has to just be for a photo op or something…right?

    5. sid_prasher (@)
      27th October 2011, 20:53

      Ugh – just saw the movie today – pretty crappy too! They could have at least tried to merge it with the rest of the body work…sigh

    6. @KeithCollantin It doesn’t particularly blend in well with the livery, however, that’s probably a good thing from an advertising point of view.

  4. Nothing says “Formula 1” like a lightning-powered Bollywood superhero.

    1. Actually, I already like the Indian Grand Prix more because of it.

      Vijay Mallya and Force India really have been extremely proactive with their support for this Grand Prix. Unlike many of the newer Grand Prixs this does feel like they are making a cultural effort for F1, and towards India, rather than it being just another money transfer to the highest bidder.

      Mallya is turning FI into an ever more serious team, the fact they still run with two non Indian drivers shows his dedication towards racing, in spite of his obvious enthusiasm for his home country.

      I will be rooting for FI this weekend, especially when they race that RA.One livery. :D

  5. I like the picture of 6 drivers from the press conference. Those with the happy faces happen to represent the worst teams.

    1. They’re just happy they are there. The other drivers aren’t happy because they’re not at the top of the standings. If you want to read into it (which you shouldn’t!)

      1. No, it’s pretty obvious that someone just farted:


        Anyone want to guess who?

  6. Shah Rukh Khan reckons that if his film doesn’t make it, he’s going to be broke…kinda puts the shameless advertising on the nose of the FI in some perspective!

    1. LOL PM, wishful thinking ;-)

    2. LoL!!

      Post F1 career for JB? New Delhi streets would be an equal challenge as the track… :)

    3. looks like JB has literally taken the words of MB that he will make a fine taxi driver!!!

  7. The picture with all the people in the trailor. Isnt that being pulled by the Ferrari that Alain Prost drove when he got sacked??? :)

    1. It could be, resembles many Ferrari cars of the past so it’s hard to be precise :D

  8. It is not so beautiful it this circuit in India. I really prefer that of England, where at least There’s the show : http://www.wallpapersf1.com/Silverstone?wallpaper=472

    1. Um, the race hasn’t happened yet. So how can you say that India has no atmosphere, when you base “atmosphere” on crowd figures?

      I believe the Indian Grand Prix has a sell-out or near sell-out crowd, and the local media coverage of the event has been more than that in China, Korea, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Turkey combined.

  9. I travelled to india last christmas and I can tell you that it is a beautiful country, with a rich culture. It looks like they are really enjoying their new destination and surroundings. It almost looks like they’re on holiday!! I would however recommend to all f1 drivers not to drive a car outside of the circuit !!! They drive crazy over there! Its almost like organised kaos theory!! Our tour bus almost crashed into a farmers tractor and trailer driving on the wrong side of the main highway! And when u cross the road its better to not look and just walk!! (well pretend that u don’t look).

    I so wish that I didn’t go back then, I’d prefer to be there now!!

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